69. 2020 Monday E: West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin urges passage of the $908 billion COVID-19 relief bill, but no movement is in sight as House Speaker Nancy “Mumbles” Pelosi seems to be in no mood for helping ANY American with financial aid, ONLY ILLEGAL ALIENS. The Chi-Vi economic toll affects both RED and BLUE states equally, yet very few want to help the American people.



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President George Washington; U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice William Strong; U.S. Attorneys-General John Breckinridge, Felix Grundy, and George Henry Williams; U.S. Secretary of State Lewis Cass; AC/DC featuring Cliff Williams, the Four Tops featuring Ronnie McNeir, the Guess Who featuring Kurt Winter, It’s a Beautiful Day featuring Patti Santos, and the Jackson Five:

  1. 867 Wednesday: Adrian II begins his reign as the 106th Roman Catholic Pope.  He would serve from today until December 14, 872.
  2. 872 Wednesday: Cardinals elect John VIII the 107th Roman Catholic Pope.  John VIII would serve from today until December 16, 882.  
  3. 1600 Thursday: Dutch Admiral Oliver van Noort sinks the Spanish treasure galleon, San Diego, at Manila Bay resulting in the loss of more than 350 lives.
  4. 1798 Friday: David Wilkinson of Rhode Island patents a machine that makes nuts and bolts.
  5. 1799 Saturday: The first president of the United States, George Washington, died at his Mount Vernon, Virginia, home at age 67.
  6. 1806 Sunday: The 5th U.S. Attorney-General John Breckinridge died in office on this date in Fayette Co., Kentucky, U.S.; he was only 46.  A Democratic-Republican, he served under President Thomas Jefferson from August 07, 1805, until he met his Maker on this date.
  7. 1819 Tuesday: Alabama joined the Union as the 22nd state.
  8. 1839 Saturday: The 13th U.S. Attorney-General Felix Grundy left office on this date.  A Democratic-Republican and then a Democrat, he served under President Martin Van Buren from July 05, 1838, until today.  He would die the following year in Nashville, Tennessee, at age 63.
  9. 1860 Friday: The 22nd U.S. Secretary of State Lewis Cass stepped down from his position on this date.  A Democrat, he served under President James Buchanan from March 06, 1857, until today.
  10. 1861 Saturday: Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, died at Windsor Castle at age 42.
  11. 1871 Thursday: The 32nd U.S. Attorney-General George Henry Williams took his position on today’s date.  First a Democrat and then a Republican, he served under President Ulysses S. Grant from today until April 25, 1875.
  12. 1880 Tuesday: The 40th U.S. Supreme Court of the United States Associate Justice William Strong retired from the nation’s high court on this date.  A Republican, President Ulysses S. Grant nominated Strong to fill Robert Grier’s seat. He assumed his position on 02-18-1870 and served until today’s date.
  13. 1882 Thursday: Henry Morton Stanley returns to Brussels from the Congo.
  14. 1900 Friday:  Professor Max Planck of Berlin University revealed his revolutionary Quantum Theory.
  15. 1903 Monday: Orville Wright made the first attempt at powered flight.  The engine stalled during take-off, which damaged the plane.  Three days later, after making repairs, the inventor and his brother Wilbur attempted the feat again, which lead to the age of modern aviation after the plane remained aloft for 12 seconds and flew 102 feet over that time.
  16. 1911 Thursday: Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and his team became the first men to reach the South Pole, beating out a British expedition led by Robert.  E. Scott.
  17. 1916 Thursday: President Woodrow Wilson, Democrat, vetoed an immigration measure aimed at preventing “undesirables” and anyone born in the “Asiatic Barred Zone” from entering the United States; however, Congress overrode Wilson’s veto in February 1917.  
  18. 1918 Saturday: “Il Trittico,” a trio of one-act operas by Giacomo Puccini, premiered at New York’s Metropolitan Opera House.  Note: the third opera, “Gianni Schicchi,” featured the aria “O Mio Babbino Caro,” which was an immediate hit.  Meanwhile in Britain, women over the age of 30 voted in a General Election for the very first time.
  19. 1927 Wednesday: Although Britain grants Iraq independence, their troops remain within the country.
