1941 Sunday: British Royal Navy ships continue scouring the waters of the North Atlantic as they seek out the Kriegsmarine warships the Bismarck and the Prince Eugen. When the German commander radios into Berlin to report their location, the searchers got a lock on their location.





Emergency Medical Services for Children Day/National Missing Children’s Day

U.S. Supreme Court of the United States Associate Justice Philip Pendleton Barbour; U.S. Attorneys General William H.H. Miller and Elliot Richardson; U.S. Secretary of War Kenneth Claiborne Royall; U.S. Senator Amy “The Schnoz” Klobuchar; Family featuring John “Poli” Palmer, the Guess Who featuring Domenic Troiano, the Nice featuring Brian “Blinky” Davison, the Outlaws featuring Jessi Coulter, Pretty Things featuring Brian Pendleton, and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by the Rolling Stones:

  1. 585 BC: A Greek astronomer made the first known prediction about a solar eclipse.
  2. 1085 Monday: The reign of the 157th Roman Catholic Pope Gregory VII ends on this date.  He first became the Vicar of Christ on April 22, 1073.
  3. 1241 Saturday: The first attack on the Jews of Frankfurt, Germany, takes place.
  4. 1261 Wednesday: The reign of the 181st Roman Catholic Pope Alexander IV ends on this date.  He first assumed the pontifical throne on December 12, 1254.
  5. 1410 Friday: The reign of the 205.2nd Roman Catholic Antipope John XXIII begins on this date.  Elected in opposition to Gregory XII, John would guide his flock on its journey to commune with the Lord, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost from today until May 30, 1415.
  6. 1659 Sunday: Oliver Cromwell resigns as English Lord Protector.
  7. 1721 Sunday: John Copson becomes America’s first insurance agent.   
  8. 1783 Sunday: Future 25th Supreme Court of the United States Associate Justice Philip Pendleton Barbour is born in Gordonsville, Virginia, on this date.  Originally a Democratic-Republican, he became a Democrat.  President Andrew Jackson nominated him to fill the seat vacated by Associate Justice Gabriel Duvall.  He served from March 15, 1836, to February 25, 1841.
  9. 1787 Friday: The Constitutional Convention began at the Pennsylvania State House (Independence Hall in Philadelphia) after enough delegates had shown up for a quorum.
  10. 1810 Friday: Argentina began its revolt against Spanish rule with the forming of the Primera Junta in Buenos Aires.
  11. 1844 Saturday: The first telegraphed news dispatch publishes in the Baltimore Patriot.  Meanwhile, Stuart Perry patented the gasoline engine. 
  12. 1895 Saturday: A court convicted playwright Oscar Wilde on a morals charge in London; the judge sentenced him to two years in prison.
  13. 1898 Wednesday: During the Spanish-American War, the first boatload of American forces sails out of San Francisco bound for Manila.
  14. 1911 Thursday: Another revolution in Mexico expels President Jose Porfirio Diaz.
  15. 1915 Tuesday: The Second Battle of Ypres ends with more than 105,000 casualties on both sides.
  16. 1917 Friday: The nation’s 39th U.S. Attorney General William H.H. Miller died on this date in Indianapolis, Indiana, at age 76.  A Republican, he served under President Benjamin Harrison from March 07, 1889, to March 04, 1893.
  17. 1923 Friday: Great Britain recognizes Jordan and its king, Abdullah I.
  18. 1925 Monday: For teaching the Darwinian Theory in a public school, educator John Scopes undergoes formal accusation.
  19. 1927 Wednesday: Henry Ford announces that he will end production of the Model T automobile.  Elsewhere, the Sam Harris Theatre in New York City showed for the first time, the “Movietone News.”
  20. 1935 Saturday: Babe Ruth hit the 714th and final home run of his career, for the Boston Braves in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Elsewhere, track and field athlete Jesse Owens equal or breaks his six world records in 45 minutes at a Big Ten meet at the University of Michigan.
  21. 1940 Saturday: During World War II, German troops overrun Boulogne.  It is becoming apparent that neither the French nor the Belgian troops can save themselves from the Nazi onslaught so the British are preparing an escape from the continent- if the British government can spare the ships.  Otherwise, this is going to become one of the biggest routs in the history of warfare.
  22. 1941 Sunday: British Royal Navy ships continue scouring the waters of the North Atlantic as they seek out the Kriegsmarine warships the Bismarck and the Prince Eugen.  When the German commander radios into Berlin to report their location, the searchers got a lock on their location.
  23. 1942 Monday: U.S. Army Lt. General Joseph Stilwell, frustrated over having been driven out of Burma by Japanese troops during World War II, told reporters in Delhi, India: “I claim we got a hell of a beating.”  Meanwhile, Brian “Blinky” Davison—drummer with the UK band, the Nice[i] 1967-1970 and again in 2002 is born in Leicester, England, on this date.
