2022 Wednesday: Is it not amazing how Democrats claim that President Donald J. Trump (and his family) is the corrupt one? Yet, Nancy Pelosi’s drunken sot of a fratricidal husband, Paul, can profit from insider trading info, straight from his lemon-sucking wife’s mouth to his fleshy ear? Is it not amazing how the man claiming to be ‘president’ can say to reporters that son, Hunter, did no business overseas yet we know that feeble Joe Biden is lying? When Donald Trump returns, loads of scumbag Democrats are going to prison, loads of them. It’s going to be glorious…





U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Melville Fuller; U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justices Wiley Blount Rutledge and William J. Brennan; U.S. Attorneys General Roger B. Taney and Elliot Richardson; U.S. Secretary of Defense Elliot Richardson; U.S. Transportation Secretaries Alan S. Boyd and Brock Adams; AC/DC featuring Dave Evans, Carlos Santana, “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly, the Moody Blues featuring John Lodge, Pearl Jam featuring Stone Gossard, Soundgarden featuring Chris Cornell, Stone Temple Pilots featuring Chester Bennington, and Twisted Sister featuring Jay Jay French:

  1. 514 Friday: The reign of the 52nd Roman Catholic Pope Hormisdas commences on this date.  He would serve as the Vicar of Christ from today until August 06, 523.
  2. 985 Wednesday: The reign of the 136.1st Roman Catholic Antipope Boniface VII ends on this date.  Elected in opposition to Popes John XIV and John XV, Boniface served from August 20, 984, until today.  
  3. 1031 Wednesday: Henry I succeeds father, Robert II as king of France.
  4. 1402 Tuesday: The reign of the 4th Ottoman Turkish Sultan and Caliph Bayezid I ends.  He first became the Protector of the Faithful on June 13, 1589, and over the course of the subsequent years defended the Faithful.
  5. 1519 Sunday: In Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Papal States, future 230th Roman Catholic Pope Innocent IX is born Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti.  He would become pontiff on October 29, 1591 and would guide his global flock from that day until December 30, 1591.
  6. 1654 Monday: Through the Anglo-Portuguese Treaty, Portugal comes under the control of England.
  7. 1808 Wednesday: Napoleon Bonaparte decrees that all French Jews adopt family names.
  8. 1810 Friday: Colombia declares independence from Spain.
  9. 1831 Wednesday: The 11th U.S. Attorney General Roger B. Taney assumed his post today.  First a Federalist and then a Democrat, he served under President Andrew Jackson from today until November 14, 1833, and then became 12th U.S. Treasury Secretary and then 5th U.S. Supreme Court chief justice.
  10. 1859 Wednesday: Brooklyn and New York play baseball at the Fashion Park Racecourse on Long Island, N.Y.  The game marks the first time a stadium charges admission to see a ball game.  It cost $0.50 to get in and none of the players received a salary.
  11. 1861 Saturday: The Congress of the Confederate States of America officially convened in Richmond, Virginia.
  12. 1868 Monday: The first use of tax stamps on cigarettes takes place as legislation ordering it went into effect in the United States. 
  13. 1871 Thursday: British Columbia entered Confederation as the sixth Canadian province.
  14. 1881 Wednesday: Sioux war chief Sitting Bull who evaded capture since the slaughter at Little Big Horn, surrenders to Federal troops.
  15. 1888 Friday: The 50th overall U.S. Supreme Court justice and 8th Chief Justice Melville Fuller took his place on the nation’s high court on this date.  A Democrat, President Grover Cleveland nominated him to fill the seat of the 7th (and 43rd overall) Chief Justice Morrison Waite.  Chief Justice Fuller served from today until July 04, 1910.
  16. 1894 Friday: In Cloverport, Kentucky, future 83rd U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Wiley Blount Rutledge is born.  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt nominated the Democrat to fill the seat of Associate Justice James F. Byrne.  Rutledge served February 11, 1943, to September 10, 1949.
  17. 1903 Monday: The reign of the 256th Roman Catholic Pope Leo XIII ends on this date.  He first became pontiff on February 20, 1878, and from that date, guided his global flock on its journey to become one with Christ.
  18. 1913 Sunday: Turkish troops capture Adrianople and Erdine from Bulgaria. 
  19. 1917 Friday: The World War I draft lottery went into operation.  Meanwhile, the Pact of Corfu, which sees the formation of Yugoslavia by Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes.
  20. 1920 Tuesday: In Boston, Massachusetts, future 11th U.S. Secretary of Defense Elliot Richardson is born.  A Republican, he would serve under President Richard M. Nixon from January 30, 1973, to May 24, 1973.  He also served the nation as its 69th U.S. Attorney General.  In this capacity, he would serve under President Richard M. Nixon from May 25, 1973, to October 20, 1973.
  21. 1922 Thursday: In Jacksonville, Florida, future first U.S. Transportation Secretary Alan S. Boyd is born.  A future Democrat, Secretary Boyd would serve under President Lyndon Baines Johnson from January 16, 1967, to January 20, 1969.
  22. 1923 Friday: In Peral, gunmen assassinated Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa on this date.
