63. 2021 Friday A: Once again, the Mitch McConnell-led Senate blocks the $2,000 relief checks for the American people. Here’s the thing that is angering the American people: the COVID-19 Relief Bill directs $174 billion to the American people and $762 billion to various other countries around the world. This is insane. What is even worse is that part of the $174 billion for the American people also includes $600 PLUS another $1,200 per illegal alien they did not get in the first stimulus.



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Wasco, CA 93280

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U.S. Attorney-General John Macpherson Berrien; U.S. Secretaries of Defense Jim Mattis Patrick M. Shanahan; U.S. Interior Secretaries Caleb B. Smith and John P. Usher; U.S. Treasury Secretaries Samuel Dexter and Henry Morgenthau Jr.; U.S. Senators Robert “Bob” Menendez and Richard Shelby; Country Joe and the Fish featuring Country Joe McDonald, Mott the Hoople featuring Morgan Fisher, the Ohio Players featuring Marshall “Rock” Jones, and Savoy Brown featuring Chris Youlden:

  1. 404 Thursday: The last gladiatorial games took place in Rome.
  2. 1430 Friday: Jews living in Sicily are no longer required to attend conversion services.
  3. 1622 Saturday: The Papal Chancery decided to go with January 1 as the start of the New Year rather than with March 25 as it had been.  
  4. 1673 Sunday: Mail delivery between the towns of New York and Boston commence.
  5. 1758 Sunday: The Daily Universal Register—, which later became the Times of London—published its first issue.
  6. 1772 Wednesday: A bank in London issued the first travelers checks on this date.
  7. 1785 Friday: London’s oldest daily newspaper—The Daily Universal Register (later renamed The Times in 1788)—undergoes first publication on this date.
  8. 1797 Sunday: Albany replaces New York City as the state’s capital.
  9. 1801 Thursday: Italian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi became the first person to discover an asteroid.  He named it ‘Ceres.’  Meanwhile, the fifth U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Samuel Dexter assumed office on this date.  A Federalist, he served under President John Adams from today until May 13, 1801.
  10. 1804 Sunday: Haiti gains its independence from France after fighting a long and bloody war.  French soldiers sent to fight in this hellhole of an island viewed it the same way as Americans back in the 1960s and 1970s viewed the meatgrinder of the Vietnam War.  NO one wanted to go fight this conflict as it was barbaric, both sides committed horrendous atrocities; yet, in the United States of the 21st century, leftists snivel and whine that we had slaves ONLY.  Study Haiti’s independence struggle if you want to know how things truly were.
  11. 1808 Friday: The United States passed laws that prohibited the import of slaves from Africa.  
  12. 1818 Thursday: The first edition of the Gothic novel, “Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus” by English author Mary Shelley, 20, was published anonymously in London.
  13. 1833 Tuesday: Great Britain demands that Argentina cede the Falkland Islands to them.
  14. 1856 Tuesday: In Savannah, Georgia, the 10th U.S. Attorney General John Macpherson Berrien died at age 74.  A Democrat and then a Whig, he served under President Andrew Jackson from 03-09-1829 to 06-22-1831.
  15. 1863 Thursday: President Abraham Lincoln signed and issued the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring that slaves in rebel states shall be “forever free.”  Meanwhile, the Confederate military retakes the city of Galveston, Texas, from the Union.  Meanwhile, the 6th U.S. Interior Secretary Caleb B. Smith stepped down from office on this date.  A Republican, he served under President Abraham Lincoln from March 05, 1861, until today.  His replacement- the 7th U.S. secretary of the Interior John P. Usher- assumed office on this date and served until May 15, 1865.
  16. 1890 Wednesday: The city of Pasadena, California held the first Tournament of Roses parade.
  17. 1892 Friday: The Ellis Island Immigration Station in New York formally opened.
  18. 1895 Tuesday: In Battle Creek, Michigan, C.W. Post created the first usable batch of Monk’s Brew (later called Postum), a cereal-based substitute for caffeinated drinks.
  19. 1898 Saturday: New York City consolidated the following independent towns—Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island—into its greater city limits.
  20. 1899 Sunday: The United States seizes Cuba from Spain; it becomes a national day of liberation although American troops remain there until 1902.
  21. 1902 Wednesday: The first Tournament of Roses (later renamed the Rose Bowl) collegiate football game occurred in Pasadena, California.
