This truly isn’t funny, but you know what? With World War III rapidly approaching, prior to Joe Biden speaking to his boss, Xi Jinping today, the Chi-Coms sailed an aircraft carrier around Taiwan while Saudi Arabia invited Joe’s boss to visit Riyadh, soon. Yet, the Saudis won’t answer his phone calls. What is up with that?





This truly isn’t funny, but you know what?  With World War III rapidly approaching, prior to Joe Biden speaking to his boss, Xi Jinping today, the Chi-Coms sailed an aircraft carrier around Taiwan while Saudi Arabia invited Joe’s boss to visit Riyadh, soon.  Yet, the Saudis won’t answer his phone calls.  What is up with that?

  1. 2022 Friday: COVID-19 Statistics for The Planet as a Whole: 468,424,614 confirmed cases, +1,952,455, 6,093,827 confirmed deaths, +5,928 and 399,298,817 confirmed recoveries, +1,419,762. Next, here are the stats for the United States: 81,388,590 confirmed cases, UP 37,707 from yesterday’s reporting, 997,136 confirmed deaths, UP 1,064,[i] and 56,975,477 confirmed recoveries, UP 152,897.    We genuinely welcome COVID Live Update World Meter for being honest in covering ALL the numbers- God bless them.[ii]
  2. 2022 Friday A: Joe Biden to Donald J. Trump Covid-19 Deaths– Note: since Joe Biden became president on January 20, 2021, there have been 547,633 CHI-VI DEATHS IN THE United States- intellectually inadequate old Joe, by the end of the year, you will have tied the total number seen by the Trump administration in a year of the raging coronavirus pandemic. Under President Trump’s watch, there were 404,645 fatalities from the Chi-Com Bat Virus.  From this point forward, ALL COVID-19 deaths are atop Joe Biden.  He has surpassed President Donald J. Trump’s 15-month number by 184,578 Chi-Com lab-engineered virus deaths in FOURTEEN MONTHS.  Joe has accomplished this onerous task in 422 days.  He promised that he would lockdown the virus, NOT the country.            
  3. 2022 Friday B: COVID-19 Statistics in the four states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day employs chef-bloggers- California, Florida, Hawaii, and Washington- here are the stats, California first: 9,061,091 confirmed cases, 88,190 confirmed deaths, and 8,972,901 confirmed recoveries.  Moving on, here are the numbers for Florida: 5,876,649 confirmed cases, 72,592 confirmed deaths, and 5,804,057 confirmed recoveries.  Next here are the numbers for Hawaii: 238,764 confirmed cases, 1,368 confirmed deaths, and 237,396 of confirmed recoveries.  Finally, here are the stats for Washington: 1,445,223 confirmed cases, 12,333 confirmed deaths, and 1,432,890 confirmed recoveries.  Let us look at one other part of the U.S., Michigan: they have 2,378,439 confirmed cases, 35,418 confirmed deaths, and 1,421,905 confirmed recoveries.[iii]   
  4. 2022 Friday C: Foreign Covid Stats of The Day– Now that Mo has moved to Israel, let us look at the statistics there: 3,751,049 confirmed cases, 10,417 confirmed deaths, and 3,698,791 confirmed recoveries.   Let us look at one other portion of the world- Bermuda, 184th place on the list: 12,094 cases of the virus, 126 confirmed death and 11,697 confirmed recoveries.[iv]                         
  5. 2022 Friday D: Stock Market Closes/Precious and Rare Metals: DOW Jones Industrial Average: 34,754.93, UP 274.17 points (+0.80%).  Next, the NASDAQ: 13,893.84 UP 279.06 points (+2.05%).  Finally, here are the stats for the S&P 500: 4,463.12, UP 51.45 points (+1.17%).  The price of Light Sweet Crude Oil is $105.10 per barrel, +2.12 (+2.06%).  The price of GOLD is $1,921.50 per troy oz., -21.70 (-1.12%) while the price of SILVER is $25.14 per troy ounce, -0.48 (-1.88%).  The price of PLATINUM is $1,029.80 per troy oz, -1.50 (-0.15%) while the price of COPPER is $4.72 per pound, +0.01 (+0.30%).[v]  The price of PALLADIUM is $2,491.00 per troy oz., -19.18 (-0.76%). The price of RHODIUM is $19,000.00 per troy oz., 0.00 (+0.00%).  The price of NEODYMIUM is $1,130,000.00 per CNY/T,-10,000.00 (-0.72%).  The price of ALUMINUM is $3,498.00 per USD/T, +133.50 (+3.35%). The price of ZINC is $3,878.00 per USD/T., +52.50 (+1.37%).   The price of COCOA is $2,537.00 per USD/T, +33.00 (+1.32%).  The price of LUMBER is $1,193.00 USD 1,000 board feet -14.00 (-1.16%).[vi]   Currently, Bitcoin, one U.S. greenback = 0.000024.  As for Chi-Com money, one-dollar U.S. = 6.36 Chinese yuan.  Meanwhile, one-dollar U.S. = 0.90 euros, in Mexican pesos equals 20.34, and in Russian rubles, one dollar equals 99.00 of theirs.    In Vietnamese Dong, one greenback equals 22,860.00 and in West African CFA Franc, a buck equals 588.75 and in Yemeni Rial, one dollar equals 250.00 of theirs.[vii]       