  23. 1938 Wednesday: After Japan withdraws from consideration, Finland is awarded the next Winter Olympics Games in 1940; unfortunately, this would not happen thanks to the outbreak of World War II in 1939 as well as the Winter War between Finland and Russia.
  24. 1942 Monday: The first detachment of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps commences basic training at Fort Des Moines, Iowa, on this date.
  25. 1944 Thursday: An attempt by a group of German officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler with a bomb failed as the explosion only wounded the Nazi leader.  Elsewhere in the world, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was nominated for an unprecedented fourth term of office at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.  Meanwhile, U.S. troops invade Japanese-occupied Guam.
  26. 1945 Friday: John Lodge, bassist and vocalist with the British rock band, The Moody Blues[i], was born on this date in Birmingham, England.
  27. 1947 Sunday: Carlos Santana[ii], future rock guitarist and vocalist, is born in Autlán, Mexico, on this date.   
  28. 1949 Wednesday: Israel’s 19-month-long War of Independence ends as the nation gains its freedom.  
  29. 1951 Friday: Jordan’s King Abdullah I was assassinated in Jerusalem by a Palestinian gunman who was shot dead on the spot by security.
  30. 1952 Sunday: In New York City, future guitarist and vocalist with the rock band, Twisted Sister- Jay Jay French- is born on this date.
  31. 1953 Monday: Future vocalist with the crazed rock band, AC/DC [iii], Dave Evans (1973-1974) is born in Carmarthen, England, on this date.
  32. 1954 Tuesday: The Geneva Accords divided Vietnam into northern and southern entities.
  33. 1964 Monday: In Seattle, Washington, future vocalist/guitarist with the Grunge Rock band, Soundgarden[iv]– Chris Cornell- is born on this date.
  34. 1966 Wednesday: In Seattle, Washington, future member of the Grunge Rock band, Pearl Jam- Stone Gossard (bass, guitars, drums, and keyboards)- is born.
  35. 1968 Saturday: The First International Special Olympics Games, organized by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, were held at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois.  Elsewhere, Iron Butterfly’s[v] “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” becomes the first heavy metal song to make the charts at #117.
  36. 1969 Sunday: Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon after reaching the surface in their Apollo 11 lunar module.
  37. 1974 Saturday: Turkish forces invaded Cyprus after a coup by supporters of a union with Greece.  Battling the Greeks who possessed the island for centuries, the Turks committed massive numbers of atrocities on Greek civilians.  The island nation is still torn asunder today.  The Turks must surrender it back to the rightful owners of the island.
  38. 1976 Monday: America’s Viking I robot spacecraft made a successful, first-ever landing on the surface of Mars.
  39. 1977 Wednesday: A flash flood hit Jonestown, Pa., killing more than 80 people and causing $350 million worth of damage.
  40. 1979 Friday: The 5th U.S. Transportation Secretary Brock Adams left office on this date.  A Democrat, Secretary Adams served under President Jimmy Carter from January 23, 1977, until today.
  41. 1982 Tuesday: Irish Republican Army bombs exploded in two London parks, killing eight British soldiers along with seven horses belonging to the Queen’s Household Cavalry.  Elsewhere, due to the lying of the Soviet Union, President Ronald Reagan ordered a complete pullout from the comprehensive test ban negotiations indefinitely.
  42. 1988 Wednesday: Massachusetts Michael S. Dukakis received the Democratic presidential nomination at the party’s convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  Elsewhere, Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini accepted a truce with Iraq, even though he said the decision was like drinking poison.
  43. 1989 Thursday: Burmese activist Aung San Suu Kyi was placed under house arrest by the military government of Myanmar.
  44. 1990 Friday: Supreme Court Associate Justice William J. Brennan, one of the court’s most liberal voices stepped down from the court today.   A Democrat, President Dwight D. Eisenhower nominated Brennan to fill the seat of Associate Justice Sherman Minton.  Brennan served from October 15, 1956, until today.
  45. 1991 Saturday: Heavyweight boxer “Iron Mike” Tyson suffers accusation by a member of the Black Miss America contestants.  “Miss Black Rhode Island”- Desiree Washington- accused the famed heavyweight boxer of rape, a charge that would send him to prison.
  46. 1993 Tuesday: Bill Clinton White House deputy counsel Vincent Foster Jr., 48, was found shot to death in a park near Washington, D.C.; authorities ruled his death a ‘suicide.’ 
  47. 1994 Wednesday: O.J. Simpson offers a reward of $500,000 for information in the death of his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ron Goldman.
  48. 1999 Tuesday: After 38 years at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, astronaut Gus Grissom’s Liberty Bell 7 Mercury capsule was lifted to the surface.
  49. 2004 Tuesday: Former national security adviser Sandy Berger quit as an informal adviser to Democrat John Kerry’s presidential campaign after disclosure of a criminal investigation into whether he had mishandled classified terrorism documents.  Elsewhere, the HEAD of slain American hostage Paul M. Johnson Jr., was found in a raid in a raid in Saudi Arabia.
