COVID-19 numbers are going up- just like last week- which tells us Election Day is not that far away…

When one tells the truth the way this blog does, one begins to notice things that seemingly are not right such as chance encounters with people who are infected with COVID-19 or letters sent to one’s mailbox addressed to George Noory with NO return address. Why George Noory? We sure as hell didn’t open them. Something’s afoot and we are trying to discover what they are. Stay tuned for updates.



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COVID-19 numbers are going up- just like last week- which tells us Election Day is not that far away…

  1.  2022 Saturday: COVID-19 Statistics for The Planet as a Whole: 306,026,104 confirmed cases, +2,390,631, 5,502,339 confirmed deaths, +5,548 and 258,959,999 confirmed recoveries, +744,673. Next, here are the stats for the United States: 60,954,028 confirmed cases, UP 310,281 from yesterday’s reporting, 859,046 confirmed deaths, UP +700,[i] and 42,221,173 confirmed recoveries, UP 49,287. We genuinely welcome COVID Live Update World Meter for being honest in covering ALL the numbers- God bless them.[ii]    
  2. 2022 Saturday A: Joe Biden to Donald J. Trump Covid-19 Deaths- Note: since Joe Biden became president on January 20, 2021, there have been 450,762 CHI-VI DEATHS IN THE United States- mentally deficient old Joe, by the end of the year, you will have tied the total number seen by the Trump administration in a year of the raging coronavirus pandemic. Under President Trump’s watch, there were 404,645 fatalities from the Chi-Com Bat Virus.  From this point forward, ALL COVID-19 deaths are atop Joe Biden.  He has surpassed President Donald J. Trump’s 15-month number by 47,390 Chi-Com lab-engineered virus deaths in ELEVEN MONTHS.  Joe has accomplished this onerous task in 353 days.  He promised that he would lockdown the virus, NOT the country.           
  3. 2022 Saturday B: COVID-19 Statistics in the four states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day employs chef-bloggers- California, Florida, Hawaii, and Washington- here are the stats, California first: 5,873,853 confirmed cases, 77,274 confirmed deaths, and 5,796,579 confirmed recoveries (since California won’t report recoveries anymore, we are doing it).  Moving on, here are the numbers for Florida: 4,680,111 confirmed cases, 62,628 confirmed deaths, and 3,645,773 confirmed recoveries.  Next here are the numbers for Hawaii: 138,646 confirmed cases, 1,102 confirmed deaths, and 137,544 of confirmed recoveries.  Finally, here are the stats for Washington: 935,732 confirmed cases, 10,071 confirmed deaths, and 341,287 confirmed recoveries.  Let us look at one other part of the U.S., U.S. federal prisons: they have 57,651 confirmed cases, 282 confirmed deaths, and 57,639 confirmed recoveries.[iii]   
  4. 2022 Saturday C: Foreign Covid Stats of The Day- Now that Mo has moved to Israel, let us look at the statistics there: 1,485,598 confirmed cases, 8,259 confirmed deaths, and 1,369,100 confirmed recoveries (somewhat the same numbers).   Let us look at one other portion of the world- Ghana, 108th country on the list: 149,367 cases of the virus, 1,319 confirmed death and 134,385 confirmed recoveries.[iv]   NOTE- Ghana is a country that uses hydroxychloroquine to combat malaria.  Notice how the deaths are minimal?   