  24. 1943 Tuesday: At a Mobile, Alabama, shipyard, a riot breaks out over management’s upgrading of 12 black workers.  Elsewhere, in England, John Michael “Poli” Palmer, future keyboardist with the Ingoes, Blossom Toes[ii], and Family[iii] is born.  What’s more, future member of the outlaw country rock band, the Outlaws[iv]—Jessi Coulter—was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on this date.  Elsewhere, fighting on the Eastern Front in the Caucasus continues as the German 17th Army continues throwing off one Soviet attack after another.
  25. 1944 Thursday: During World War II, Yugoslav Partisan leader, Josef Broz Tito managed to elude a German entrapment in Bosnia, one of many close escapes he and his followers pulled off against their Axis occupiers.   Elsewhere, on the Italian battle front, as the Germans continue moving northward which causes the Allies to fixate on the liberation of Rome, their first capture of an Axis capital.
  26. 1945 Friday: The U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff set November 1, 1945, as the invasion date of the Japanese home islands.
  27. 1946 Saturday: Transjordan (now Jordan) became a kingdom as it proclaimed its new monarch, Abdullah I.
  28. 1953 Monday: In Nevada, military authorities fire the first atomic cannon.  Although a sound idea, things simply did not work out.  If we thought poison gas was a problem in the First World War, imagine what it would be like to have numerous atomic explosive devices fired off within a 20-mile radius.  Everyone would be dying.
  29. 1959 Monday: The U.S. Supreme Court in State Athletic Commission v. Dorsey, struck down a Louisiana law prohibiting interracial boxing matches.  The case had been brought by Joseph Dorsey Jr., a black professional boxer.
  30. 1960 Wednesday: In Plymouth, Minnesota, future Democratic Senator Amy “the Schnoz” Klobuchar is born.  She would enter the U.S. Senate on January 03, 2007.  She would also seek the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination but would drop out and endorse former Vice President Joe Biden.
  31. 1961 Thursday: President John F. Kennedy told Congress, “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before the decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.”
  32. 1963 Saturday: The Organization of African Unity was founded in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  The OAU was disbanded in 2002 in favor of the African Union.
  33. 1964 Monday: The U.S. Supreme Court, in Griffin v. County School Board of Prince Edward County, ordered the Virginia country to reopen its public schools, which officials had closed to circumvent the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka public school desegregation ruling.
  34. 1965 Tuesday: In Lewiston, Maine, at the 2:12 minute mark of Round 1 in a scheduled 15-round championship bout, Muhammad Ali knocked out Sonny Liston in their world heavyweight title rematch.  Ali’s victory generated controversy over whether he had truly connected with a right to the head when he sent Liston crashing to the canvass, or whether it was a “phantom punch,” implying that someone had fixed the match.  We will never know.  Besides retaining the WBC, NYSAC, and The Ring magazine’s heavyweight boxing titles, Ali’s record went to 21-0 while that of Liston went to 35-3.  
  35. 1968 Saturday: Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Interior Secretary Stewart Udall dedicated the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.  Meanwhile, the Rolling Stones[v] release the single, “Jumping Jack Flash” to thunderous approval.
  36. 1971 Tuesday: In Durham, N.C., the 71st U.S. Secretary of War Kenneth Claiborne Royall died.  A Democrat, he served under President Harry S. Truman from July 19, 1947, to September 18, 1947, and then became the 1st U.S. Secretary of the Army.
  37. 1972 Thursday: In Omaha, Nebraska, in a scheduled 15-round heavyweight championship bout, “Smokin’ Joe” Frazier retained the WBA, WBC, and The Ring magazine’s heavyweight boxing titles of the world when the corner of opponent, Ron Stander, threw in the towel at the end of the 4th round.  With the victory, not only did “Smokin’ Joe” retain the titles, but he also improved his record to 29-0 while that of the so-called “Council Bluffs Butcher” went to 23-2-1.
  38. 1973 Friday: The 69th U.S. Attorney General of the United States Elliot Richardson assumed office on this date.  A Republican, he served under President Richard M. Nixon from today until October 20, 1973.
  39. 1975 Sunday: In the 29th NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors beat the Washington Bullets in four straight games to win their first NBA Finals.
  40. 1977 Wednesday: Vietnam veteran Jan Scruggs—writing an op-ed piece in the Washington Post—said the following in calling for a national memorial that its purpose would be to “remind an ungrateful nation of what it has done to its sons” that served in the Vietnam War.
  41. 1978 Thursday: In the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the Montreal Canadiens beat the Boston Bruins 4 games to 2.