  6. 2022 Friday E: U.S. National Debt and Gasoline Prices in The Four States in Which We Have Chef-Authors– Thanks to the Biden administration, gasoline prices continue rising and lowering by the day and NOTE- these prices are sans TAXES- in California, gasoline prices have moved to $5.800 per gallon, $4.236 in Florida, $5.118 in Hawaii, and $4.723 in Washington state.[viii]    Let us look at one other portion of the United States: Pennsylvania- $4.346.  We are going to do something else that could be fun- gasoline prices around the world going from cheapest to highest.  The next country on the list has the 156th HIGHEST gasoline price in the world- Denmark: $8.500 per U.S. Gallon.[ix]    Meanwhile, here is a snapshot of the U.S. National Debt for today: $30,326,737,892,272 and the Democrats are adding TRILLIONS of dollars to it, not BILLIONS but frigging TRILLIONS.[x]  Cloward and Piven causing problems like they always do which is not good- those two bastards should have met their ends on the chopping block.  As for holders of U.S. debt, after Australia the next largest holder of U.S. debt is United Arab Emirates.  This nation holds $32,000,000,000 of U.S. debt (it is important to note that these numbers vary every day with one nation after another jockeying for top position).
  7. 2022 Friday F: Joe Biden’s Ukraine-Russian Manufactured Crisis– Russia is putting nations helping arm Ukraine on notice, that they, too, will pay a price for their perfidy.  A new report says that 222 people were killed in the recent missile attacks on the western Ukrainian city of Lviv which includes 60 civilians and about four children.  As if that’s not bad enough, the latest refugee figures claim at least 6.5 million people have been displaced in Ukraine due to Russia’s indiscriminate attacks on civilian targets.  Elsewhere, down in Mariupol, there is a desperate effort to rescue the civilians trapped beneath the rubble of a theater Russian missile attacks destroyed yesterday.
  8. 2022 Friday G: Joe Biden’s Ukraine-Russian Manufactured Crisis II– Although reports continue suggesting the leader of Chechnya is in Ukraine guiding his assassins, Kyiv reports that this is NOT so.  In other news- music to the ears of Dick Morris- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov praises Fox News Channel’s and Tucker Carlson’s coverage of the Russo-Ukraine War.  In other news, Ukraine says it will require years to diffuse the massive number of mines sown all over the country.  Hint: make Russian POWs do the job.  Anyone ever seen the movie, “Land of Mine?”  After that, a former Ukrainian defense minister says that warplanes are needed NOW to drive the Russkies out.
  9. 2022 Friday H: World War III– As war fears continue growing, we learn now that a widening war is going to cause massive foot shortages across the globe.  Congressman Austin Scott, R-GA 8th congressional district, echoed this when he told Newsmax today that the Russo-Ukraine War could bring about global food shortages.  (Note- this is the trouble with globalism, an interconnected world that one piece is yanked from it and the entire world suffers).  Meanwhile, a new Zogby poll says that a sizeable portion of adults in the country are extremely worried about the prospect of ‘nuclear war.’
  10. 2022 Friday I: Joe Biden’s Border Catastrophe I– The Department of Homeland Security is calling for the immediate removal of a massive herd of illegal aliens being kept at an ICE facility in New Mexico.  How about deporting them back to f**k they came before the American people have to begin taking matters into their own hands?  Ah, well, today is Day No. 350 for the world-famous ‘Border Czar’ “Kooky Kamala” Harris to be in charge of the border and Day No. 264 since the knock-kneed skank showed up to do her job.  Okay, the cost of caring for the army of illegal aliens since January 01, 2022, is- in our estimation- $487,920,672.  Next, since senile Joe Biden entered the White House, the cost of caring for the vermin is around $42,765,592,515.  Whoa.  Since the first day of the year, we estimate 786,789 illegals have crossed the border which makes the conservative low estimate of illegal aliens living in the country is in our computations, 43,557,163.  We believe the numbers are closer to 85-to-125 million.  Don’t laugh.  We believe it to be TRUE.  (Sources for the AICPENDBLOG.COM Illegal Alien Numbers: Center for Immigration Studies, Department of Homeland Security, Federation for American Immigration Reform, Institute for Defense Analyses, Yale, and MIT).