  5. 2022 Saturday D: Stock Market Closes/Precious and Rare Metals: DOW Jones Industrial Average: 36,231.66, DOWN 4.81 points (-0.013%).  Next, the NASDAQ: 14,935.90 DOWN 144.96 points (-0.96%).  Finally, here are the stats for the S&P 500: 4,677.03, DOWN 19.02 points (-0.41%).  The price of Light Sweet Crude Oil is $78.94 per barrel, -0.52 (-0.65%).  The price of GOLD is $1,796.50 per troy oz., +7.30 (+0.41%) while the price of SILVER is $22.39 per troy ounce, +0.20 (+0.88%).  The price of PLATINUM is $958.30 per troy oz, -2.40 (-0.25%) while the price of COPPER is $4.40 per pound, +0.05 (+1.07%).[v]  The price of PALLADIUM is $1,933.81 per troy oz., +59.70 (+3.19%). The price of RHODIUM is $17,000.00 per troy oz., +700.00 (+4.29%).  The price of NEODYMIUM is $1,110,000.00 per CNY/T, 0.00 (0.00%).  The price of ALUMINUM is $2,927.00 per USD/T, +5.50 (+0.19%). The price of COCOA is $2,521.00 per USD/T, +98.00 (+4.04%).  The price of LUMBER is $1,179.40 USD 1,000 board feet -11.50 (-0.97%).[vi]   Currently, Bitcoin, one U.S. greenback = 0.000024.  As for Chi-Com money, one-dollar U.S. = 6.38 Chinese yuan.  Meanwhile, one-dollar U.S. = 0.88 euros and in Mexican pesos equals 20.36.    In Maldivian Rufiyaa, one greenback equals 15.42 and in Mauritanian Ouguiya, a buck equals 356.99 and in Mauritian Rupee, one dollar equals 43.55 of theirs.[vii]       
  6. 2022 Saturday E: U.S. National Debt and Gasoline Prices in The Four States in Which We Have Chef-Authors- Thanks to the Biden administration, gasoline prices continue rising and lowering by the day and NOTE- these prices are sans TAXES- in California, gasoline prices have moved to $4.656 per gallon, $3.199 in Florida, $4.338 in Hawaii, and $3.920 in Washington state.[viii]    Let us look at one other portion of the United States: Maine- $3.414.  We are going to do something else that could be fun- gasoline prices around the world going from cheapest to highest.  The next country on the list has the 92nd HIGHEST gasoline price in the world- Grenada: $4.822 per U.S. Gallon.[ix]    Meanwhile, here is a snapshot of the U.S. National Debt for today: $29,704,145,759,422 and the Democrats are adding TRILLIONS of dollars to it, not BILLIONS but frigging TRILLIONS.[x]  Cloward and Piven causing problems like they always do which is not good- those two bastards should have met their ends on the chopping block.  As for holders of U.S. debt, after Israel the next largest holder of U.S. debt is Mexico with $49,000,000,000 of U.S. national debt (it is important to note that these numbers vary every day with one nation after another jockeying for top position).
  7. 2022 Saturday F: Sports News I- Two games in the NFL today: first, the Kansas City Chiefs went to Denver to play the Broncos and almost lost the game but still, pulled out a win: 28-24.  The Chiefs finished the regular season with a record of 12-5-0 while the Broncos ended it with a record of 7-10-0 and with yet another loss to their nemesis.  In the late game, the Dallas Cowboys went to Philadelphia to play the Eagles and gave them a good ass-whooping.  The final score was 51-26.  The Cowboys ended the season with a record of 12-5-0 while the Eagles ended it with a record of 9-8-0.
  8. 2022 Saturday G: California Lottery Results-Super Lotto and Powerball Draws– First, here are the results for Super Lotto Draw #3628 what with a $13 million jackpot on the line for some lucky winner: 02, 13, 25, 41, 42, and Mega 27.  Out of 92,039 winning tickets, the highest winner was ONE person who had FIVE numbers PLUS the Mega for the grand prize of $13.  The winning ticket was sold at the Sunnymead Liquor in Moreno Valley, CA 92553.  Next, here are the results for the Powerball Draw #934 with a jackpot of $20 million up for grabs: 20, 21, 36, 60, 65, and Power 13.   Out of 60,196 winning tickets, the highest winners were two people who had FOUR numbers plus the Powerball for a prize of $15,688 apiece.


This artwork is #0704 a 24” x 36” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “The Beautiful Shore.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her website, found at, or at the blog’s Facebook page.  At her website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work.  It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor!  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day.

Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

Pictures #0001-1495


The Castle Music label compiled a ‘best of’ collection for Sandy Denny that came out on April 12, 2005: “Where the Time Goes- Sandy ‘67.”  The album features a collection of 18 glorious tracks running from her earliest days prior to her association with Fairport Convention, Fotheringay, and Fairport Convention again and prior to her final solo career.  Thus, you gets lots of acoustic Sandy mostly alone but with others including a unique collaboration with the Strawbs, another folkie acoustical group from the UK.  We hope you will investigate this one for yourselves, give it a good listen, and then consider adding it to your growing collection of music from this devoted vocalist and songwriter.  You will be so glad you did.  Enjoy.

The above icon is the “Trademark of Quality and Symbol of Integrity/Logo” of the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers and of What’s Cookin’ Productions.    The AICP-END Blog copyrights this article © 01-08-2022, all rights reserved.  Data compiled with unchangeable fastidiousness by Moses Scharbug III.  Note: we pay the estate of Beverly Carrick an annual fee by which, we can show her paintings to the world.  We make NO money from the estate’s sales of her world-famous artworks.  Total Word Count: 1,295.  Chef Brian Carrick.

The American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day

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Saturday, January 08, 2022, Today in History Blog Post:

Friday, January 08, 2021, Today in History Blog Post:   

Friday, January 08, 2021, Today in History:  

We feel compelled to share with our new readers that we are an OPINION SITE and not a NEWS SITE although we do report the news.  If anything, we are big history buffs which is why we have been going strong since early 2009…

Saturday, January 08, 2022:


[i] Bing seems to be covering numbers up for the Biden administration so here is where we have gone now: COVID Live Update: 151,025,351 Cases and 3,176,405 Deaths from the Coronavirus – Worldometer (

[ii] Here is the link: COVID Live Update: 151,025,351 Cases and 3,176,405 Deaths from the Coronavirus – Worldometer (

[iii] See United States COVID: 33,033,385 Cases and 589,110 Deaths – Worldometer (

[iv] We obtain our statistics for the coronavirus from: COVID Live Update: 151,025,351 Cases and 3,176,405 Deaths from the Coronavirus – Worldometer (

[v] Commodities – Oil, Silver and Gold Prices – CNN Business– see this site for daily commodity information.

[vi] Commodities Prices – Spot – Futures ( See this site for much of the economic information cobbled together at this blog.

[vii] (1) Currency Converter – Bing See this site for currency conversions.

[viii] AAA Gas Prices– See this site for nationwide daily gasoline averages.

[ix] Please see the following site for information on global gas prices: Gasoline prices around the world, 26-Apr-2021 |

[x] U.S. National Debt Clock: Real Time ( See this site for the U.S. National Debt Clock.



Author: Chef Brian Carrick, ACF Retired

My colleagues and I no longer share old photos of us, as the price of success means that lunatics and nuts come looking for one. Therefore, we hired local up-and-coming Bakersfield-Oildale, California street artist, Simone, to create facsimiles of us so we can remain somewhat obscure. Ah, well, I began my culinary career in 1969 bussing tables at age 12 and became a cook's apprentice in 1973 at age 17. I have worked all over California, Hawaii, Washington State, and even a brief time in Arizona. Chef Brian Carrick writes from Weedpatch, California. Chef Brian Carrick is a Conservative Republican.

3 thoughts on “COVID-19 numbers are going up- just like last week- which tells us Election Day is not that far away…”

    1. In politics, 10 months moves extremely fast. Who would have thought that the virus was going to derail Donald Trump?


  1. I’ve been involved in a precinct strategy organization. Are to believe we’ve been at it only a year.
    Seems like forever.
    And it seems like it is forever until November.
    But we are trying to recruit and get candidates for the Republican primary in June. Filing is March.
    So much to do. Where us Roto-Rooter, or Adee-Do (am I remembering the right ad on LA TV?) when you need to drain the swamp?

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