  42. 1979 Friday: When an American Airlines DC-10 crashed just after takeoff from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, 273 people died.  Meanwhile, elsewhere in the U.S. six-year-old Etan Patz disappeared while on his way to a school bus stop in Lower Manhattan.  Elsewhere, in Richfield, Ohio, heavyweight boxer Earnie Shavers scores a 3rd round TKO in a scheduled 10-round heavyweight bout over opponent, Eddie Parotte to put his pro record to 59-7-1.  This victory would set up for his next fight- a title bout- against WBC heavyweight title holder Larry Holmes, aka the Easton Assassin, in September.  
  43. 1981 Monday: Daredevil Dan Goodwin, wearing a Spiderman costume, scaled the outside of Chicago’s Sears Tower in 7.5 hours.
  44. 1986 Sunday: An estimated 7 million Americans participated in “Hands across America” to raise money for the nation’s hungry and homeless.
  45. 1988 Wednesday: The final episode of “St. Elsewhere” aired on NBC-TV. 
  46. 1989 Thursday: In the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the Calgary Flames beat the Montreal Canadiens 4 games to 2.  Meanwhile in the Soviet Union, Mikhail S. Gorbachev becomes executive president of the USSR.
  47. 1991 Saturday: In the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Minnesota North Stars 4 games to 2.  Meanwhile, Israel air-evacuates 14,000 Ethiopian Jews.
  48. 1992 Monday: Jay Leno made his debut as host of NBC’s “Tonight Show,” succeeding Johnny Carson.
  49. 2001 Friday: 32-year-old Erik Weihenmayer of Boulder, Colorado, becomes the first blind person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.   Meanwhile, in Maidstone, Kent, UK, vocalist/rhythm guitarist with the Pretty Things[vi]– Brian Pendleton- lost his battle with lung cancer on this date.
  50. 2004 Tuesday: The Boston Archdiocese said it would close 65 of 357 parishes, an offshoot of the clergy sex abuse scandal.
  51. 2005 Wednesday: In Toronto, Canada, famed rock-and-roll guitarist, Domenic Troiano, who played with the James Gang[vii] in 1972 and with the Guess Who[viii] 1974-1975 among other groups, lost his battle with prostate cancer on this date; at age 59.
  52. 2008 Sunday: NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander arrived on the red planet to begin searching for evidence of water; the probe confirmed the presence of water ice at its landing site.
  53. 2009 Monday: North Korea announces a successful nuclear test in Hamgyong; the U.N. Security Council condemns the test.  Elsewhere, the president of Somalia, Sharif Ahmed, begs the international community to help them fight Islamists running amok in their country.
  54. 2010 Tuesday: As the crisis between North and South Korea continues over the sinking of ROKS Cheonan, South Korea begins broadcasting a ‘Radio-Free-North Korea’-style ongoing blitz of the truth, honest information, and other programming to North Korea.  This causes the North Koreans to go bat-crap-crazy, so they sever all ties with the South.  The SOBs deserve what they get.  
  55. 2011 Wednesday: Oprah Winfrey airs her final show, ending her 25-year-run of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”  Elsewhere, South African President Jacob Zuma announces that as a representative of the African Union, he will visit Moammar Gaddafi- if he is not among the rubble of his home- to broker a ceasefire in the ongoing civil war there.  (Note- it won’t matter- Gaddafi is Public Enemy #1 for the Obama administration for some reason beknown only to the 44th president).
  56. 2012 Friday: The first commercial spacecraft, Space X Dragon, docks with the International Space Station when it completes docking at 12:02 pm EDT.  Meanwhile, French President Francois Hollande arrives in Afghanistan on a surprise visit to meet with French troops battling the jihadists in that horrible country.  Elsewhere, Scottish independence becomes the topic of the day when First Minister for Scotland Alex Salmond launches the “YES” campaign to encourage his fellow Scots that the time has come to sever ties with the Brits.
  57. 2013 Saturday: Japanese citizen Yuichiro Miura sets a Guinness Book of Records standard by becoming the oldest person to scale Mt. Everest by doing so at the age of 80.  Meanwhile, al-Qaida in the Maghreb big dog Mokhtar Belmokhtar goes to the microphones and celebrates the fact that his evil group conducted two suicide bombings in Niger on May 23 that claimed the lives of at least 30 people and wounded God knows how many more.  What a bunch of scum.
  58. 2014 Sunday: Pope Francis invites Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to pray with him for peace; both leaders accept the invitation.  Elsewhere, in a raid north of Sana’a, Yemen, Yemeni troops carry out a successful raid on an al-Qaida hideout.  In the ensuing battle, five jihadists are slain and another four taken into custody.
  59. 2015 Monday: According to Brainy History, Ehud Olmert, former prime minister of Israel, is sentenced to eight months in prison after new evidence emerges proving corruption charges for which he had been acquitted three years ago.  Israeli politics seem to be pretty tough over there what with trying to send its leaders to jail.  WTF?