  20. 1936 Monday: The comedy, “You Can’t Take It with You” by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart opened on Broadway.
  21. 1937 Tuesday: Japanese troops begin plundering the Chinese city of Nanking.  In the ensuing frenzy of bloodlust, rape, debauchery, and outright murder, thousands would die at the hands of murderous Imperial Japanese troops.
  22. 1939 Thursday: The Winter War explodes as Soviet troops begin attacking Finland; the League of Nations expels them for not withdrawing.
  23. 1941 Sunday: Imperial Japan and the Kingdom of Thailand sign a treaty of alliance.  This would permit Japanese troops to pass through Thai territory on the way to Malaysia, Burma, and the gates of India.
  24. 1942 Monday: In the fight to relieve the trapped Sixth Army in Stalingrad, Colonel General “Papa” Hoth and his armored spearheads are fighting against stiffening Russian resistance.  Still, they are making headway as the Soviets were unprepared for a force this size driving towards the doomed city.   Meanwhile, the Luftwaffe’s fight to bring supplies into Stalingrad continues losing planes to AA fire as well as Red Air Force fighter planes.  Still, the airlift continues.
  25. 1943 Tuesday: Fighting on the Eastern Front continues as the Red Army launches its next great offensive to eliminate the Cherkassy Pocket in the Ukraine.  More Axis troops than were in Stalingrad are trying to withdraw undercover of the harsh winter weather.  At first, things would go well for them, but the Soviets would increase the pressure.
  26. 1944 Thursday: Nazi occupiers forbid the use of electricity in parts of the Netherlands.  Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Imperial Japanese troops commit one of the worst atrocities of a horrible war when they massacre Allied POWS at Palawan.  They herded 150 prisoners of war into a trench, poured gasoline on them and set them ablaze.  Some who managed to escape the trench were mowed down by machine gun fire and automatic weapons while a few who managed to escape in another direction were hunted down and killed.  Of 150, only 11 managed to get away to testify later against their Japanese captors.
  27. 1945 Friday: Josef Kramer, known as “The Beast of Belsen,” along with 10 others, went to the gallows for the crimes they committed at Belsen and Auschwitz Nazi concentration camps.   
  28. 1946 Saturday: The United Nations General Assembly votes to put its headquarters in New York City.
  29. 1949 Wednesday: Future longtime bassist with the Australian rock band, AC/DC[i], 1977-2006, Cliff Williams, is born in Rumford, Essex, England, on this date.
  30. 1950 Thursday: The United Nations General Assembly establishes High Commission for Refugees.
  31. 1951 Friday: Ronnie McNeir- future vocalist with the Motown hit band, the Four Tops[ii]– is born in Camden, Alabama, on this date.
  32. 1959 Monday: USAF Captain Joe B. Jordan reaches 103,395 feet in the F-104 jet fighter.   
  33. 1961 Thursday: A passenger train at a crossing near Greeley, Colorado, hit a school bus killing 20 students in the tragedy.
  34. 1962 Friday: The U.S. space probe Mariner 2 passed Venus at just over 21,000 miles, transmitting information about the planet such as its hot surface temperatures and predominantly carbon dioxide atmosphere.
  35. 1964 Monday: The U.S. Supreme Court, in Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States, ruled that Congress was within its authority to enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964 against racial discrimination by private businesses, which in this case dealt with a motel that refused to cater to blacks.
  36. 1969 Sunday: The Jackson Five[iii] make their first television appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.
  37. 1972 Thursday: Apollo 17 astronauts Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan concluded their third and final moonwalk and blasted off for their rendezvous with the command module.
  38. 1973 Friday: In a stunner, Jerry Quarry scores a TKO over Earnie Shavers at the 2:21 minute mark of Round 1 in a 10-round heavyweight bout.  Shavers record fell to 45-3 while Quarry’s record went to 48-6-4. 
  39. 1974 Saturday: Journalist and political commentator Walter Lippmann, 85, died in New York.
  40. 1977 Wednesday: Egyptian and Israeli representatives gather in Cairo for their first formal peace conference.
