2019 Saturday: With the signing of Xi Jinping- Chinese dictator- and Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, Italy signs onto China’s Belt and Road Initiative. A year later, the Italian people are wondering why they are Ground Zero for China’s Wuhan Virus outbreak in Europe.





Vice President Schulyer Colfax; U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Morrison Waite; U.S. Attorney General George Henry Williams; U.S. Secretaries of State Bainbridge Colby and Rex Tillerson; the Cars featuring Ric Ocasek, and Uriah Heep featuring Phil Lanzon:

  1. 1066 Friday: Astronomers record the 18th recorded perihelion passage of Haley’s Comet on this date.
  2. 1138 Wednesday: The 164.2nd Roman Catholic Antipope Victor IV assumed his post on this date in opposition to Pope Innocent II.  He would serve his flock until March 25, 1138, at which point the legitimate pontiff would return.
  3. 1657 Friday: England and France sign a treaty against Spain; England receives Dunkirk.
  4. 1708 Friday: English pretender to the throne, James III, lands at Firth of Forth.
  5. 1775 Thursday: Patrick Henry delivered an address to the Virginia Provincial Convention in which he is to have declared, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”
  6. 1792 Friday: Joseph Haydn’s Symphony No. 94 in G Major (the “Surprise” Symphony) had its first public performance in London.
  7. 1794 Sunday: Josiah G. Pierson patented a rivet machine.
  8. 1806 Sunday: Explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, having reached the Pacific coast, began their journey back east.
  9. 1808 Wednesday: Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother, Joseph, becomes the king of Spain.
  10. 1823 Sunday: Future Republican 17th vice president of the United States—Schuyler Colfax—is born on this date in Manhattan, N.Y.   Vice President Colfax served under President Ulysses S. Grant from March 04, 1869, to March 04, 1873.  Elsewhere, the 32nd U.S. Attorney General George Henry Williams is born in New Lebanon, N.Y.  A future Democrat and then a Republican, he served under President Ulysses S. Grant from December 14, 1871, to April 25, 1875.
  11. 1839 Saturday: The first recorded use of “OK” (oll korrect), appears in the Boston Morning Post.  
  12. 1840 Monday: An unnamed photographer captured the first successful photo of the moon.
  13. 1857 Monday: Elisha Otis installed the first modern passenger elevator in a public building.  It was in a building at the corner of Broome Street and Broadway in New York City.
  14. 1858 Tuesday: Eleazer A. Gardner patented the cable streetcar on this date.
  15. 1861 Saturday: London’s first tramcars began operation on this date.
  16. 1867 Saturday: Congress passes the Second Reconstruction Act over President Andrew Johnson’s veto.
  17. 1868 Monday: Educators and state officials found the University of California system.
  18. 1869 Tuesday: The former 25th U.S. Secretary of State Elihu B. Washburne became U.S. minister to France on this date.  A Republican, he served under President Ulysses S. Grant from today until September 05, 1877.
  19. 1880 Tuesday: John Stevens patented the grain-crushing mill, which increased flour production by 70 percent.
  20. 1881 Wednesday: Great Britain and the Boers sign a treaty ending the First Boer War.
  21. 1888 Friday: In Washington, D.C., the 43rd U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Morrison Waite, died.  First a Whig and then a Republican, President Ulysses S. Grant nominated him to fill the seat of U.S. Associate Justice Salmon P. Chase, Democrat.  Waite served from January 21, 1874, to March 23, 1888.
  22. 1889 Saturday: President Benjamin Harrison opens Oklahoma for colonization by the American people.   
  23. 1901 Saturday: Dame Nellie Melba revealed the secret of her now famous toast.
  24. 1902 Sunday: In Italy, the minimum legal working age rose from nine to 12 for boys and from 11 to 15 for girls.
  25. 1913 Sunday: Five days of heavy rain began falling in the Ohio River Valley; Dayton, Ohio, saw catastrophic flooding as the rising Great Miami River breached its levees.  The authorities blamed hundreds of deaths in the region on the weather.
  26. 1914 Monday: The first installment of “The Perils of Pauline,” the legendary silent film serial starring Pearl White, premiered at theaters in the greater New York City area, including movie houses in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.