  60. 2016 Wednesday: Southern Europe is in the throes of crisis as the tidal wave of ‘migrants’ continues trying to make it to Italy and other points in the Mediterranean Sea.  Off the coast of Libya, an overloaded boat full of ‘refugees’ capsizes leading to at least five drownings.  The Italian navy scoops out another 562 swimmers and takes them to shore.  (Note- it’s becoming time to start sowing mines off the coast of Libya).
  61. 2017 Thursday: Surrounded by stone-faced allies, President Donald Trump rebuked fellow NATO members for being the tightwads they have been for decades.  He criticized them for failing to meet the military alliance’s financial benchmarks.   Elsewhere, voters in Montana go to the polls today in the special election to replace Congressman Ryan Zinke who has gone to work in the Trump administration.  The choice is between Republican Greg Gianforte and Democrat Rob Quist.
  62. 2018 Friday: Sexual deviate Harvey Weinstein underwent charging in New York for rape and another sex felony in the first prosecution to result from the wave of allegations against him; the once-powerful movie mogul turned himself in to face the charges and was released on $1 million bail after a court appearance.  Elsewhere, following yesterday’s cancelation of the upcoming summit between the U.S. and North Korea in Singapore, President Donald J. Trump reverses himself and says that some headway is being made and that the summit still could happen as long as Kim Jong Un tones down his rhetoric.
  63. 2019 Saturday: A powerful twister roars through the town of El Reno, Oklahoma, killing at least two and injuring numerous others.  Elsewhere, President Donald J. Trump goes around Congress to make sure a multi-billion-dollar sale of arms to Saudi Arabia occurs.  Democrats are angry at this because they want to deny the Saudis the weapons with which to defend themselves from the Iranians because they are still pissed off over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey.
  64. 2020 Memorial Day Monday: Failed New York Governor Andrew “Killer” Cuomo, aka the Love Gov, aka the Gropin’ Gov, releases a 51-page edict outlining how the state will reopen in the event COVID-19- communist China’s ‘gift to the world’ which is sad.  The (former) Empire State will never be the same what with a constant stream of middle-and-upper-middle class citizens leaving for elsewhere.  Here are the statistics for the Wuhan Virus for today, first the globe: 5,490,954 confirmed cases, 345,962 confirmed deaths, but 2,228,952 confirmed recoveries which is amazing and a good sign.
  65. 2020 Memorial Day Monday A: Here are the statistics for the United States: 1,696,874 confirmed cases, 99,459 confirmed deaths, but 352,612 confirmed recoveries which would resemble the percentage of the globe IF the various Blue State governors would be honest and present the numbers of recoveries, but they won’t.  They seek to keep things locked down which in our view is criminal: it demonstrates the COLLUSION between the Democratic Party and their communist Chinese taskmasters in Beijing and here in our country.  We must thwart them. 
  66. 2020 Memorial Day Monday B: In the three states in which the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-The Elemental News of the Day has chef-authors- California, Hawaii, and Washington, here are the numbers, California first: 94,558 confirmed cases, 3,785 confirmed deaths, BUT NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries which demonstrates the scumbag Gov. Gavin Newsom KNOWS that if he shared them, NO one would obey his stay-at-home orders.  In Hawaii, here are the figures: 643 confirmed cases, 17 confirmed deaths, and 591 confirmed recoveries for which, we must thank Gov. David Ige for his honesty.  Finally, in Washington state where whacked-out Governor Jay Inslee holds power (people, vote this baboon out!), here are the stats: 20,065 confirmed cases, 1,070 confirmed deaths, and sadly, like California, NO mention of confirmed recoveries.  You know, Washington was once a wonderful state but now- in the grip of Democrats- languishes in the throes of Democratic-Socialism!  Free California!  Free Washington!  Free Tibet!  Free Hong Kong!  Free Macau!  Free and independent Taiwan (until they liberate the mainland)!  Free from Democratic-Socialism and Communism!
  67. 2021 Tuesday: COVID-19 Statistics for The Planet As A Whole: 168,514,195 confirmed cases, +3,377, 3,499,505  confirmed deaths, +267 and 150,112,274 confirmed recoveries, +80,205.  Next, here are the stats for the United States: 33,947,189 confirmed cases, UP 32,100 from yesterday’s reporting, 605,208 confirmed deaths, UP 904,[ix] and 27,606,442 confirmed recoveries, UP 53,997.  We genuinely appreciate COVID Live Update World Meter for being honest in covering ALL the numbers- God bless them.[x]   
