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2 thoughts on “Contact the AICP-END BLOG”

  1. “Opening a restaurant is a good way to get poor slowly.” Someone I know told me that when I found out they used to own a restaurant.
    I’ve been in a “sharing my bad ideas” mood lately.
    Many seem to be concerned about opportunities for veterans to find jobs. Since I’m “upper-middle-class”, most of the veterans I know are gainfully employed and usually above average successful.
    I have an idea for a restaurant that might provide opportunities for less-fortunate veterans to learn skills and find employment. I probably got the idea when I saw some sort of military chefs competition show.
    The restaurant would be called “The Mess Hall”. Originally I thought you would house it in Quonset huts, but with the popularity of pop-up everything, you could take the show on the road and implement the idea using surplus military tents, trucks, and other equipment.
    The restaurant would only hire veterans (“against” the law I’m certain, god help you if you want to actually HELP those in need) and would have a permanent training staff of former military foodservice experts. Of course, I’m guessing those are not as plentiful as I imagine (Haliburton and ARA Mark) but I’m thinking you could find enough for at least one restaurant.
    The menu would consist of “traditional” military fare. Sh!t on a shingle, mashed potatoes and all the other items Hawkeye complained about on M.A.S.H.
    You could add a little competition by having Army, Air Force (housed in retired C-5As), Navy (on permanently docked ships), and Marine (served in mud pits al fresco) variations.
    I’m sure this is a horrible idea, but I thought I’d share it anyway. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone hasn’t already done a program like this. I believe they are called soup kitchens. The hook for this one would be the WW2 vibe of the restaurant.


  2. I spotted a couple of interesting articles that complement my comment above.
    There were several recipes from the Atlas Obscura website.
    And there was this one about CCP PLA military cooks.
    PLA military cooks impress Chinese audiences with tasty meals made in the field, proving Chinese military’s logistical support capabilities

    Of course, it is all propaganda, but interesting nevertheless.


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