  27. 1919 Sunday: Benito Mussolini founded the Fascist Party of Italy in Milan, Italy.  The Fascists attracted former World War I veterans who wanted to see the Roman Empire rebuilt with the Italian people at the head of the table.  Sadly, the new legionnaires of the new Roman Empire were not up to the task Il Duce appointed them to do.
  28. 1920 Tuesday: The 43rd U.S. Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby assumed office on this date.  First a Republican, then a Progressive, and finally a Democrat, Colby served under President Woodrow Wilson from today until March 04, 1921.
  29. 1932 Wednesday: In the United States, the Norris-LaGuardia Act established the right of workers to strike.  
  30. 1933 Thursday: The German Reichstag adopted the Enabling Act, which effectively granted Adolf Hitler dictatorial powers.
  31. 1941 Sunday: Although the Battle of Britain would continue with the Luftwaffe raining hell down upon the people of England- standing alone against the Nazi menace- the German General Staff was busy preparing the invasion of the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa- set to begin in early May.  However, problems would arise in Yugoslavia as well as in Greece with the Italians struggling to subdue their foes there.  This sidestep would prove problematic for the crushing of the USSR.
  32. 1942 Monday: The first Japanese-Americans evacuated by the U.S. Army during World War II, arrived at the internment camp in Manzanar, California.  Meanwhile, in Lublin, Poland, the Nazis massacre and/or deport 2,500 Jewish citizens.
  33. 1943 Tuesday: Although still frigid in the Soviet Union, the thaw is coming and with it the next attempt by the Axis troops fighting there to complete the subjugation of the Soviet Union and the liquidation of its entire culture.  The German General Staff is already looking to a quick victory with which to galvanize the German people and with which to shock the entire world- when summer arrives, the Germans will attack the Soviet bulge at Kursk.  This will bring the world’s greatest tank, tactical aircraft, and more than a million troops on both sides duking it out.  Not until the Yom Kippur War would a tank battle the size of this one be seen.
  34. 1944 Thursday: Russian pilot Nicolas Alkemade falls 5,500 feet without a parachute and lives.
  35. 1945 Friday: In the largest naval operation in the Pacific Theater in World War II, 1,500 U.S. Navy warships pound Japanese positions on the island of Okinawa.  Okinawa will become the bloodiest fight of the Pacific War as once it is subdued; the next stop will be mainland Japan.
  36. 1949 Wednesday: Future bassist/vocalist with the Boston band, the Cars[i]–Ric Ocasek–is born in Baltimore, Maryland, on this date.
  37. 1950 Thursday: Future keyboardist/vocalist Phil Lanzon who performs with the British rock band, Uriah Heep[ii], 1986-present—is born on this date.
  38. 1952 Sunday: In Wichita Falls, Texas, future Republican U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is born. He would serve under President Donald J. Trump from 02-01-2017 to until the president fired him on 03-31-2018.
  39. 1954 Tuesday: As the People’s Army continues trench construction drawing them closer and closer to the main French base at Dien Bien Phu as well as to the outlying ones such as Isabelle, the Dominque bases, the Huguettes, French warplanes are flying as many sorties as possible.  They are dropping napalm to expose the artillery and antiaircraft batteries as well as the troop concentration zones so as to disrupt them.  Otherwise, Colonel Christian De Castries fears the Viet Minh are going to draw so close as to starve the defenders out.  Airstrikes won’t be able to hit the communists without killing their allies.
  40. 1956 Friday: Pakistan became an Islamic republic on this date in history.
  41. 1965 Tuesday: America’s first two-person space flight began as Gemini 3 blasted off with astronauts Virgil I. Grissom and John W. Young aboard for a nearly five-hour flight.  Meanwhile in Morocco, authorities fire on demonstrators killing about 100 people.
  42. 1966 Wednesday: For the first time in 400 years, official representatives of the Catholic and Anglican Churches meet.
  43. 1970 Monday: In Austintown, Ohio, up-and-coming heavyweight boxer Earnie Shavers lands a KO on opponent, Ron Asher, at the 0:58 minute mark of Round 1 of a scheduled 8 round bout to put his record to 11-1.
  44. 1973 Friday: Before sentencing, a group of Watergate break-in defendants, Chief U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica read aloud a letter to him from James W. McCord Jr., which said there had been “political pressure” to “plead guilty and remain silent.”  