  41. 1979 Friday: In a heavyweight bout between “The Great White Hope” Gerry Cooney and relatively unknown Leroy Boone, Cooney scores a TKO at the 0:55 second mark in Round 6 in a 10-round bout.  Cooney’s record would improve to 22-0 with the victory.
  42. 1981 Monday: Israel formally annexes the Golan Heights from Syria, which it seized in the 1967 War.  The Syrians are howling mad but who gives a f**k about what the coke-sippers have to say?
  43. 1985 Saturday: Wilma Mankiller became the first woman to lead a major American Indian tribe as she took office as principal chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.  Meanwhile, former New York Yankees outfielder Roger Maris, who’d hit 61 home runs during the 1961 season, died in Houston at age 51.
  44. 1986 Sunday: The experimental aircraft Voyager, piloted by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager, took off from California on the first nonstop, non-refueled flight around the world; the trip required nine days to complete.
  45. 1988 Wednesday: For the first time in 13 years, the United States agrees to meet with the Palestine Liberation Organization.  Meanwhile, in the National Basketball Association, the Miami Heat beat the Los Angeles Clippers, their first win after 17 losses, 89-88.
  46. 1989 Thursday: Nobel Peace Prize laureate Andrei D. Sakharov died in Moscow at age 68.  Meanwhile, in Geyserville, Sonoma County, California, vocalist for the San Francisco band, It’s a Beautiful Day[iv], Pattie Santos, dies in an automobile crash at the tender age of 40.
  47. 1992 Monday: Lennox Lewis wins the WBC heavyweight boxing title after Riddick Bowe refuses to fight him.
  48. 1996 Saturday: In their heavyweight bout, Riddick Bowe scored a win over Polish heavyweight Andrew Golota at the 2:58 minute mark of Round 9 in a 10-round bout.  Due to repeated low blows, the referee disqualified Golota giving the win to Bowe.  Bowe’s record went to 40-1 (1) while that of Golota went to 28-2.
  49. 1997 Sunday: Kurt Winter—lead guitarist with the Guess Who[v] 1970-1974—lost his battle with alcoholism and died on this date in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; he was 51.  
  50. 2002 Monday: In a 12-round heavyweight bout, Chris Byrd scores a stunner over Evander Holyfield by winning a unanimous decision.  While Holyfield’s record dropped to 38-6-2 whereas Byrd won the vacant IBF heavyweight boxing title and saw his record go to 36-2.
  51. 2003 Sunday: A weary, disheveled Saddam Hussein was displayed on television screens worldwide, a day after his capture by U.S. troops which led to anger across the Arab world that the U.S. should shame the worthless POS former dictator.
  52. 2004 Tuesday: The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the fifth time since June 2004, raising the federal funds rate a quarter-point to 2.25 percent.
  53. 2005 Wednesday: President George W. Bush defended his decision to wage the Iraq War, even as he acknowledged that “much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong.”[vi]
  54. 2010 Tuesday: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange gains release from jail on bail.  Meanwhile, despite concern from the opposition, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez declares that he will pass laws by decree for the next 6-18 months.
  55. 2011 Wednesday: Unemployment in the United Kingdom rises to 2.64 million people.  Meanwhile, the U.S. declares an end to the war in Iraq.  What a disaster.
  56. 2012 Friday: In Newtown, Connecticut, a shooter with a semi-automatic rifle murdered 20 first-graders, six educators, himself, and his mother (whom he shot first at home before launching his rampage) at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The murderer was 20-year-old Adam Lanza, someone whom we later knew as mentally screwed up and who should have been in an institution.  Several of the family members of the victim are suing the people that manufacture Bushmaster rifles, as well as the distributor, the gun store, and the manager of the store.
  57. 2013 Saturday: China’s first lunar rover, the Yutu, makes the first ‘soft’ landing on the moon since 1976; Yutu is the third robotic lunar rover in existence.  Meanwhile, the last Australian combat troops leave Afghanistan on this date.