  50. 2005 Wednesday: Canada becomes the fourth nation to permit same-sex marriage.
  51. 2009 Monday: The astronauts aboard the shuttle-station complex celebrated the 40th anniversary of man’s first moon landing with their own spacewalk.
  52. 2010 Tuesday: British Foreign Minister William Hague says that ‘all British troops should be out of Afghanistan by 2014.’
  53. 2011 Wednesday: In Guinea, 80 people including soldiers are arrested for taking part in a suspected assassination attempt on President Alpha Conde, which occurred on July 19.
  54. 2012 Friday: A gunman wearing a helmet, body armor and a gas mask opened fire inside a crowded movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises,” killing twelve people in one of the deadliest mass shootings in recent U.S. history.  Suspect James Eagen Holmes has pleaded not guilty because of insanity to more than 160 counts of murder and attempted murder and awaits trial at this point. 
  55. 2013 Saturday:  A training exercise emergency causes two U.S. Marine Corps harrier jets to drop several hundred unarmed bombs on the Great Barrier Reef, a World Heritage site.
  56. 2014 Sunday:  The U.S. states that evidence suggests a Russian-made missile was fired at Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17; the missile strike killed all 298 people aboard.  Meanwhile, pro-Moscow rebels piled nearly 200 bodies from the downed flight into four refrigerated boxcars in eastern Ukraine and cranes at the crash scene moved big chunks of the Boeing 777, drawing condemnation from Western leaders who said the rebels were tampering with the site, which they obviously were, most likely on the orders of Vladimir Putin.
  57. 2015 Monday: According to Brainy History, golfer Zach Johnson wins the British Open, becoming one of only six golfers in history to win at both the St. Andrews Old Course and the Augusta National Course.  Meanwhile, Ashley Madison, an online site where married people go to find affairs with one another, finds itself hacked by a hacker group, Impact Team.  Of course, this is not a good thing for users of the site as their information leaks out to a world wanting to know.  Finally, country musician and songwriter of hits such as “Always On My Mind,” Wayne Carson, dies at age 73, in Nashville, Tennessee, after suffering from a variety of health problems.
  58. 2016 Wednesday: Following a roll call vote on the floor of the Republican National Convention, House Speaker Paul Ryan announces that businessman and media mogul, Donald Trump, is the official Republican nominee for the presidency. 
  59. 2017 Thursday: Elon Musk, billionaire industrialist, announces that the federal government and he have arrived at a ‘verbal agreement’ allowing him to build the Hyperloop, a 29-minute high-speed mover of humans between Washington, D.C., and New York City.  The idea is sound, but we have yet to hear any more about it.   Meanwhile, in the Iraqi city of Mosul, the final ISIS holdouts are either killed or captured.  Whack ‘em!
  60. 2017 Thursday A: In Palo Verdes Estates, California, vocalist for the Grunge Rock band, Stone Temple Pilots (STP)- Chester Bennington died at age 41 as the result of suicide by hanging.
  61. 2018 Friday: Walt Disney Co. announces they have fired director James Gunn who was set to direct “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3,” all because of some past offensive tweets.  Can we not forgive and forget ‘old tweets?’  Everyone has numerous ‘bad tweets’ in their closet and all it takes is some scumbag hacker to find and release them.  How about an amnesty?  Liberals love amnesties, so how about one for all past tweets?
  62. 2019 Saturday: University of Michigan student and Miss Michigan- Kathy Zhu- found herself stripped of her as a participant in the Miss World America because of past tweets (here we go again) and her conservative views.   As a proud conservative and supporter of President Donald J. Trump, Ms. Zhu has 80,000 followers on both Instagram and Twitter and for this, the pageant bosses punished her.  WTF?  Enough is enough!  Meanwhile, U.S. Border Patrol agents took decisive action as 50 illegal aliens attempted to storm the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge connecting Texas and Mexico.  The illegals sought to force their way across the closed bridge at 4:00 a.m. but the Border Patrol was prepared for them.  Excellent job!  
  63. 2020 Monday: Covid-19 Statistics for the Planet as a Whole- Here are today’s Xi Jinping Bat Flu Statistics for the globe: 14,567,109 confirmed cases, +206,658, 607,187 confirmed deaths, +3,902, and 8,193,138 confirmed recoveries, +121,201.  Here are the numbers for the United States: 3,834,208 confirmed cases, UP by 52,223 new cases, 142,601 confirmed deaths, UP by 372 new deaths, and 1,187,084 confirmed recoveries, UP by 8,566 new recoveries.   
  64. 2020 Monday A: COVID-19 Statistics in the three states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-The Elemental News of the Day employs chef-authors, California, Hawaii, and Washington, here are the stats, Golden State first: 391,538 confirmed cases, 7,694 confirmed deaths, but as is the norm, NO mention of confirmed recoveries.  Next, here are the stats for the Aloha State: 1,381 confirmed cases, 24 confirmed deaths, and 1,043 confirmed recoveries.  Finally, in the Ever-Red, uh, we mean, the Evergreen State, here are the stats: 46,946 confirmed cases, 1,447 confirmed deaths, but like California, the slope-headed governor, Jay Inslee, won’t share the number of confirmed recoveries.  Shame on these flipping Democrats.