  11. 2022 Friday J: Foreign News-Overseas News I– Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the people of Ukraine have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  Next, it’s clear that Russian President Vladimir Putin watches U.S. politics and learned something from President Donald J. Trump: the power of a massive, televised pep rally.  Surrounded by tens of thousands of cheering supporters, President Putin promised his fellow countrymen that Russia would ‘achieve all her goals in Ukraine’ meaning they are going to de-Nazify the country and crush the drug addicts running the Eastern European nation.
  12. 2022 Friday K: Foreign News-Overseas News II– Ahead of Joe Biden meeting with his boss in Beijing today- Chairman Xi Jinping- the Chi-Coms sailed one of their two aircraft carriers around Taiwan.   The Shandong sailed off the coast of the country the Chi-Coms claim is their territory.  We tend to believe that Taiwan is the legitimate China whereas the People’s Republic of China are the usurpers, sort of like the Biden regime.
  13. 2022 Friday L: Vaccine Manufacturers’ Stock Prices (Follow the Money) News– (1) Pfizer: $54.51 (2) AstraZeneca: $63.23 (3) Novavax: $82.30 (4) Merck & Company: $79.11 (5) Johnson & Johnson: $174.84  (6) BioNTech: $174.46 (7) Moderna: $178.93.  Here is what these stocks were worth one week ago today: (1) Pfizer: $50.27 (2) AstraZeneca: $60.30 (3) Novavax: $72.99 (4) Merck & Company: $78.26 (5) Johnson & Johnson: $169.35  (6) BioNTech: $135.64 (7) Moderna: $138.20.
  14. 2022 Friday M: Military Suppliers’ Stock Prices (Follow the Money 2) News– (1) Raytheon: $97.52 (2) Boeing: $192.83 (3) General Dynamics: $230.23 (4) Lockheed Martin: $426.18 (5) Northrop-Grumman: $427.95.  Here is what these stocks were worth one week ago today: (1) Raytheon: $96.92 (2) Boeing: $176.23 (3) General Dynamics: $232.48 (4) Lockheed Martin: $439.04 (5) Northrop-Grumman: $436.30.
  15. 2022 Friday N: PPE Manufacturers’ Stock Prices (Follow the Money 3) News– (1) Ansell Ltd.: $25.21 (2) DuPont: $76.71 (3) 3M: $148.32 (4) Honeywell: $194.72  (5) Teijen: $1,377.00. Here is what these stocks were worth one week ago today: (1) Ansell Ltd.: $24.49 (2) DuPont: $72.49 (3) 3M: $140.96 (4) Honeywell: $182.24  (5) Teijen: $1,294.00.
  16. 2022 Friday O: Artificial (Fake) Meat Manufacturers’ Stock Prices (Follow the Money 4) News– (1) Maple Leaf Foods/Tofurkey: $23.76 (2) Beyond Meat: $50.28  (3) Kellogg’s/Morning Star Farms: $60.76.  Here is what these stocks were worth one week ago today: (1) Maple Leaf Foods/Tofurkey: $28.88 (2) Kellogg’s/Morning Star Farms: $59.85  (3) Beyond Meat: $38.76.
  17. 2022 Friday P: Big Box Store Stock Prices (Follow the Money 5) News– (1) Wal-Mart: $145.44 (2) Lowe’s: $235.67 (3) Home Depot: $340.74 (4) Costco Wholesale Corp: $561.35 (5) Amazon: $3,225.01.  Here is what these stocks were worth one week ago today: (1) Wal-Mart: $142.07 (2) Lowe’s: $222.21 (3) Home Depot: $316.79 (4) Costco Wholesale Corp: $527.42 (5) Amazon: $2,910.49.
  18. 2022 Friday Q: Joe Biden Regime News I– The Biden White House slammed Senator Tom Cotton, R-AR, for having voted against the bill that would provide $800 million to Ukraine for immediate support.  The only problem with the bill is that elected Democrats will be siphoning off loads of money into their back pockets beginning with the ‘Big Guy’ eating split pea soup in the bowels of the White House basement.  Still, the ‘Big Guy’ spoke with his boss in Beijing today- Chi-Com bigwig, Xi Jinping- and warned his boss to get onboard with the sanctions the so-called ‘46th president’ want to impose on Russia.  Whoa.  Must have been a fun call.   What’s even worse is that Riyadh invited Chairman Xi to visit Saudi Arabia soon whereas when Joe Biden tries to call the Saudis, NO one answers the phone.
  19. 2022 Friday R: Joe Biden Regime News II– U.S. Intel reports (like we can trust what our intelligence agencies claim anymore- remember Iraq and the WMDs?  Yeah, right) report that up to 7,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine and more than 21,000 wounded in action.  Intel also reports- shades of Vietnam- that Russian soldiers are shooting themselves in the legs and feet so as not to have to engage Ukrainians in combat.  Wow.  A new Rasmussen poll says that ’60 percent of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s job performance.’