  45. 1979 Friday: In Winchester, Nevada, at the Las Vegas Hilton, powerhouse puncher Earnie Shavers lands a knockout on opponent Ken Norton at the 1:58 minute mark of Round 1 in a scheduled 12-round bout to put his record to 58-7-1.  As for Norton, the loss put his record to 41-6.  Meanwhile, at the top of the ticket, at the 2:38 minute mark of the 7th Round of their 15-round heavyweight championship boxing match, Larry Holmes scores a TKO of Osvaldo Ocasio.  For the ‘Easton Assassin,’ besides retaining the WBC heavyweight title, this put his pro record to 30-0 while that of Ocasio went to 13-1.
  46. 1980 Sunday: After Islamists overrunning Iran drive the Shah out of the country, the Shah and his family arrive in Egypt seeking exile status.
  47. 1981 Monday: The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) rules that states could require some sort of parental notification before teenage girls acquire abortions.
  48. 1983 Wednesday: President Ronald W. Reagan first proposed developing technology to intercept incoming enemy missiles—an idea that came to be known as the Strategic Defense Initiative.  Dr. Barney Clark, recipient of a Jarvik permanent artificial heart, died at the University of Utah Medical Center after 112 days with the device.
  49. 1990 Friday: Buena Vista Pictures released the romantic comedy “Pretty Woman,” starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, on this date.  It was a romantic romp in which a business tycoon fell in love with a hooker.  Rather modern-day fairy tale…
  50. 1993 Tuesday: Scientists announced they had found the renegade gene that causes Huntington’s disease.
  51. 1994 Wednesday: Aeroflot Flight 593, an Airbus A310, crashed in Siberia with the loss of all 75 people aboard it; it turned out that the one of the pilots allowed his teenage son to sit at the controls accidentally disengaged the autopilot, causing the jetliner to plunge to the ground.  Elsewhere, the leading presidential candidate of Mexico dies in an assassination during a rally in Tijuana.  Finally, Wayne Gretzky broke Gordie Howe’s National Hockey League career record of with his 802nd goal.
  52. 1998 Monday: “Titanic” tied an Academy Awards record by winning 11 Oscars, including best picture, director (James Cameron) and song (“My Heart Will Go On”).
  53. 2003 Sunday: During the Iraq War, a U.S. Army maintenance convoy was ambushed in Nasiriyah; 11 soldiers were killed including Pfc. Lori Ann Piestewa; six were captured, including Pfc. Jessica Lynch, who was rescued on April 1, 2003.
  54. 2009 Monday: The Obama administration unveiled a plan to take over up to $1 trillion in sour mortgage securities with the help of private investors; Wall Street responded by hurtling the Dow Jones industrials upward nearly 500 points.  
  55. 2010 Tuesday: In Washington, D.C., Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells lobbyists that “Israel is not a settlement” and that it has a “right” to build wherever it so chooses to do so.  Meanwhile, President Barack Obama signed a $938 billion health care overhaul, declaring “a new season in America!”
  56. 2011 Wednesday: Academy Award-winning actress Elizabeth Taylor died in Los Angeles, California, at age 79.
  57. 2012 Friday: Pope Benedict XVI tells Cuba that it has to ‘move beyond communism’ and that he will help the island nation find a peaceful way in which, it can accomplish this task.
  58. 2013 Saturday: For the first time in FOUR years, by a vote of 50-49, the U.S. Senate passes a budget.  Meanwhile, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir announces that he will step down after 25 years in power sometime in 2015.
  59. 2014 Sunday: In the NCAA basketball tournament, Kentucky beat undefeated Wichita State, which ended their historic 35-0 record in the finals.  Meanwhile, French satellite images confirm China’s detection of potential debris from missing jetliner Malaysian Air Flight 370, which had disappeared on March 08 of this year.  Elsewhere, some jihadists storm a Christian church in Kenya while it was conducting services, killing at least six parishioners and wounding loads of others. 
  60. 2015 Monday: After combatting the effects of pneumonia for several weeks, Lee Kuan Yew—91-year-old founder of the nation of Singapore and its leader for 31 years—died.  Elsewhere, the Pentagon is busy alerting U.S. servicemembers who are on an ISIS hit list.  No one knows whether this jihadist scum possesses the ability to strike targets in America, but the U.S. military is not going to permit any harm to come to its people if it can stop such attacks.  