  65. 2020 Monday B: Stock Market Closes/Precious and Rare Metals: DOW Jones Industrial Average: 26,680.87, UP 8.92 points (0.33%).  Next, the NASDAQ: 10,767.09, UP 263.90 points (2.51%).  Finally, here are the stats for the S&P 500: 3,251.84, UP 27.11 points (0.84%).  Currently, GOLD is at $1,819.00 per troy oz., UP 1.60 (+0.09%), SILVER is at $20.33 per troy oz., UP +0.183 (+0.68%), PLATINUM $862.60 per troy oz. UP +4.70 (+0.55%), and COPPER is at $2.92 # +0.0055 (+0.19%).  Light Sweet Crude Oil is 40.69, DOWN -0.12 (-0.29%).
  66. 2020 Monday C: Weekly Chicago Shootings News: Statistics for shootings in Chicago over the weekend are in: 71 people shot and 12 dead.  In New York City, 30 people were shot over the weekend with 10 dead.  Where are Black Lives Matter?  Nowhere because BLM is little more than a left-wing hate group and not a group determined to protect black Americans from violence. 
  67. 2020 Monday D: St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner- a political hack of the highest degree- filed charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey for having ‘brandished their weapons in an unlawful manner at PEACEFUL PROTESTERS’ threatening to burn down their home, murder, and rape them, and kill their dog.  This is what happens when former Nazi George Soros buys state attorneys general, secretaries of state, and district attorneys at all levels.  We must stop this POS from undermining the country.
  68. 2021 Tuesday: Covid-19 Statistics for the Planet as a Whole: 192,260,989 confirmed cases, +54,802, 4,133,799 confirmed deaths, +21,007 and 174,942,900 confirmed recoveries, +375,666.  Next, here are the stats for the United States: 35,081,719 confirmed cases, UP 63,119 from yesterday’s reporting, 625,363 confirmed deaths, UP 380, [vi] and 29,435,171 confirmed recoveries, UP 28,969.  We genuinely welcome COVID Live Update World Meter for being honest in covering ALL the numbers- God bless them. [vii]  
  69. 2021 Tuesday A: Joe Biden to Donald J. Trump COVID-19 Deaths– Note: since Joe Biden became president on January 20, 2021, there have been 307,003 CHI-VI DEATHS IN THE United States- feeble old Joe, by the end of the year, you will have tied the total number witnessed by the Trump administration in nearly a year of the rampaging coronavirus pandemic.    Under President Trump’s watch, there were 404,078 fatalities from the Chi-Com Bat Virus. Currently, Joe is shy 97,075 deaths- we brought this number up to date- Joe is going to hit the mark very soon now…  
  70. 2021 Tuesday B: COVID-19 Statistics in the four states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day employs chef-bloggers- California, Florida, Hawaii, and Washington- here are the stats, California first: 3,874,959 confirmed cases, 64,141 confirmed deaths, and 2,083,729 confirmed recoveries.  Moving on, here are the numbers for Florida: 2,476,193 confirmed cases, 38,422 confirmed deaths, and 2,269,871 confirmed recoveries.  Next here are the numbers for Hawaii: 39,486 confirmed cases, 523 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Finally, here are the stats for Washington: 464,285 confirmed cases, 6,108 confirmed deaths, and 228,959 confirmed recoveries.  Let us look at one other portion of the U.S., Pennsylvania: they have 2,221,873 confirmed cases, 27,906 confirmed deaths, and 1,180,812 confirmed recoveries. [viii]    
  71. 2021 Tuesday C: Foreign COVID Stats of the Day– Now that Mo has relocated to Israel, let’s look at the statistics there: 854,434 confirmed cases, 6,452 confirmed deaths, and 839,103 confirmed recoveries.   Let’s look at one other country- Curacao, 154th country on the list: 12,883 cases of the virus, 126 confirmed deaths and 12,261 confirmed recoveries. [ix]     
  72. 2021 Tuesday D: Stock Market Closes/Precious and Rare Metals: DOW Jones Industrial Average: 34,511.99, UP 549.95 points (+1.62%).  Next, the NASDAQ: 14,498.88, UP 223.89 points (+1.57%).  Finally, here are the stats for the S&P 500: 4,323.06, UP 64.57 points (+1.52%).  The price of Light Sweet Crude Oil is $66.70 per barrel, -0.49 (-0.74%).  The price of GOLD is $1,809.60 per troy oz., -1.70 (-0.09%) while the price of SILVER is $24.95 per troy ounce, -0.04 (-0.14%).  The price of PLATINUM is $1,068.40 per troy oz, +3.20 (+0.30%) while the price of COPPER is $4.24 per pound, -0.02 (-0.57%).[x]   The price of PALLADIUM is $2,645.95 per troy oz, +12.28 (+0.47%). [xi] The price of RHODIUM is $18,700.00 per troy oz., -600.00 (-3.11%). The price of NEODYMIUM is $720,000.00 per troy oz., 0.00 (+0.00%).  The price of ALUMINUM is $2,433.50 per troy oz., -13.00 (-0.53%). [xii]    Currently, Bitcoin, one U.S. greenback = 0.000033.  As for Chi-Com money, one-dollar U.S. = 6.47 Chinese yuan.  Meanwhile, one-dollar U.S. = 0.85 euros and in Mexican pesos equals 20.17.     In Chilean Peso, one greenback equals 757.80 and in Chinese Yuan Offshore, a buck equals 6.48 and in Colombian Peso, one dollar equals 3,831.50 of theirs. [xiii]        