  22. 1909 Friday: The first payments of old-age pensions went out in Great Britain on this date; seniors over age 70 received five shillings per week.
  23. 1913 Wednesday: The U.S. Parcel Post system went into operation.
  24. 1926 Friday: For the first time on radio, people of the nation had the opportunity to hear the Rose Bowl football game in Pasadena, California.
  25. 1934 Monday: Alcatraz Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay becomes a federal penal institution.  Meanwhile, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) began operation.  Next, the 52nd U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr. assumed his office on this date.  A Democrat, he served under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt from today until July 22, 1945.
  26. 1935 Tuesday: The Associated Press inaugurated Wirephoto, the first successful service for transmitting photographs by wire to member newspapers.   
  27. 1937 Friday: Anastasio Somoza becomes dictator of Nicaragua. 
  28. 1939 Sunday: Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in a garage in Palo Alto, California founded the technology company, Hewlett-Packard.
  29. 1941 Wednesday: Russian leader, Josef Stalin appoints General Georgi Zhukov to be the chief of staff of the Soviet Army.  Elsewhere, future bassist with the funk-rock-soul band, the Ohio Players[i]—Marshall “Rock” Jones—is born in Dayton, Ohio, on this date.
  30. 1942 Thursday: 26 countries, including the United States, signed the Declaration of the United Nations, pledging, “Not to make a separate armistice or peace” with members of the Axis nations.  Elsewhere, Country Joe McDonald, later to be the leader of the rock group, Country Joe & the Fish[ii], is born in Washington, D.C.
  31. 1943 Friday: German officer Count Klaus von Stauffenberg receives his promotion to lieutenant colonel on this date.  Meanwhile, on the Eastern Front, the German First Panzer Division fights it way out of a Soviet encirclement attempt along the Terek River.  Elsewhere, fighting continues in Buna, New Guinea, as American and Australian troops continue pushing Japanese troops back.
  32. 1943 Friday A: In Dagenham, England, future original vocalist with the British blues-rock band, Savoy Brown- Chris Youlden- is born.
  33. 1945 Monday: The United Nations admitted France into its ranks on this date.
  34. 1946 Tuesday: Japan’s Emperor Hirohito announces that he is NOT a God.
  35. 1950 Sunday: Morgan Fisher, future keyboardist with British rock and roll bands, Mott the Hoople[iii], Mott, and British Lions, was born on this date in Mayfair, London, England.
  36. 1951 Monday: A massive Chinese Communist- North Korean assault blasts into UN troop lines in South Korea.
  37. 1953 Thursday: While aides drove country singer Hank Williams Senior, 29, to a concert date in Canton, Ohio, the driver found him dead in the back seat of his car during a stop in Oak Hill, West Virginia.
  38. 1954 Friday: NBC broadcast the first coast-to-coast color TV program as it presented live coverage of the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California.   Meanwhile, future U.S. Senator Bob Menendez is born in New York City.  A future Democrat, he would enter the world’s so-called greatest deliberative body representing New Jersey on January 17, 2006. 
  39. 1959 Thursday: Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries overthrew Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista, who fled to the Dominican Republic.
  40. 1965 Friday: The Palestinian al-Fatah organization forms with the intent to destroy Israel.
  41. 1967 Sunday: The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills 31-7 in the AFL Championship Game while in the NFL Championship Game; the Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 34-27.
  42. 1968 Monday: Evel Knievel, stunt-performing daredevil, lost control of his motorcycle midway through a jump of 141 feet over the ornamental fountains in front of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. 
  43. 1971 Friday: The federal government banned tobacco ads, which represented $20 million in advertising, from TV and radio broadcasts.
  44. 1975 Wednesday: A jury in Washington found Nixon Administration officials John M. Mitchell, H.R. Haldeman, John D. Ehrlichman and Robert C. Mardian guilty of charges related to the Watergate cover-up; a fifth defendant, Kenneth Parkinson, was acquitted while Mardian’s conviction for conspiracy was ultimately overturned on appeal.
  45. 1976 Thursday: Venezuela nationalizes its oil fields and throws foreign oil companies out of the nation.
  46. 1979 Monday: The United States and communist China held celebrations in both Washington, D.C. and in Beijing to mark the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