  58. 2014 Sunday: In Peru at the U.N. Climate Change Conference, nearly 200 nations join in signing an emissions reduction accord that requires them to post their plans online, which will allow the ‘public’ to pressure non-compliant nations to keep and to strengthen their commitments.  What a load of crap, Global Warming-Climate Change is a bullshit science. 
  59. 2015 Monday:  As all hell continues breaking loose in Syria, President Barack Hussein Obama says, “We are hitting ISIL harder than ever.”  Yeah, right.  Meanwhile, as ongoing U.S. airstrikes in the s-hole nation of Yemen continue, killing at least 19 civilians in the recent attacks, peace talks between the Yemeni government, Houthi rebels, and other interested parties in the region commence.
  60. 2016 Wednesday: Following reports of an ‘enemies list’ at the U.S. Department of Energy goes viral and ginned up outrage explodes around the country the Trump transition teams distances itself from the incendiary report.  Look, if there are loads of Greens in there, throw them out.  Meanwhile, as the Obama administration’s ‘Trump-Russia collusion bogus scandal’ gets underway, leaked reports claim that incoming National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Ret. ‘shared classified information with British and Australian officials (who we will learn in 2020 were in on the plot).
  61. 2017 Thursday: The Federal Communications Commission votes 3-2 to repeal the Net Neutrality rules imposed by the Obama administration.  Meanwhile, as budget talks continue, the Republicans are worried they might have defections on their side of the aisle.   Speaking of Republicans, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-WI, is considering retirement at the end of the year.  Elsewhere, in Mogadishu, Somalia, the so-called ‘religion of peace’- Islam- strikes again as a suicide bomber kills at least 18 police trainees at a parade honoring them.
  62. 2018 Friday: President Donald J. Trump names OMB Director and acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Mick Mulvaney as his next chief of staff.   Mulvaney will replace retired Gen. John Kelly.  Meanwhile, a federal judge in Texas rules that the Affordable Care Act ‘must be invalidated in whole’ because without the individual mandate attached to it, it is unconstitutional.  Elsewhere, the U.S. Department of Education forgives $150 million in student loan debt.
  63. 2019 Saturday: The old sitcom, “The Beverly Hillbillies” mansion in Bel Air, California, goes on sale and fetches $150 million becoming one of the Golden State’s most expensive properties.  Meanwhile, as the impeachment of Donald Trump gathers steam, Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, says, “I’m not trying to be a fair juror here” and opines that the ‘impeachment bill will die a quick death.’  Elsewhere, Louisiana State University QB Joe Burrow wins the 85th Annual Heisman Trophy Award.
  64. 2020 Monday:  Electors across the country meet today to determine who will carry the state’s presidential and vice-presidential votes to Washington, D.C. for the final Electoral College vote next month.  Republicans in battleground states plan to send alternative electors to represent them seeing as how several states had corrupt elections conducted by equally corrupt machines and election staff. White House advisor Stephen Miller says, ‘alternative electors is the way to go.’  We shall see what we shall see.  When the Electoral College meets, we expect to see Biden 306 and Trump 232 in the count.  Yes, the Dems and their Chi-Com masters STOLE this election.
  65. 2020 Monday A: Anyhow, as President Donald J. Trump and his followers continue saying, “It’s not over,” most people are coming to the conclusion that “Pro-China Joe” Biden is the next ‘president-elect.’  Meanwhile, as Georgians prepare to vote in January’s run-off elections, far-left-wing racist bigot (and shadow governor) Stacey Abrams reports she has 1.2 million absentee voters ready to go while currently, hundreds of citizens of the Peach State are already lining up to early-vote.  Folks, the Senate is lost.  Elsewhere, Michigan conducts a forensic audit of Canada’s Dominion Voting Systems machines and discovers what should be a disqualifying factor in throwing out the entire vote in that state: the allowable error in the machines is supposed to be NO MORE than .0008% but in the machines election officials used, the error rate was a shocking 68%.  This means the entire election is fraudulent and should be tossed.