  68. 2021 Tuesday A: NOTE: Since Joe Biden became president on January 20, 2021, There Have Been 288,596 CHI-VI Deaths in the United States- feeble old Joe, by the end of the year, you will have tied the total number witnessed by the Trump administration in nearly a year of the rampaging coronavirus pandemic.    Under President Trump’s watch, there were 404,078 fatalities from the Chi-Com Bat Virus. Currently, Joe is shy 171,013 deaths  
  69. 2021 Tuesday B: COVID-19 Statistics in the four states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day employs chef-bloggers- California, Florida, Hawaii, and Washington- here are the stats, California first: 3,780,101 confirmed cases, 62,984 confirmed deaths, and 2,021,886 confirmed recoveries.  Moving on, here are the numbers for Florida: 2,313,815 confirmed cases, 36,581 confirmed deaths, and 1,929,132 confirmed recoveries.  Next here are the numbers for Hawaii: 35,924 confirmed cases, 496 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries (same as yesterday’s count).  Finally, here are the stats for Washington: 432,993 confirmed cases, 5,780 confirmed deaths, and 211,014 confirmed recoveries.  Let us look at one other portion of the U.S., New Jersey: they have 1,014,579 confirmed cases, 26,125 confirmed deaths, and 873,637 confirmed recoveries.[xi]    
  70. 2021 Tuesday C: Now that Mo has relocated to Israel, let’s look at the statistics there: 839,389 confirmed cases, 6,406 confirmed deaths, and 832,523 confirmed recoveries (same as yesterday’s figures).   Let’s look at one non-country- Uzbekistan, a former part of the old Soviet Union: 98,849 cases of the virus, 94,385 confirmed deaths and 96,666 confirmed recoveries.[xii]     
  71. 2021 Tuesday D: Stock Market Closes/Precious And Rare Metals: DOW Jones Industrial Average: 34,312.46, DOWN 81.52 points (-0.24%).  Next, the NASDAQ: 13,657.17, DOWN 4.00 points (-0.029%).  Finally, here are the stats for the S&P 500: 4,188.13, DOWN 8.92 points (-0.21%).  The price of Light Sweet Crude Oil is $65.99 per barrel, -0.08 (-0.12%).  The price of GOLD is $1,899.90 per troy oz., +1.90 (+0.10%) while the price of SILVER is $28.12 per troy ounce, +0.06 (+0.23%).  The price of PLATINUM is $1,196.20 per troy oz, -0.70 (-0.06%) while the price of COPPER is $4.51 per pound, 0.00 (+0.09%).[xiii]  The price of PALLADIUM is $2,770.60 per troy oz, +42.37 (+1.55%).[xiv] The price of RHODIUM is $27,250.00 per troy oz., -500.00 (-1.80%).[xv]    Currently, Bitcoin, one U.S. greenback = 0.000027.  As for Chi-Com money, one-dollar U.S. = 6.41 Chinese yuan.  Meanwhile, one-dollar U.S. = 0.82 euros and in Mexican pesos equals 19.91.     In Belarusian Ruble, one greenback equals 2.51 and in Belize Dollars, a buck equals 2.00 and in Bermudian Dollar, one dollar equals 1.00 of theirs.[xvi]   In other business news, Washington, D.C., has launched an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon over their purported mistreatment of vendors.  Wow.   Meanwhile, rents have gone up by 1.9-percent, the highest rate in 10 years, while rents for single-family homes have gone up 4.3-percent from last year.  (Note- we here at the AICPENDBLOG.COM believe the Chi-Coms will be buying up commercial and residential real estate using straw buyers so they can become the de facto landlords of the average American.  This is not right, and immediate action must be taken to drive these bat-eating scumbags out of everyday American life).  
  72. 2021 Tuesday E: U.S. National Debt And Gasoline Prices In The Four States In Which We Have Chef-Authors– Thanks to the Biden administration, gasoline prices continue rising by the day- in California, gasoline prices have risen to over $4.165 per gallon, $2.869 in Florida, $3.909 in Hawaii, and $3.562 in Washington state.[xvii]    Let’s look at one other location- U.S. Virgin Islands: $3.239.  We are going to do something else that could be fun- gasoline prices around the world going from cheapest to highest.  The next country on the list has the next lowest gasoline price in the world- Liberia: $2.911 per U.S. Gallon.[xviii]  Meanwhile, here is a snapshot of the U.S. National Debt for today: $28,328,605,823,085 and the Democrats are adding TRILLIONS of dollars to it, not BILLIONS but flipping TRILLIONS.[xix]  Cloward and Piven causing problems like they always do.
  73. 2021 Tuesday F: Crime And Punishment News / Law Enforcement News– One year after the death of George Floyd, the American people reflect on his ‘life and times.’  Here is what the majority of the chef-bloggers at the AICPENDBLOG.COM believe: George Floyd was a thug[xx] and had he not continued scuffling with the police but had complied with their commands, he would be alive today.  Maybe he would be doing time in the county jail, but he would be alive today.  When stopped by the cops and you are as high as hell and tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill, do what the hell the cops instruct you to do, and you will most likely survive the interaction.  Period.   We are sorry that Mr. Floyd behaved like a dimwit but man, oh man, did his family (and the Democratic Party) profit from his demise.  Tragic.  Meanwhile, drooling Joe Biden hosted Mr. Floyd’s family at the White House demanding that lawmakers pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act 2021- H.R. 1280- NOW.  Such is Democrats pandering to identity politics.