  47. 1984 Sunday: Under the terms of an antitrust agreement, the federal government broke up AT&T into 22 Bell system companies.
  48. 1987 Thursday: A pro-democracy rally took place in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.  Meanwhile, Republican Senator Richard Shelby, representing the state of Alabama, entered the world’s greatest deliberative body on this date.
  49. 1990 Monday: Officials swore the first black mayor of New York City, David Dinkins, into office on this date.
  50. 1993 Friday: Czechoslovakia split into two separate states on this date, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  The nation engineered the peaceful division in 1993.  The two nations once had been part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and following its defeat in World War I, the victorious allies formed the combined state.
  51. 1994 Saturday: The North American Free Trade Agreement—NAFTA—went into effect on this date.  Elsewhere, chief executive officer of Microsoft, Bill Gates married Melinda French on this date.
  52. 1998 Thursday: A new anti-smoking law went into effect in California.  The law prohibited people from lighting up in bars.
  53. 2007 Monday: Romania joins the European Union, as does Bulgaria.
  54. 2013 Tuesday: The U.S. House of Representatives approved the Fiscal Cliff Deal into being on this date.
  55. 2014 Wednesday: Former president Bill Clinton swears in New York City’s 109th mayor, Bill Di Blasio, the city’s first Democrat mayor since 1993.[iv]
  56. 2015 Thursday: Becoming the 19th member state of the Eurozone Currency Union, Lithuania changes its currency from Litas to Euros.  Meanwhile, the Eurasian Economic Union comes into effect today uniting Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.
  57. 2016 Saturday: Fears rise in Britain over a sudden search in illegal immigrants flooding across the English Channel into their country what with
    France putting up a new camp for refugees from the Middle East, Central Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa.  Maybe you folks should never have built the Chunnel?
  58. 2017 Sunday: A terrorist conducts an attack on an Istanbul nightclub killing at least 39 people and wounding at least another 69 via firearms.  Meanwhile, other terror attacks are going on across Iraq with a car bombing in al-Qadisiya claiming the lives of at least seven people and wounding another 17.  Ah, the so-called ‘religion of peace’- Islam.  When is it going to undergo a ‘reformation’ so it can civilize itself?
  59. 2018 Monday: The Iranian people continue protesting against their authoritarian criminal regime which leads the government to use water cannons, tear gas, and other methods of crowd control.  At least 22 are murdered by their government and hundreds more arrested in the largest anti-government protests since 2009.  Meanwhile, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un says the ‘nuclear button is always on my desk.’  Uh, okay.
  60. 2019 Tuesday: The 26th U.S. Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis left office after being fired by President Donald J. Trump for working against the commander-in-chief.  His replacement- Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan assumed office on this date.   Meanwhile, loser RINO Senator-elect Mitt Romney says, “Trump has not risen to the mantle of office.’  Like Mittens should know.  He folded like porn star-s overused member back in 2012.
  61. 2020 Thursday: After a two-day standoff outside the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq’s Green Zone, Iranian-backed militias withdraw back into the rat holes inside the city.  The pro-Iranian group tried to storm the embassy following devastating U.S.-led airstrikes against terrorist targets in Syria and Iraq.  Light ‘em up, boys, light ‘em up.  Meanwhile, following an airstrike by Syrian government forces in Idlib, Syria, aid workers claim the Syrians hit a school killing nine civilians and wounding loads of others.  Folks, they’re terrorists, shed no tears for terrorists.  Elsewhere, tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents take to the streets to protest Beijing’s oppressive presence and to defend their liberties from the Chi-Coms.   Finally, the strike by French railway workers now is the longest since 1968.
  62. 2021 Friday: Ever the “optimist,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says, “Trump will be dead in a few days” as relations between his rat-shit country and the United States continue to deteriorate.  Meanwhile, the Iranians chant ‘DEATH TO AMERICA’ on the one-year anniversary of the whacking of Quds Force commander General Qassim Soleimani.  We say, “NUKE THEM!”  We should nuke the scumbags because once again, they are mining the Persian Gulf as oil tankers leaving Iraq find the explosive devices floating in the sea lanes.