  73. 2021 Tuesday E: U.S. National Debt and Gasoline Prices in the Four States in which we have Chef-Authors– Thanks to the Biden administration, gasoline prices continue rising by the day and NOTE- these prices are sans TAXES- in California, gasoline prices have risen to over $4.322 per gallon, $2.988 in Florida, $4.083 in Hawaii, and $3.838 in Washington state. [xiv]    Let’s look at one other location- Arizona: $3.132.  We are going to do something else that could be fun- gasoline prices around the world going from cheapest to highest.  The next country on the list has the next lowest gasoline price in the world- South Africa: $4.426 per U.S. Gallon.[xv]  Meanwhile, here is a snapshot of the U.S. National Debt for today: $28,545,692,603,139 and the Democrats are adding TRILLIONS of dollars to it, not BILLIONS but flipping TRILLIONS.[xvi]  Cloward and Piven causing problems like they always do which is not good- those two bastards should have met their ends on the chopping block.  As for holders of U.S. debt, after Saudi Arabia, the next largest holder of U.S. debt is South Korea with $131 billion of U.S. national debt (it is important to note that these numbers vary every day with one nation after another jockeying for top position.
  74. 2021 Tuesday F: Joe Biden’s Border Catastrophe I– As much as it causes us anguish to say it, today is Day No. 119 for the so-called splenetic ‘Border Czar’ “Kooky Kamala” Harris to be in charge of the southern border and speaking of such, her 25th day since her one and only visit to the quiet sector of El Paso, Texas.  We wish she would get her glib butt down there and do the job but alas, she shows no signs of going down there again anytime soon.  Speaking of the disaster unfolding along the nation’s border with Mexico, here are the numbers as presented by One America News.  First, here is the cost this day for caring for the tidal wave of the world’s unwanted, its castoffs, its criminals, and its mentally challenged: $536,999,104.  Imagine what good this money could do for America’s veterans?  Next, here is the cost this year of caring for the frigging illegal aliens: $219,715,125,248.  Imagine what this money could do for the American people struggling to reclaim their lives after the Chi-Coms set loose the Xi Jinping Bat Flu?  It could do so much good for so many.   Next, this is the number of illegals who have crossed into the United States this year: 2,251,904.  This is the nucleus of an invasion army running amok within our country.  Finally, this is the conservative estimate of illegal aliens in the country as you read this: 36,251,904.  (Center for Immigration Studies, Department of Homeland Security, Federation for American Immigration Reform, Institute for Defense Analyses, Yale, and MIT).  While we love OAN, we disagree with their final number.  You see, we said as far back as 2009 when the blog began that the numbers then were between 35-50 million whereas now, we believe the number is closer to 75-100 million.  We must round them up, imprison them in camps in the middle of the Arizona desert or better yet, dump them on Wake Island and let them languish.
  75. 2021 Tuesday G: Foreign News / Overseas News I– As things continue going from bad to worse in Afghanistan thanks to Joe Biden, Taliban rockets landed near the presidential palace in Kabul.  Not good, folks.   Meanwhile, world leaders are growing fearful of the Israeli spyware Pegasus that has been monitoring world leaders.
  76. 2021 Tuesday H: COVID-19 Updates and Additional Information I– It is amazing how Democrats have flipflopped their stance on the Chi-Vi vaccines.  When Donald J. Trump was in the White House, they said one would have to be crazy to get the Wuhan Virus vaccines whereas now, anyone who is content to wait is somehow a troglodyte, a Neanderthal, a dimwit, or worst of all, a science denier (yet Democrats deny science all the time when it comes to abortion or to the reality of climate change.  Back in the 1970s, they told us the planet was irreversibly cooling and we would be consumed by ice uh, let’s see about 15 years ago).  Meanwhile, “America’s Governor” Ron DeSantis of Florida believes that appellate courts or even the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in the state’s favor in cruise ships NOT being able to force masks on every passenger.
  77. 2021 Tuesday I: COVID-19 Updates and Additional Information II– As the Democrats continue berating Americans questioning the efficacy of the various Chi-Vi vaccines, unvaccinated Americans believe the vaccines are riskier than the disease, hence the constant drum beat the ‘Delta variant is coming, the Delta variant is coming.’  Look, they will use fear of this Chi-Com villainy to close down the recall election of Governor Gavin “The Nazi” Newsom- the outgoing governor of the once-Golden State on September 14.   In other places like Indiana, a court in that state rules that Indiana University can require proof of vaccination before students can attend classes.   Finally, ever-political Dr. “Phony Tony” Fauci says that ‘COVID-19 shots could become mandatory for all school students.’  And it goes on and on and on… on this topic, Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-NC 11th congressional district made the bold statement that ‘all Dr. Fauci is trying to do is to further his own career.’