  74. 2021 Tuesday G: Joe Biden’s Border Catastrophe– Today is Day #64 for ‘Border Czar’ “Kooky Kamala” Harris to be doing something about the southern border calamity and yet, she has yet to visit, and nothing is being done.  The floodgates are open, the vermin are swarming out of Third World sewers and overwhelming the United States.  (Note- we always suggest watching the ORIGINAL- and not the PC sanitized- version of “Red Dawn,” (1984).  About midway through the movie, you will see how the United States fell under assault by the Russians and Cubans- advance waves of millions of illegal aliens flooded into the country followed by troops from the two communist countries.  It is eye-opening.
  75. 2021 Tuesday H: COVID-19 Updates And Additional Information– President Donald J. Trump congratulated himself on the roll out of the Chi-Vi vaccine.  Meanwhile, the Moderna Bat Flu vaccine has been approved for use by teenagers and could become available to teenaged Americans by early next month.   Elsewhere, after photos appeared showing Governor “Gravel Gertie” Gretchen Whitmer enjoying the good life at the Landshark Bar and Grill in East Lansing, Michigan came to light- the horrible chief executive of a once-lovely state is facing growing blowback.  People in her state are chafing under a soul-crushing lockdown while the rectangular-headed bozo governor can go out and have a celebration in public much like Governor Gavin “The Nazi” Newsom in California did a few months back at the famed French Laundry.  Remove this authoritarian skank from office NOW.
  76. 2021 Tuesday I: Political News I– President Donald J. Trump slammed the pink panties-wearing Joe Scarborough of ‘Morning Joe’ infamy today for being a political hack.  Next, Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office George P. Bush talks to President Trump about political options for the Lone Star State- he is thinking of running against current Attorney General Ken Paxton.  Speaking of Texas, the state’s legislature has passed the “Star-Spangled Banner” Bill; it awaits the signature of Republican Governor Greg Abbott.  Elsewhere, Congressman Brad Wenstrup, R-OH 2nd congressional district, told Newsmax that Joe Biden’s reluctance to confront the Chi-Coms is ‘unfair to all mankind.’  (Note- we have said this before- the Chi-Coms are the National Socialists of the 21st century as they have (1) territorial ambitions (2) are more fascists now than communists and (3) have concentration and slave labor/death camps for ethnic and religious minorities as well as other undesirables (in their eyes).   They are an ‘Asian version’ of the Nazis.  How soon before they add swastikas to their flags?).
  77. 2021 Tuesday J: Political News II– The FBI is investigating a suspicious package that some liberal lunatic sent to Senator Rand Paul, R-KY.  Next, the Senate GOP appears ready to employ the filibuster against the bogus January 06, 2021 ‘Commission’ in which, the Democrats will try- once again- to impeach President Donald J. Trump and to sully other Republicans if they can over the FALSE FLAG OPERATION that occurred on that fateful day.   We believe the American people are becoming much more aware that what we saw on January 06, 2021, was a well-orchestrated theatrical production designed to do exactly what it accomplished: force the reluctant Republicans into not questioning all the fraudulent and corrupt activities on and around Election Day and 2020 and to certify the election.[xxi]
  78. 2021 Tuesday K: Political News III– Zack Smith, legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, said today that ‘D.C. statehood requires a constitutional amendment to become reality.’  We concur- the District of Columbia was NEVER meant to be a state and anyone who claims otherwise must go back and retake civics as well as to open their eyes.  If the denizens of the nation’s capital want ‘full rights,’ the land on which everything sits- other than actual government buildings- should be returned to the states that offered up portions of their territories in the first place.  Problem solved.   Meanwhile, the Senate GOP is offering up a compromise on Joe Biden’s ‘infrastructure package’ of nearly $1 trillion but only for actual infrastructure.   Elsewhere, ex-White House counsel under President Donald J. Trump Don McGahn is expected to testify on the Robert S. Mueller III ‘investigation into Trump-Russia collusion,’ one of the all-time great political witch hunts of all time.  Finally, America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani says of the rampant anti-Semitism taking place across the country: “Very dangerous thing we are watching.”
  79. 2021 Tuesday L: California Lottery Results / Mega-Millions Draw– Here are the results for the Mega Millions Draw #1662 with a $20 million pot on the line: 14, 21, 31, 34, 54, and Mega 11.   
  80. 2022 Wednesday: Everyone knows the drill.  Stick around to discover the truth and note- we know the world is up to its usual tricks…