  61. 2016 Wednesday: Researchers using GPR imaging determine that the skull of William Shakespeare most likely has been stolen from his tomb at the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford, United Kingdom.   Elsewhere, police in Brussels, Belgium, identify two of the attackers in the recent attacks on a subway station and an airport as a pair of homegrown jihadist brothers.  The search is on for a third man, the reputed ISIS bomber lurking somewhere within the country.  Track him down and KILL him.  Meanwhile, a U.S. airstrike on an al-Qaida camp in the lovely country of Yemen kills dozens of jihadists.
  62. 2017 Thursday: American singer and actress Lola Albright dies at age 92. Elsewhere, loony tunes Congressman Adam Schiff, DS-CA 28th congressional district, in an interview with equally insane ‘newsman’ Chuck Todd told his open-mouthed interviewer that ‘there is more than circumstantial evidence that associates of President Trump- if not the president himself!– colluded with Russian President Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 Presidential Election from the highly popular Hillary Rodham Clinton (yeah, right.  In your dreams, congressman, in your dreams.  Moron).   However, Senator John McCain, RINO-AZ, says that ‘Congress lacks the credibility itself to investigate such charges.’  Yikes.
  63. 2018 Friday: President Donald J. Trump released an order banning most transgender troops from serving in the military except under “limited circumstances.”  Meanwhile, the online classified ads site Craigslist removed its personals section; the action came after the U.S. Senate passed an anti-sex-trafficking bill that could hold the website and others responsible for illegal activity.  Elsewhere in Sochi, Russia, in one of the largest transfers of desert sand ever, a sandstorm in the Sahara transforms the snow from white to orange. 
  64. 2019 Saturday: With the signing of Xi Jinping- Chinese dictator- and Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, Italy signs onto China’s Belt and Road Initiative.  A year later, the Italian people are wondering why they are Ground Zero for China’s Wuhan Virus outbreak in Europe.   Meanwhile, with the raising of Syrian Democratic Forces flag over the Syrian city of Baghuz, civilized people proclaim the vanquishing of the ISIS caliphate.  The terrorist scum had held the area for five bloody years. 
  65. 2020 Monday: Due to illness and self-quarantine, the Republican-controlled Senate is not in control with only 48 members present.  The Democrats under Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, at the behest of Speaker Nancy Pelosi will NOT pass a bill designed to protect the country’s economy while providing support to the afflicted unless Republicans sign on to more Obamacare-like government-run medical claptrap as well as all manner of identity politics desires, Green New Deal insanity, increased protections for illegal aliens, and additional Pro-Death protections.  As of the time of this publishing, the GOP was still holding out, hoping the Dems would regain their senses and stop with the insanity but oh, no, they simply won’t surrender their partisan politics.  COVID-19 statistics: earlier in the day, there were 354,677 known cases of the Chinese Virus what with the number of infections up in previous 24 hours standing at 21,115; total known deaths are 15,430, up 940 in 24 hours.  In the United States, total known cases are 35,345 what with 473 deaths, up by 56 in past 24 hours.  This does not account for the stats for the second part of the day.
  66. 2021 Tuesday: YESTERDAY’S NEWS CATCHUP- Dare we say this but the name of the individual who shot up the King Sooper Grocery Store in Boulder, Colorado, goes by the name of Ahmad Al-Aliwi Alissa.  Allah Akbar, anyone?  Meanwhile, Robert Aaron Long, the perp who carried out the Atlanta Massage Parlors Massacre found himself in court charged with ‘malice murder’ and ‘aggravated assault.’  The poor bastard was trying to conquer a sex addiction, something he will be unable to conquer in prison as everyone knows what goes on in there.  Sad.  Elsewhere, in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, after seating 2 alternate jurors yesterday giving the trial a full 12 plus the two, seated a 15th today in case one of the other ones drops or is forced out for some as yet unanticipated reason. 
  67. 2021 Tuesday A: BIDEN BORDER CATASTROPHE I- White House Press Secretary Jen “Circle Back” Psaki could not answer a reporter’s question as to WHY illegal alien mobs receive better treatment than do National Guard members protecting Fort Pelosi in Washington, D.C.  National Guard members have had to sleep in frigid parking garages and have been served undercooked, raw, or poor-quality food while illegals are pampered like Roman emperors.  Something is NOT right here.