  78. 2021 Tuesday J: Political News I– Senate Democrats are trying to force a cloture vote on their ‘infrastructure bill,’ one they eerily tell us that sounds like Obamacare: ‘We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.’  Nope, no way.   Speaking of the ‘infrastructure bill,’ Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, says that the Democrats push to add amnesty for millions of frigging illegal aliens to the bill is the ‘worst idea ever.’  It is anti-American.  Still, Senate Majority Leader “Cryin’ Chuck” Schumer is facing defeat on the infrastructure bill as talks drag endlessly on and on.  In other Senate news, a ‘bipartisan group’ of senators introduced a bill today that will provide Congress more input on presidential foreign policy decisions meaning the 25th amendment is coming for Joe Biden once they figure out what to do with “Kooky Kamala” Harris.   (Our money’s on she will step down so she can spend more time with her beloved family).
  79. 2021 Tuesday K: Political News II– In New Hampshire, former staffer for President Donald J. Trump- Karoline Leavitt- is running to win the GOP primary in the 1st congressional district in New Hampshire so she can take on unpopular Democrat Rep. Chris Pappas.  In other fascinating news, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH 4th congressional district, says ‘it’s not a tough decision’ for him to be on the January 06, 2021, Select Committee put together by House Speaker Nancy “Mumbles” Pelosi.  However, the wily nonagenarian speaker might have other ideas: she says she ‘won’t commit’ to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks.  Interesting.  What does this semi-senile old crone fear?  Elsewhere, Rep. Buddy Carter, R-GA 1st congressional district, says that “Mumbles” Pelosi is ‘weaponizing the January 06, 2021, Select Committee.’ Twitter suspends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA 14th congressional district, yet again. 
  80. 2021 Tuesday L: Political News III– A new Rasmussen poll says that most Americans agree with the calls of President Donald J. Trump for election reforms.  Elsewhere, a judge in Georgia tossed a challenge to the U.S. Senate runoff race that threw the Peach State into the camp of the Democrats earlier this year.  Meanwhile, in the U.S. House of Representatives, Republicans are clamoring for order along the border.  They claim that slobbering old Joe Biden precipitated the border calamity through him not ‘being there.’  The guy is a senile old coot in need of the retirement home and three squares and plenty of “Matlock” reruns every day.   Finally, Congressmen Michael Waltz, R-FL 6th congressional district, and Jay Obernolte, R-CA 8th congressional district, say in the Democrats’ infrastructure bill there is no apparent funding’ so WTF?
  81. 2021 Tuesday M: Crime and Punishment News / Law Enforcement News I– The Chicago Police Department has announced the formation of a new department that will pursue gun crimes meaning they will go after legal gun owners while allowing the criminals to continue blasting one another in the streets.  Elsewhere, a New Jersey woman faces daily fines from her city over her continued display of signs profaning drooling Joe Biden.   Meanwhile, a probationary DEA agent, Mark Sami Ibrahim, was arrested for allegedly participating in the Capitol Hill Riots of January 06, 2021, the greatest FALSE FLAG OPERATION in the history of the United States (one we believe was orchestrated by collusion between the Chi-Coms, the Democrats, and RINO Republicans).
  82. 2021 Tuesday N: National Security News– We learn today- and this is outrageous- that the Chi-Coms own at least 200,000 acres of prime U.S. farmland.  This is insane yet it is a perfect example of what Vladimir Ilyich Lenin said of capitalists: “They will sell us the rope with which we hang them.”  Although some claim Lenin never said this (communists say he didn’t), he most assuredly did and it’s a prime example of how they dismiss our weaknesses.  Folks, the Chi-Coms are using soft power around the globe buying farmland, real estate, and whatever else the Chi-Com bastards can get their hands on.  We need Donald Trump back in the White House so we can boot all of these communist SOBs out of the country and back to their crap-holes.  FIGHT FOR AMERICA!
  83. 2021 Tuesday O: California Lottery Results / Mega-Millions Draw– Here are the results for the Mega-Millions Draw #1678 what with a $128 jackpot on the line: 10, 26, 30, 52, 57, and Mega 10.  Out of 71,305 winning tickets in California, the highest winners were TWO people who had FOUR plus the Mega for a prize of $8,562 apiece.
  84. 2021 Tuesday P: Sports News– The Milwaukee Bucks have won the 2021 NBA Finals by beating the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 by a final score of 105-98.  This was the Bucks first championship since 1971.  Congratulations.  The most valuable player was Giannis Antetokounmpo who scored 50 points in Game 6 to lead the team to victory.
  85. 2022 Wednesday: Is it not amazing how Democrats claim that President Donald J. Trump (and his family) is the corrupt one?  Yet, Nancy Pelosi’s drunken sot of a fratricidal husband, Paul, can profit from insider trading info, straight from his lemon-sucking wife’s mouth to his fleshy ear?  Is it not amazing how the man claiming to be ‘president’ can say to reporters that son, Hunter, did no business overseas yet we know that feeble Joe Biden is lying?  When Donald Trump returns, loads of scumbag Democrats are going to prison, loads of them.  It’s going to be glorious…