  63. 2021 Friday A: Once again, the Mitch McConnell-led Senate blocks the $2,000 relief checks for the American people.   Here’s the thing that is angering the American people: the COVID-19 Relief Bill directs $174 billion to the American people and $762 billion to various other countries around the world.  This is insane.  What is even worse is that part of the $174 billion for the American people also includes $600 PLUS another $1,200 per illegal alien they did not get in the first stimulus.  The time is coming- so says Chef Vladimir Gdansk- that the Second Revolution coming will resemble more the French Revolution than the American Revolution.  People are angry that government NO LONGER REPRESENTS US!
  64. 2021 Friday B: Speaking of the Chi-Coms, here are the numbers for the Xi Jinping Bat Flu- Pelosi Pox:  Here are the statistics for the planet as a whole: 83,579,767 confirmed cases, +585,547, 1,820,923, confirmed deaths, +10,563, and 47,162,055 confirmed recoveries, +268,693.  Next, here are the stats for the United States, the intended target of the Chinese-engineered Wuhan Virus pandemic: 20,212,820 confirmed cases, up 302,146 from yesterday’s reporting, 349,397 confirmed deaths, UP 4,520, and 9,136,262 confirmed recoveries, UP 379,112.
  65. 2021 Friday C: Next, in the three states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day employs chef-bloggers- California, Hawaii, and Washington- here are the stats, California first: 2,307,706 confirmed cases, 25,971 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Next here are the numbers for Hawaii: 21,644 confirmed cases, 288 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Finally, here are the stats for leftist-Marxist-socialist hellhole of Washington: 251,064 confirmed cases, 3,523 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Let us look at one other state: Virginia where they have a Ku Klux Klan-lover for a governor: currently, they have 354,766 confirmed cases, 5,081 confirmed deaths, but NO mention of confirmed recoveries.  Now that Mo has relocated to Israel, let’s look at the statistics there: 426,769 confirmed cases, 3,338 confirmed deaths, and 378,038 confirmed recoveries.
  66. 2021 Friday D: The E.U. and the Chi-Coms continue working on their ‘deal’ to open markets in the communist nation to European investment.   Next, the Philippines block travel from the U.S. following detection of the new strain of the Chi-Vi in the United States.   Elsewhere, the entire African Continent (26 states as of today with most of the others soon to join)- with the exception of Eritrea- enters into the massive free trade zone it had previously set up making it the largest free trade zone since the creation of the World Trade Organization.  Meanwhile, both the U.S. State Department and the people of Hong Kong demand the release of the so-called “Hong Kong 12,” wrongly imprisoned by the thugs in Beijing.
  67. 2021 Friday E: Georgia voters come out for the final day of early voting in the two U.S. Senate run-off race- 3 million people have early voted so far.  Meanwhile the U.S. Senate overrides President Trump’s veto of the NDAA- the National Defense Authorization Act, patting themselves on the back as they do so.  The president vetoed the bill because it does nothing with the Section 230 the 45th president wanted overturned.  Chef Vladimir Gdansk writes in today’s post how the BIG TECH demon baby should be strangled in the crib now before it becomes so powerful that it is running the world (with the Chi-Coms being the main managing partner behind the scenes). 
  68. 2021 Friday F: Strange things occurring in Colorado what with the discovery of human remains in a pair of suitcases as are other human remains outside Prescott, Arizona.   Elsewhere, even though it’s against the mayor’s demands, the people of Philadelphia turn out to either participate in or to watch the big Philly Mummers parade.  Labeled a ‘protest,’ left-wing liberal government can do NOTHING to stop it.  FREEDOM OF SPEECH- PARDON JULIAN ASSANGE NOW!  Next, Portland, Oregon, police label a ‘protest’ a ‘riot’ when the mob goes berserk as darkness begins to fall.  (We believe the Chi-Coms are funding all of this mob mayhem).
  69. 2021 Friday G: Here are the numbers for tonight’s Mega Millions #1621 with a $401 million jackpot: 08, 24, 53, 68, 69, and Mega 07.   Out of 186,678 winning tickets, the highest winners were FOUR people who had FOUR numbers plus the Mega for a prize of $11,000 apiece.  Congratulations!
  70. 2022 Saturday: We encourage everyone to stick around to uncover whatever the Chi-Coms, their allies Canada, Iran, Russia, North Korea, and other s-hole countries, as well as their stooges in the Democratic Party are up to today- you know they’re up to no good!