  66. 2020 Monday B: The Wall Street Journal reports that the “Trump challenge is over.”  In the same vein, U.S. Attorney-General William “Bill” Barr says his boss is like a ‘deposed king ranting.’  Then, he resigned his office and said he will be gone before Christmas.  Loyalty.  One must admire it.  Speaking of ‘President-elect Pro-China Joe’ Biden, we hear today that failed Midwestern former mayor and failed presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg heads the list to become the next secretary of the U.S. Department of Education.  Hell, Joe, why didn’t you appoint him your next U.S. ambassador to Iran (when you reopen our embassy there)?  Meanwhile, the ‘president-elect’ tells his supporters to stop with the calls for ‘defunding the police’ as it is costing them the support of the American people.
  67. 2020 Monday C: On the international front, we learn that the Chi-Coms have at least 2 million spies, honeypots, and intelligence agents inserted into governments, universities, corporations, and who knows?  Maybe even here at the AICPENDBLOG.COM.  Time to begin finding and removing these skunks like California Congressman Eric Swalwell, Democrat.   Speaking of the Chi-Coms, President Donald J. Trump says that it’s concerns about them that will cause him to veto the Defense Department spending bill soon to come to his desk.   Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the ‘Chi-Coms are the number one security threat to the United States.’  Watch “Pro-China Joe” welcome them to the White House along with Vladimir Putin and other thugs who want to destroy our country.  Elsewhere, Russian hackers breach the U.S. Treasury and Commerce Departments.  Not good.   We also learn that YouTube, Gmail, and Google were hit by some sort of outage which could be the Russkies, too.
  68. 2020 Monday D: In New York City, law enforcement offers a reward of $60,000 for information leading to the identification and arrest of the scumbag(s) responsible for the death of one-year-old toddler Carmelo Duncan who was hit by a stray round.   Meanwhile, we learn that last night’s attack on a cathedral in New York City was caused by what appears to have been a terrorist of some kind.
  69. 2020 Monday E: West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin urges passage of the $908 billion COVID-19 relief bill, but no movement is in sight as House Speaker Nancy “Mumbles” Pelosi seems to be in no mood for helping ANY American with financial aid, ONLY ILLEGAL ALIENS.  The Chi-Vi economic toll affects both RED and BLUE states equally, yet very few want to help the American people.  Speaking of the Xi Jinping Bat Flu, vaccinations in the U.S. are underway.  Note of interest: the ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton, noted left-wing loser was caught in a luxury building NOT WEARING A MASK.  Send the POS to the gulag.
  70. 2020 Monday F: Some nitwit asked former Vice President (and current Green Meanie) Al Gore had any regrets about conceding to George W. Bush to which, he said, “NO.”  Took you long enough, Al.  Meanwhile, adviser to President Donald J. Trump, Dick Morris, told John Bachman of Newsmax that the Democrats ‘pre-emptively put the fear of God into the U.S. Supreme Court with all this talk of court-packing.’  We always knew Chief Justice John Roberts was a coward.  Elsewhere, My Pillow guy Mike Lindell says “Fox News had to be in on it” meaning how the Democrats STOLE the 2020 Presidential Election from Trump and gave it to Biden.  Speaking of President Trump, he is appointing as many of his allies to various federal posts that incoming Biden-Harris administration won’t be able to topple or overturn.
  71. 2020 Monday G: As for the Beijing Bug, here are the numbers for the CHI-VI, you know, COVID-19 Chinese Bat Flu Virus Crisis, the pandemic they started but still try to blame on the U.S.:  Here are the statistics for the planet as a whole: 72,221,634 confirmed cases, +571,758, 1,612,014, confirmed deaths, +7,498, and 47,218,235 confirmed recoveries, +406,451.  Next, here are the stats for the United States, the intended target of the Chinese-engineered Xi Jinping Bat Flu pandemic: 16,477,271 confirmed cases, up 155,120 from yesterday’s reporting, 302,141 confirmed deaths, UP 1,243, and 7,478,028 confirmed recoveries, UP 34,127.