  20. 2022 Friday S: Political News I– With the world on the cusp of World War III, House Democrats are pushing the Biden regime to ‘declare a climate emergency.’  Enough with the f**king climate, imbeciles.  It’s bogus.  Another Democrat- Congressman Frank Pallone, D-NJ 6th congressional district, is demanding that SIX BIG OIL CEOs come and testify before Congress as to WHY gasoline prices are going UP?  Look, they’re going up because Democrats have done everything in their power to drive them UP.  It’s on YOU.  Finally, even after slobbering Joe Biden called for a ‘return to normalcy,’ most Democratic offices in the U.S. Capitol remain closed. Scumbags.
  21. 2022 Friday T: Political News II– Congressman Rob Wittman, R-VA 1st congressional district, continues saying about Russian Vladimir Putin what they said for the past decade about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: ‘it’s going to be very difficult for Putin to remain in power.’  Uh, we shall see.  Not that we are Russian lovers but our money’s on Vlad.  Congressman Greg Murphy, R-NC 3rd congressional district, blasted U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and U.S. intel, calling them ‘naïve on Russia.’  In a similar vein, Congressman Lee Zeldin, R-NY 1st congressional district, says there’s ‘no sign an unhinged Putin (why does everyone say this?) will relent in his attacks anytime soon.’
  22. 2022 Friday U: Political News III– U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, RINO-CA 23rd congressional district, said something everyone should know today: that IF the GOP reclaims the House in November, Intel Committee Chairman Adam “Bug Eyes” Schiff, DS-CA 28th congressional district, will be out as chairman.  Of course, he will (or so we should hope.  This guy needs to be in prison).   Meanwhile, Congressman Michael Waltz, R-FL 6th congressional district, said today that Joe Biden refuses to condemn communist China’s and Iran’s support for Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian endeavor.
  23. 2022 Friday V: Political News IV– Unlike the Democrats who are doing NOTHING to solve rising gasoline prices, Peach State Governor Brian Kemp, RINO, signed a bill into law which suspends the collection of gasoline taxes.  At least this loser is attempting to help his citizens contend with the skyrocketing gasoline prices.  Elsewhere, two losers- former Presidents George W. Bush (architect of the Iraq War 2003) and William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton (architect of Somalia, Yemen, and other parts of the Muslim world) went to a Ukrainian church in Chicago to ‘pay their respects.’  Please.  You two are LOSERS.
  24. 2022 Friday W: Political News V– Ahead of U.S. Supreme Court hearings for nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown, Senator Josh Hawley, R-MO, blasted her habit of giving light sentences to pedophiles.
  25. 2022 Friday X: Milestones and Personal Interest Stories– Alabama’s mea culpa: the now famous LGBFJB license plate issued to a vehicle in the state WON’T be censored.  “Let’s go Brandon!”
  26. 2022 Friday Y: California Lottery Results-Mega-Millions Draw– Here are the results for the Mega-Millions Draw #1747 what with a $29 million jackpot on the line: 02, 06, 25, 40, 45, and Mega 05.  Out of 48,502 winning tickets in the Golden State, the highest winner was ONE person who had FOUR numbers plus the Mega for a prize of $11,871.

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[i] Bing seems to be covering numbers up for the Biden administration so here is where we have gone now: COVID Live Update: 151,025,351 Cases and 3,176,405 Deaths from the Coronavirus – Worldometer (worldometers.info)

[ii] Here is the link: COVID Live Update: 151,025,351 Cases and 3,176,405 Deaths from the Coronavirus – Worldometer (worldometers.info)

[iii] See United States COVID: 33,033,385 Cases and 589,110 Deaths – Worldometer (worldometers.info)..

[iv] We obtain our statistics for the coronavirus from: COVID Live Update: 151,025,351 Cases and 3,176,405 Deaths from the Coronavirus – Worldometer (worldometers.info)

[v] Commodities – Oil, Silver and Gold Prices – CNN Business– see this site for daily commodity information.

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