This artwork is #0897 an 8” x 10” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “Desert Sun.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her website, found at beverlycarrick.com.  At her website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  For more than 60 years- up until her untimely death from cancer in 2012- Bev stood before the easel and painted for 10-12 hours per day. Known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks, her paintings are in demand as much today as they were 30 years ago.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her website NOW and view her stunning body of work, one the Chi-Coms have long tried to copy and sell facsimiles of but which none of them have ever been able to reproduce well enough to fool novice art buyers.  Once there, it is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor- virtually anyone.  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there as quickly as your fingers can tap the letters on your keyboard.  The American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day, aka the AICPENDBLOG.COM, thanks each and every one of you, our beloved, loyal fan base.  DON’T buy any counterfeit bull crap coming out of mainland communist China, especially from Xinjiang Province, ground zero for Chi-Com National Socialism.


A Beach Boy almost from the start, Al Jardine released his first ‘solo’ album on May 15, 2000: “Alan Jardine Family & Friends Live in Las Vegas.”  This is a superlative album, one recorded in 1999 in the City of Sin, one that features 27 wonderful Beach Boys classics.  You have (1) “Dance, Dance, Dance” (2) “Do You Wanna Dance,” (3) “Catch a Wave,” (4) “Hawaii” (5) “Do It Again” (6) “Darlin’” (7) “Wild Honey” (8) “Come Go With Me” (9) “Surfer Girl” (10) “Don’t Worry Baby” (11) “Shut Down” (12) “Little Deuce Coupe” (13) “I Get Around” (14) “In My Room” (15) “Girl Don’t Tell Me” (16) “Break Away” (17) “Sail On, Sailor” (18) “God Only Knows” (19) “Sloop John B” (20) “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” (21) “Good Vibrations” (22) “Heroes and Villains” (23) “Help Me, Rhonda” (24) “Surfin’ USA” (25) “Barbara Ann” (26) “Fun, Fun” Fun” and (27) “California Energy Blues.”  Joining Al are family, friends, and much of the Beach Boys touring ensemble and many fans claim this to be the ‘Beach Boys live album the band never released but definitely should have.”  This album is available at Amazon.com for between a high of $60 to a low of about $51.  Seek it out, give it a listen, and see if it’s right for you- it most certainly is right for us.  Dig!