  68. 2021 Tuesday B: BIDEN BORDER CATASTROPHE II- Regarding the border mess, the Biden administration continues trying to deflect blame for the ongoing disaster onto President Donald J. Trump’s back.  Not working very well seeing as how President Trump handed Joe Biden a secure border.   Regarding the Biden Border Catastrophe, 40-percent in a recent poll blame Joe Biden 100-percent for the border catastrophe while 27-percent (the uneducated) blame President Donald J. Trump.  Another 12-percent blame Congress.  What everyone agrees on is the border must be secured NOW.  Speaking of the CRISIS, “Kooky Kamala” Harris says her administration received a f-up border from the previous administration and when asked if she was going to visit the border anytime soon, laughed it off.[iii] 
  69. 2021 Tuesday C: BIDEN BORDER CATASTROPHE III-  the Republicans are dangling the bait of amnesty for DACA recipients, i.e., the much-beloved DREAMers (yeah, right- deport all of them NOW) in exchange for the Democrats agreeing to fix the broken farmworker visa system.  You know, we used to have the Bracero Program which allowed temporary workers to cross to and from the southern border to work in the United States and then to return home after the season ended.  What is so frigging difficult about this?  Just fix it and stop the tidal wave of illegals rampaging through our country.  Enough already!  Meanwhile, we learn that only 13-percent of family units crossing the southern border are turned back into Mexico.  Wow.
  70. 2021 Tuesday D: LAW ENFORCEMENT/LEGAL NEWS- Attorney Sidney Powell files a motion to dismiss suit in court to have the bogus lawsuit filed by the (allegedly) corrupt Dominion Voting Systems out of Canada.  These scumbags filed a frivolous lawsuit against all those who pointed out the fact that Dominion coupled with Hugo Chavez’s Smartmatic software STOLE the 2020 Presidential Election and threw it to decrepit old Joe Biden.   In other news, Regent University hosted a lengthy symposium on how the election fraud in 2020 occurred what with Michelle Bachman and Peter Navarro providing reams of evidence showing the crime committed before our eyes.  Elsewhere, the Massachusetts attorney general seeks to vacate thousands of drug convictions that were handed out using lab ‘evidence’ with which law enforcement tampered so as to achieve convictions.
  71. 2021 Tuesday E: U.S. POLITICAL NEWS-  Congressman Mo Brooks, R-AL 5th congressional district announced today that he is running to fill the seat being vacated by retiring Senator Richard Shelby.  Good luck, Mo!  Meanwhile, Congressman James Comer, R-KY 1st congressional district, blasts the Biden tax plan as being little more than a wealth redistribution scheme.  Elsewhere, by a vote of 68-29, the U.S. Senate confirms the nomination of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to become the next U.S. Secretary of the Labor Department.  From what we hear, the guy is a labor hack.  In other news, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA 14th congressional district says that ‘efforts to expel me will fail.’  Next, Senator Tammy Duckworth, D-IL, says she won’t confirm anymore WHITE nominees sent to the U.S. Senate by the Biden administration until some Asian-Americans begin getting nominated for high posts- like what?  Ambassador to Micronesia?  Finally, Joe Biden says we can ban assault weapons.  Go for it.
  72. 2021 Tuesday F: ECONOMIC AND BUSINESS NEWS I-  Economist Steve Moore pointed out today how the $1,400 stimulus checks sent to, uh, not just American taxpayers but to felons in prison, illegal aliens, and even savvy foreigners could end up costing $11,000 each.  Not good.  Meanwhile, U.S. corporations are urging elected Democrats to push through the DREAMER bill so as to get all this cheap labor employed while American workers are left without.   However, corporations may not get the last laugh as U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is promising to boost the U.S. corporate tax rate back to where it was- if not higher- than before President Donald J. Trump was in office.  Corporate heads, DON’T you wish you had supported the 45th president when you had the opportunity?   