This artwork is #0841 a 20” x 24” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “Winging It.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her website, found at beverlycarrick.com, or at the blog’s Facebook page.  At her website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her website NOW and view her work.  It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor!  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day.


The Beach Boys continued struggling along what with Brian Wilson- principal songwriter, falsetto vocalist, and guiding light now being in a mental state of malaise.  Thus, the other Beach Boys had to step up and tackle a larger portion of the songwriting.  Still, Brian Wilson’s name shows up on many of the tracks as well as his vocals, but the album suffered poor sales.  This is not to say that the album is not a joy because it is, albeit an extremely short one.  Some say it’s the band’s first ‘TM’ or their ‘transcendental meditation album’ as it has a spiritual, upbeat flow.  The lineup on “Friends” (June 24, 1968) features Brian Wilson (bass, piano, organ, vocals), Mike Love (vocals and saxophones), Carl Wilson (vocals and guitars), Dennis Wilson (drums and vocals), Alan Jardine (guitars, bass, and vocals), and Bruce Johnston (vocals and bass).  There are some wonderful songs on this album to be sure: the title track, “Wake the World,” “Be Here in the Morning,” “When a Man Needs a Woman,” “Passing By,” and “Busy Doing Nothing.”  We hope you will seek this one out as it is a delightful record, one we wholeheartedly love, enjoy, and recommend.  Back in the 1970s, one could find it packaged with “Smiley Smile” in a two-for-one.  Now, you can get an expanded edition so check it out.