The above icon is the “Trademark of Quality and Symbol of Integrity/Logo” of the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers and of What’s Cookin’ Productions.    The AICP-END Blog copyrights this article © 07-20-2022, all rights reserved.  (Editor’s Note: we pay the estate of Beverly Carrick an annual fee by which, we can show her paintings to the world.  We make NO money from the estate’s sales of her world-famous artworks).  Total Word Count: 6,332.  Chef Elvin C. McCardle.

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[i] We promoted the music of the Moody Blues and of the band’s members beginning on Monday, 23-October-2017 through Sunday, 11-February-2018.  We definitely hope you will check them out and consider adding them to your collection.

[ii] We began promoting the music of Santana on Tuesday, 28-August-2012 through Tuesday, 23-October-2012.  We hope you will seek the music of this famed man and his band out wherever you can find them.

[iii] We are not sure when AC/DC will be in the works, but you bet they will be at some point, possibly in 2027-2028.

[iv] We may be dipping into Grunge music sooner than expected.

[v] We promoted the music of Iron Butterfly beginning on Saturday, 27-July-2013 through Thursday, 08-August-2013.  We hope you will seek them out and consider adding them to your ever-growing collection of rock music.  Nothing one finds today compares with the classic rock of old.  Throw out your Maroon 5 albums and go with the crème de la crème of the 1960s and 1970s.

[vi] Bing seems to be covering numbers up for the Biden administration so here is where we have gone now: COVID Live Update: 151,025,351 Cases and 3,176,405 Deaths from the Coronavirus – Worldometer (worldometers.info)

[vii] Here is the link: COVID Live Update: 151,025,351 Cases and 3,176,405 Deaths from the Coronavirus – Worldometer (worldometers.info)

[viii] See United States COVID: 33,033,385 Cases and 589,110 Deaths – Worldometer (worldometers.info)..

[ix] We obtain our statistics for the coronavirus from: COVID Live Update: 151,025,351 Cases and 3,176,405 Deaths from the Coronavirus – Worldometer (worldometers.info)

[x] Commodities – Oil, Silver and Gold Prices – CNN Business– see this site for daily commodity information.

[xi] Palladium PRICE Today | Palladium Spot Price Chart | Live Price of Palladium per Ounce | Markets Insider (businessinsider.com) See this site for daily trading in palladium.

[xii] Commodities Prices – Spot – Futures (tradingeconomics.com) See this site for much of the economic information cobbled together at this blog.

[xiii] (1) Currency Converter – Bing See this site for currency conversions.

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[xv] Please see the following site for information on global gas prices: Gasoline prices around the world, 26-Apr-2021 | GlobalPetrolPrices.com

[xvi] U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time (usdebtclock.org) See this site for the U.S. National Debt Clock.

Author: Chef Elvin C. McCardle, ACF-CWC

I began my career working as a busboy in 1963, move to washing pots in 1965, became a chef's apprentice in 1969 and have been a career professional ever since. I am still involved in professional foodservice as a consultant for food and beverage professionals. Like everyone else who writes for the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day, Bakersfield, California, street artist and graffiti guru, Simone, has done cartoon caricatures of me, which is my personal photo now. We must keep our personal identities confidential as in this world of political animosity and the fact that we own restaurants, which are dependent upon public visitation, has forced us to journey down this road. We hope you understand. Thank you. Chef Elvin C. McCardle writes from Ventura, CA. Chef Elvin C. McCardle is now a Conservative Republican! Contact me at the following address: elvinC8459mccardle@hotmail.com

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