  73. 2021 Tuesday G: ECONOMIC AND BUSINESS NEWS II- In other PANDERING NEWS, the city of Evanston, Illinois, becomes the first city in the United States to provide reparations to black Americans.  Wait, isn’t Evanston a NORTHERN CITY where slavery did not exist?  WTF is up with that?  (Note- NO longer can Democrats in Evanston use ‘slavery’ as a club to bash the heads of their political enemies.  NEVER).  Elsewhere, Joe Biden’s economic advisers are warning fellow Democrats to prepare for an additional $3 trillion in spending, much of which will go into HIGH-SPEED RAIL?  WTF?  This has never worked in the United States nor will it.  Next, Microsoft is in talks to buy instant messaging app, Discord.   Finally, Regal Cinemas plans a grand reopening across the country beginning on April 02, 2021.
  74. 2021 Tuesday H: FOREIGN AND OVERSEAS NEWS I- Following a complaint, the Federal Communications Commission- the FTC- is looking into allegations that two communist Chinese telecommunications companies, China Central Television and CGTN, for inserting propaganda into its broadcasts as well as showing coerced confessions by prisoners who have been mistreated.   Meanwhile, Russian officials say that Joe Biden has repeatedly rejected any open talks with Moscow so that mutual problems can be addressed, and grievances aired.  That’s Joe for you.  Speaking of Joe Biden, he’s going to address a virtual summit of European leaders this upcoming Thursday just as he is supposed to address the American people via a press conference.  (Note- we expect neither will occur or if they do, they will come off as Max Headroom with multiple takes, Deep Fakes, and hidden earpieces.  What a country).  Moving on, Dems are pressuring Joe Biden to ease sanctions on communist Venezuela.  Elsewhere, Saudi Arabia is proposing a ceasefire with the Houthi rebels.  Finally, Israeli voters are taking another shot at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 
  75. 2021 Tuesday I: Here are the COVID-19 statistics for the planet as a whole: 123,924,888 confirmed cases, +408,189, 2,727,640 (down from yesterday’s figure), confirmed deaths, +7,937, and 70,320,511 confirmed recoveries, +344,632.  Next, here are the stats for the United States: 30,104,069 confirmed cases, up 49,466 from yesterday’s reporting, 548,613 confirmed deaths, UP 442, and 117,037,711 confirmed recoveries.  Note- we are going to do our own estimates of recoveries based on percentages seeing as how the CDC won’t report them. 
  76. 2021 Tuesday J: NOTE: SINCE JOE BIDEN BECAME PRESIDENT ON JANUARY 20, 2021, THERE HAVE BEEN 220,146 CHI-VI DEATHS IN THE United States- feeble old Joe, in another three-and-a-half-weeks, you will have tied the total number witnessed by the Trump administration in nearly a year of the rampaging coronavirus pandemic.  In other COVID-19 news, the Centers for Disease Control are hammering AstraZeneca for using outdated data in their correlation of vaccine results.  Say it ain’t so.  Meanwhile, a new study suggests that low-dose aspirin can ward off the coronavirus.  Elsewhere, Pfizer is developing a pill with which to ward off the ‘VID.  (In other healthcare news, Governor Asa Hutchinson, R-AK, has signed a new antiabortion law into being, one that will challenge Roe v. Wade in the courts).   (Other News II- the teachers’ unions are pushing back on the CDC’s recommendations for social distancing: six feet or no teach).
  77. 2021 Tuesday K: Next, in the three states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day employs chef-bloggers- California, Hawaii, and Washington- here are the stats, California first: 3,646,171 confirmed cases, 57,799 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Next here are the numbers for Hawaii: 28,912 confirmed cases, 454 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Finally, here are the stats for Washington: 358,762 confirmed cases, 5,232 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Let us look at one other piece of U.S. territory- the commonwealth of the Northern Marianas: currently, they have 158 confirmed cases, 2 confirmed deaths, and 32 confirmed recoveries.  Now that Mo has relocated to Israel, let’s look at the statistics there: 828,764 confirmed cases, 6,109 confirmed deaths, and 807,653 confirmed recoveries.   Let’s look at one other country- Philippines, home of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos (and her legendary shoe collection): 677,653 cases of the virus, 12,992 confirmed deaths and 578,461 confirmed recoveries.  