The above icon is the “Trademark of Quality and Symbol of Integrity/Logo” of the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers and of What’s Cookin’ Productions.    The AICP-END Blog copyrights this article © 05-25-2022, all rights reserved.  (Editor’s Note: we pay the estate of Beverly Carrick an annual fee by which, we can show her paintings to the world.  We make NO money from the estate’s sales of her world-famous artworks).  Total Word Count: 5,413.  Chef Tiresias Helenus Grinikeodopuloposlus.

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[i] We hope to present the music of the Nice as well as Emerson, Lake & Palmer at some point within the next five years.  Please remain posted for the day that we do.

[ii] We promoted the music of Blossom Toes beginning on Monday, 01-June-2015 through Sunday, 07-June-2015.  We hope you will seek them out and add them to your growing music collection.

[iii] The music of this famed British band, Family as well as the spin-off group, Streetwalkers, appeared on Tuesday, 08-October-2013 through Thursday, 31-October-2013.  Sadly, at the time, we failed to promote the music of both Axis Point as well as Roger Chapman’s solo catalog, so we hope to correct those mistakes sometime within the next five years.

[iv] We hope to promote the music of the Outlaws when we begin promoting the music of country artists.  Please remain alert for the day we do as you will enjoy them.

[v] We shared the music of the Stones beginning Tuesday, 22-March-2016 through Sunday, 28-August-2016.  This included the members’ solo projects.  We sure as heck hope you check out the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Keith Richard, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, and Mick Taylor.  Ronnie Wood you can find during the presentation of the Faces.  Sadly, we should have been clairvoyant and presented the music of Marianne Faithful, too.  Perhaps one day we will.

[vi] Not sure as to when we will promote the music of the legendary British band, the Pretty Things, but when we do, you will love them so remain vigilant for the day we do.

[vii] We promoted the music of the James Gang beginning on Saturday, 11-August-2012 through Monday, 27-August-2012.  We did not do the solo discography of Joe Walsh at the time but when we arrive at the Eagles, we most certainly will.

[viii] On Wednesday, 14-June-2017, we began presenting the music of the Guess Who and of its individual members- including Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, and Bravebelt.  The entire discography ran from the above date through Sunday, 01-October-2017.  We hope you will check them out.

[ix] Bing seems to be covering numbers up for the Biden administration so here is where we have gone now: COVID Live Update: 151,025,351 Cases and 3,176,405 Deaths from the Coronavirus – Worldometer (worldometers.info)

[x] Here is the link: COVID Live Update: 151,025,351 Cases and 3,176,405 Deaths from the Coronavirus – Worldometer (worldometers.info)

[xi] See United States COVID: 33,033,385 Cases and 589,110 Deaths – Worldometer (worldometers.info)..

[xii] We obtain our statistics for the coronavirus from: COVID Live Update: 151,025,351 Cases and 3,176,405 Deaths from the Coronavirus – Worldometer (worldometers.info)

[xiii] Commodities – Oil, Silver and Gold Prices – CNN Business– see this site for daily commodity information.

[xiv] Palladium PRICE Today | Palladium Spot Price Chart | Live Price of Palladium per Ounce | Markets Insider (businessinsider.com) See this site for daily trading in palladium.

[xv] Commodities Prices – Spot – Futures (tradingeconomics.com) See this site for much of the economic information cobbled together at this blog.

[xvi] (1) Currency Converter – Bing See this site for currency conversions.

[xvii] AAA Gas Prices– See this site for nationwide daily gasoline averages.

[xviii] Please see the following site for information on global gas prices: Gasoline prices around the world, 26-Apr-2021 | GlobalPetrolPrices.com

[xix] U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time (usdebtclock.org) See this site for the U.S. National Debt Clock.

[xx] In Minneapolis at George Floyd Square today, gunshots began ringing out sending reporters scrambling.  What more proof does one require that these scumbags be thugs?

[xxi] The more I pay attention to the events of January 06, 2021, the more I smell a rat.  One does not have to love Donald Trump to know my party screwed him.  I don’t like the road down which we are traveling.  I didn’t ask for socialism, nor did I ask for communism.  – Chef Roland.

Author: Executive and Pastry Chef Tiresias

Longtime professional chef, born in Greece, emigrated to the United States in the late 1940s where my parents opened a Greek restaurant on the East Coast and then in Southern California. My siblings and I took over the restaurants from our parents in 1999 and haven't looked back since. I have been a longtime author at the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day and now am a chef-blogger here at our WordPress site.

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