  72. 2020 Monday H: Next, in the three states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day employs chef-bloggers- California, Hawaii, and Washington- here are the stats, California first: 1,600,338 confirmed cases, 21,054 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Next here are the numbers for Hawaii: 19,512 confirmed cases, 274 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Finally, here are the stats for leftist-Marxist-socialist hellhole of Washington: 209,442 confirmed cases, 3,047 confirmed deaths (for some unknown reason, less than last week’s count), and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Let’s look at one other state: Vermont, currently, they have 5,857 confirmed cases, 96 confirmed deaths, and 3,603 confirmed recoveries which seems to be the way of the world at present  Let’s look at Israel’s numbers now that Mo and his wife have moved there: 359,070 confirmed cases, 3,004 confirmed deaths, and 338,321 confirmed recoveries.  Let us look at another nation: Columbia: they have 1,425,774 confirmed cases of the CHI-VI, 39,043 confirmed deaths and 1,335,517 confirmed recoveries.
  73. 2020 Monday I: Here are the stats for today’s Stock Market closes: first the DOW Jones Industrial Average, 29,861.55, DOWN 184.82 points (-0.62%).  Next, here are the stats for the NASDAQ:  12,440.04, UP 62.17 points (+0.50%).  Finally, here are the numbers for the S&P 500: 3,647.49, DOWN 57.97 points (-0.44%).  Price of GOLD: $1,831.60 per troy oz., -0.50 (-0.03%)  Here is the price of SILVER: $23.98 per troy oz., -0.067 (-0.28%).  Price of PLATINUM: $1,018.60 per troy oz., +1.20 (+0.12%).  Price of PALLADIUM: $2,318.90 per troy oz., -14.20 (-0.61%).  Here is the price of COPPER: $3.52 per #, -0.0115 (-0.37%).   Price of Light Sweet Crude Oil per barrel: $46.95, -0.04 (-0.09%).  Today, one-dollar U.S. = 6.55 PRC yuan whereas one U.S. greenback = 0.82 euros.  Just for a lark, $1 U.S. = 76.94 Afghan Afghani.
  74. 2020 Monday J: Sports News- the Cleveland Indians announce they are going to change their name to something ‘less offensive.’  Nothing wrong with the name, maybe they just need to change the logo of Chief Wahoo.   As far as sports teams with Native American names left, we have the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, the MLB’s Atlanta Braves, and the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks.  The last one said there’s NO way they are going to change their name.  We shall see.  Meanwhile, we have Monday Night Football’s game tonight: (16) Baltimore Ravens, 47 (8-5) @ Cleveland Browns, 42 (9-4) Monday Night 5:15 P.M.
  75. 2020 Monday K: Final news of the evening- murder rates double in the city of Chicago.  Democrats in control, NO WONDER.  Shame on you, Mayor Lori “Space Alien” Lightfoot.  Elsewhere, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue says of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC, aka Baby Evita, aka “The Fly,” ‘thinks she is living in another country and not the United States.’  We wish she would return to whatever s-hole country from which, she came. Meanwhile, a U.S. Court of Appeals questions the Department of Justice’s drive to ban TikTok, the Chi-Com-intelligence-gathering ap.  Next, President Donald J. Trump appoints Roy Bernardi to the USPS Board of Governors.  Finally, Co-Chair of the RNC Tommie Hicks tells Newsmax that ‘the American people deserve answers on the Mueller probe.’  
  76. 2020 Monday L: Final news of the evening Pt. 2: Michigan Republican Congressman Paul Mitchell quits the GOP because of ‘Donald Trump.’  Meanwhile, the Trump administration removes Sudan from the state-sponsored terror list.   Speaking of terrorist states, the U.S. places new sanctions on Iranian and Turkish thugs involved in terrorism around the globe.  They believe individuals from Iran abducted former FBI agent Bob Levinson and spirited him to Iran.  The sanctions placed on Turkey result from their buying of Russian weapons systems.  We say, “Boot Turkey out of NATO.  Now.”
  77. 2020 Monday M:  This was our sentiment one year ago today: we encourage everyone to stick around and discover what the Chi-Coms, their allies in Canada, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, and their Democratic Party dupes in the United States are up to today.  You know it’s going to be good…
  78. 2021 Tuesday: Stick around to discover the truth along with us…