  78. 2021 Tuesday L:   STOCK MARKET CLOSES/PRECIOUS AND RARE METALS: DOW Jones Industrial Average: 32,423.15, DOWN 308.05 points (-0.94%).  Next, the NASDAQ: 13,227.70, DOWN 149.84 points (-1.12%).  Finally, here are the stats for the S&P 500: 3,910.52, DOWN 30.07 points (-0.76%).  The price of GOLD is $1,726.20 per troy oz., +1.10 (+0.06%) while the price of SILVER is $25.11 per troy ounce, -0.14 (-0.54%).  The price of PLATINUM is $1,169.60 per troy oz, -5.00 (-0.43%) while the price of COPPER is $4.03 per pound, -0.05 (-1.14%).  The price of PALLADIUM is $2,605.00 per troy oz, -24.00 (-0.91%). The price of RHODIUM is $29,200.00 per troy oz.  The price of Light Sweet Crude Oil is $57.42 per barrel, -0.34 (-0.59%)  Currently, one-dollar U.S. = 6.52 Chi-Com yuan.   Meanwhile, one-dollar U.S. = 0.84 euros and in Mexican pesos equals 20.79.  As for Bitcoin, one U.S. greenback = 0.000018.   In Bangladeshi taka, one greenback equals 84.37.  
  79. 2021 Tuesday M: Thanks to the Biden administration, gasoline prices continue rising by the day- in California, gasoline prices have risen to over $3.882 per gallon, $3.612 in Hawaii, and $3.320 in Washington state.  Time to allow the country to return to fracking, there Joe Biden.   Meanwhile, here is a snapshot of the U.S. National Debt for today: $28,085,852,256,420 and the Democrats are adding TRILLIONS of dollars to it, not BILLIONS but flipping TRILLIONS.  Cloward and Piven running amok.  The country is going to crumble into nothingness.  IF the Chinese are going to become the masters of the world, well, what can we do except to join the band.
  80. 2021 Tuesday N: UNIDENTIFIED FLYING (AND SUBMERSIBLE) OBJECT NEWS- It would appear that the American people will soon learn the truth about UFOs although whether anyone will go the distance and inform us that the persons operating these crafts are not of this world is unclear.  Louis Elizondo was on Fox News this morning discussing the phenomena that has vexed millions around the world since the Roswell crash in New Mexico shortly after the end of World War II.  Elizondo provides three explanations as to the origins of these craft.  First, that they are BLACK OPERATIONS vehicles that only certain governmental organizations are aware of while the second is that the technology could be that of our enemies.  The third is that they come from somewhere else although no one wants to definitively state they come from somewhere NOT of this Earth such as interdimensional or interplanetary or interstellar origins.  To be a UFO, there must be at least one of five observable characteristics such as (1) the ability to accelerate almost instantaneously (2) hypersonic speeds (3) low observability (4) the ability to operate on various planes such as air to water, water to air, and whatever else observers might see and (5) the ability to move sans any form of wings, engine exhausts, and other characteristics associated with earthly flight.
  81. 2021 Tuesday O: FOREIGN/OVERSEAS NEWS II- North Korea sent a message to Joe Biden today in which, Kim Jong Un- the Great Leader II- fired off a barrage of short-range missiles into the sea this past weekend as a message to the White House that the Democratic Republic of North Korea does not like Joe Biden firing up the U.S.-South Korean military exercises.  Today, the Department of Defense said that ‘North Korea threatens the entire region.’  Wow.  We don’t think Chairman Kim likes Joe Biden very much.  It will be interesting to see what comes of this.  Meanwhile, the Biden administration still won’t say that labeling Vladimir Putin a ‘killer’ was the wrong thing to do.  Elsewhere, China lashes out at U.S. allies in a bid to thwart the agenda of “Joe Biden.”  The People’s Republic of China began slapping reciprocal sanctions onto the European Union for the pressure the ‘Biden administration’ and the EU are slapping onto Beijing for mistreating the citizens of Hong Kong, Tibet, and Uighur Muslims.  China says these are internal issues like mistreatment of minorities in the U.S. is an American internal issue.  Joe- the AICPENDBLOG.COM recommends YOU don’t start something with the PRC you can’t finish or win.
  82. 2021 Tuesday P: Stick around for the results of the Mega Millions Draw #1644 tonight what with a $122 million pot on the line for some lucky winner(s).  Here are the numbers: 12, 23, 35, 38, 55, and Mega 11.  Out of 80,188 winning tickets, the highest winners were three people who had FOUR numbers plus the Mega for a prize of $6,340 apiece.