This artwork is #0697 an 11” x 14” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “Calistoga Palisades.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her website, found at beverlycarrick.com, or at the blog’s Facebook page.  At her website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work.  It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor!  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day.

Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

Pictures #0001-1495


When a band has been around as long as Fairport Convention and has personnel changes the likes they’ve had, you have history- lots of history- for record companies to sort through with which to make some extra bucks.  Well, we have a good one for you today- “Shines Like Gold” (August 24, 2003).  This three-disc set pulls in some of the best tunes the band has recorded over its lengthy lifespan all encapsulated in 32 astounding tunes.  We hope you will seek this one out wherever you shop for the absolute best in music- Amazon, Discogs, AllMusic, eBay, you name it, wherever you shop, seek it out, give it a good listen, and then add it to your growing collection.  You definitely will be glad you did.

The above icon is the “Trademark of Quality and Symbol of Integrity/Logo” of the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers and of What’s Cookin’ Productions.    The AICP-END Blog copyrights this article © 01-01-2022, all rights reserved.  Data compiled with unchangeable fastidiousness by Moses Scharbug III.  Note: we pay the estate of Beverly Carrick an annual fee by which, we can show her paintings to the world.  We make NO money from the estate’s sales of her world-famous artworks.  Total Word Count: 3,067.  Chef Bea O’Malley.

The American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day

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Original Beverly Carrick Artworks, Beverly Carrick—World Famous Artist, FINE ART, Beverly Carrick Napa Valley Landscapes, Country Joe McDonald, Country Joe and the Fish, Morgan Fisher, Mott the Hoople, Mott, British Lions, The Ohio Players, Marshall “Rock” Jones, Savoy Brown, Chris Youlden, U.S. Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis, President Andrew Jackson, U.S. Attorney General John Macpherson Berrien, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr.,  Acting U.S. Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan, President John Adams, U.S. Treasury Secretary Samuel Dexter, President Donald J. Trump, U.S. Senator Richard Shelby, President Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Interior Secretary Caleb B. Smith, U.S. Interior Secretary John P. Usher, Stalingrad, COVID-19, Chi-Vi- the, The ‘VID, Wuhan Virus, Wuhan Virus Crisis, China Virus, China Virus Crisis, Yellow Fever 2019-2021, Communist China Condition, Kung Flu- The, Wuhan Waltz- The, BIG C-19- The, Wuhan Whoopie- The, COVID-19 Mandates, Pelosi Pox- The, Wuhan Meat Market Malady, Hubei Hooey- The, California Lottery, California Lottery Results, Mega Millions, Mega Millions Draw #1621, Fairport Convention, Chef Bea O’Malley,



Friday, January 01, 2021, Today in History Blog Post:   

Friday, January 01, 2021, Today in History:  

We feel compelled to share with our new readers that we are an OPINION SITE and not a NEWS SITE although we do report the news.  If anything, we are big history buffs which is why we have been going strong since early 2009…

Saturday, January 01, 2022:


[i] We look forward to doing the music of this famed funk-rock band.  The Ohio Players are amazing

[ii] We promoted the music of Country Joe and the Fish beginning on Tuesday, 16-July-2013 through Friday, 26-July-2013.  This was one of the greatest bands to explode out of San Francisco, California, during the Psychedelic 1960s.  Sadly, we failed to promote the music of Country Joe McDonald’s solo discography at the time.  We hope to rectify that at a later date.

[iii] We promoted the music of Spooky Tooth, Mott the Hoople, Mott, the British Lions, and Widowmaker- among other interconnected bands beginning on Friday, 25-April-2014 through Tuesday, 01-July-2014.  We hope you will check out this collection of great rock music.  Even the worst albums among them beats the crap out of any bull crap music one hears today.

[iv] Little would the people of New York City know that this POS far-left, forever-stoned mayor would destroy their city and that come 2020 with the Chi-Com-manufactured pandemic out of control people would flee the dying city.  GET this scumbag out of office!



Author: Chef Bea O'Malley, CWC-ACF, Mixologist, and Professional Foodserver

This is a cartoon caricature of me when I was working at a restaurant in Wasco, CA, my hometown. The up-and-coming Bakersfield, California, street artist Simone did portraits of each of us here at the blog so I hope you like them as much as I, ahem, do. The important thing for us as foodservice business owners is that we protect our identities because in the age of the Cancel Culture, IF Marxist punks leads boycotts against us, it can destroy businesses that have been around for years, if not decades. Ah, well, I joined the Chefs de Cuisine of Greater Bakersfield, ACF, not long after it was chartered and am still a member even though the chapter is no longer in operation. I began working in foodservice in the late 1960’s, moved from Wasco, CA, to Monterey, CA, and then returned to my hometown in 2004. I have been a foodserver, a Mixologist, and am a Certified Cook. I am equally at home in both the kitchen and behind the bar (and on the floor, too). My passions are numerous, and my favorite is working in the bakery whenever I have had a chance. Bea O’Malley writes from her hometown of Wasco, California Bea O’Malley is a proud member of the Democratic Party.

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