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Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

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The next album released by Fairport Convention was another compilation package and a good one at that.  “Fiddlestix: The Best of Fairport Convention 1972-1984” hit record store shelves on July 21, 1999, and was a good one for fans.  It contains 19 tracks which include some rarities to sweeten the pot.  This veteran British band has so much glorious music that it is impossible to include everything on one single disc, thus one may have to pick up some of the other ‘best of’ compilations along with this one.  We believe you will be glad you did so please, seek this fine album wherever you shop for the absolute best in music.  You can thank us later.

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Monday, December 14, 2020, Today in History Blog Post:   

Monday, December 14, 2020, Today in History:

We feel compelled to share with our new readers that we are an OPINION SITE and not a NEWS SITE although we do report the news.  If anything, we are big history buffs which is why we have been going strong since early 2009…

Tuesday, December 14, 2021:


[i] Not exactly sure when we will begin promoting the music of this wild Australian band, but you can rest assured that whenever we present Black Sabbath, we will follow them with AC/DC.

[ii] In about five years, we expect to spend a year or two covering the music of Motown and of other classic soul bands so please stay tuned for additional information.  We thank you.

[iii] When we do a couple of years of classic soul and Motown bands, the Jackson Five and Michael Jackson will be included among them.

[iv] We promoted the music of It’s a Beautiful Day beginning on Thursday, 25-August-2011 through Monday, 29-August-2011 and a second round on Tuesday, 04-February-2014 through Wednesday, 05-February-2014.  Please seek them out and consider adding them to your collection.

[v] On Wednesday, 14-June-2017, we began presenting the music of the Guess Who and of its individual members- including Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, and Bravebelt.  The entire discography ran from the above date through Sunday, 01-October-2017.  We hope you will check them out.

[vi] Once again, unmistakable evidence of a malevolent Deep State exists here as the Intel Community swore up and down that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.  That was the entire purpose behind invading Iraq and toppling the scumbag Hussein but in the end loads of people died during and after the U.S.-led invasion, something President Donald J. Trump is trying to correct in 2019. 



Author: Chef Vladimir, ACF-CWC

This would have been my photo, I, your host, back in the 1980's when I was the Executive Chef at a country club in the Napa Valley but for security purposes, we have scaled some of our personal info back so now, you get a caricature of me done by up-and-coming Bakersfield street artist, Simone. Nice job, Simone! However, I spent many years working in professional Food Service, having begun as a young boy working for my father in his restaurant over on the coast in Pismo Beach. Food Service is in my blood and it's something I still do actively every day in my late eighties in Washington State. Chef Vladimir Gdansk writes from Mukilteo, Washington. Chef Vladimir Gdansk is a moderate Republican. Contact Chef Vladimir at the following email address draculachef222HMaya@gmail.com.

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