  83. 2021 Tuesday Q: END OF THE NIGHT NEWS FOREIGN/OVERSEAS III- We overlooked this story this morning but in a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh, a massive fire broke out killing 560 people outright, thousands more injured, and causing the disappearances of another 400.  The U.N. says that 45,000 people have been displaced.   The Bangladeshis have given shelter to more than 1 million of their fellow Muslims whom the anti-Muslim government in neighboring Burma drove out back in 2017 via a concerted effort to kill all of them.  Next, even though Saudi Arabia proposed a ceasefire with the Houthi rebel scum in Yemen, the Houthis conducted an attack on Abha International Airport with a drone loaded up with explosives.   Had the ceasefire gone into effect, it would have permitted the reopening of the Sana’a airport in Yemen so that relief supplies could flow into the starving, impoverished civilians in the country.  Instead, we think the Saudis had better raze all Houthi-controlled areas. 
  84. 2021 Tuesday R: END OF THE NIGHT NEWS NATIONAL:  A 14th woman filed a lawsuit against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson accusing him of exposing himself and performing lewd acts on them.  The quarterback denies all allegations and investigation is ensuing.  Unlike Governor Andrew “Killer” Cuomo, we believe that Watson is facing false accusations and we will wait to see where the evidence takes us.   Elsewhere, the ‘Biden administration’ announces all official documents will bear the moniker ‘Biden-Harris Administration.’  Speaking of old Joe, he says he is going to take America’s guns away since a crazed Syrian refugee POS shot up the Boulder, Colorado, grocery store killing 10 people, all of whom were WHITE.  No one seems to be shedding tears for them but oh, those poor Asian hookers- uh, excuse me, masseuses- in Atlanta, which is an entirely different story.  Meanwhile, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, DS-MA 7th congressional district, says ‘making Washington, D.C. a state is a matter of racial equity seeing as how there are loads of black folks living there.’
  85. 2022 Wednesday: You know the drill…


This artwork is #0778 a 12” x 16” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “Golden Glow.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her website, found at beverlycarrick.com, or at the blog’s Facebook page.  At her website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work.  It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor!  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day.


The next album by the Band is an archivist’s release featuring the group live at one of the all-time celebrated great shows following Woodstock.  “Live at Watkins Glen” came out on April 04, 1995, and features the Band’s performance at the famous site.  This concert for those who may not know featured a top bill of not only the Band but also the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band so folks, it was one long trip to be remembered or lost in the fog.  All three groups were in their peak eras although the Dead and the ABB would continue for decades to come so why not listen to this legendary set?  Both the Band and the Dead appeared at the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair of 1969 whereas the ABB did not.  One can only ponder why.  Ah, well, seek this one out and add it to your collection- you will be extremely glad you did, of that, we are positive.

The above icon is the “Trademark of Quality and Symbol of Integrity/Logo” of the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers and of What’s Cookin’ Productions.    The AICP-END Blog copyrights this article © 03-23-2022, all rights reserved.  (Editor’s Note: we pay the estate of Beverly Carrick an annual fee by which, we can show her paintings to the world.  We make NO money from the estate’s sales of her world-famous artworks).  Total Word Count: 5,507.  Chef James “Jimmy” Hall.

The American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day

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[i] We are not sure when we will present the music of the Cars but if you are still with us when we celebrate our second decade of activity, you may see them then so please, stay with us.  We thank you.

[ii] Not sure as to when we will get around to doing the music of Uriah Heep, but we hope to do it at the same time we promote the music of Hawkwind.  We hope you will remain alert as to the day that we do.

[iii] President Donald J. Trump sees an excellent opening for him to begin ripping Joe Biden a new one over his BORDER CALAMITY. 

Author: Chef James "Jimmy" Hall;, ACF-CWC

Back in the day, I was working at a hotel in Bakersfield, California, down on Union Avenue where I met Stinkbug. It was still nice at the time, and the area was still the original "restaurant row" of the city. Now, I am over 70 years old and work over in Santa Barbara, CA, as a food and beverage director for a fine-dining country club. The pictures you see here of me are facsimiles created by up-and-coming Bakersfield, California, street artist, the famed Simone. Good work, dude, good work. Chef James “Jimmy” Hall writes from Santa Barbara, CA. Chef Jimmy Hall is a former member of the Peace and Freedom Party and now votes as an Independent. Contact me at the following email address: jimmyhall2014X@hotmail.com

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