62. 2020 Wednesday E: CURRENT Electoral College count as projected by Newsmax shows 268 for President Donald J. Trump and 253 for “Pro-China Joe” Biden. More information continues coming to light that demonstrates the Dominion voting machines and systems used across the country are open to easy hacking which explains WHY- when coupled with Democratic Party operatives working on the ground to steal the election says we are witnessing one of the greatest election thefts in the history of the planet.



Chef Pedro Muñoz, CEC-ACF

San Diego, CA 92122-4589

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Veteran’s Day

U.S. Secretary of Transportation John Volpe; U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Robert J. Walker; U.S. Secretary of War James Madison Porter; Chef Itzi Nakamura; heavyweight boxer Carl Williams; the Allman Brothers Band featuring Berry Oakley, “Get Back” by the Beatles featuring Billy Preston, Country Joe & the Fish featuring Bruce Barthol, the Doors featuring Jim Morrison, Vanilla Fudge featuring Vince Martell, and the Yardbirds featuring Chris Dreja:

  1. 1158 Tuesday: German Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa declare himself the ruler of northern Italy.
  2. 1620 Wednesday: Forty-one pilgrims aboard the Mayflower, anchored off Massachusetts, signed a compact calling for a “Body Politick.”
  3. 1745 Thursday: Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army enter English territory.
  4. 1778 Wednesday: Iroquois Indians kill 40 settlers in the Cherry Valley Massacre.
  5. 1831 Friday: Nat Turner, a slave who led a violent insurrection against whites, was executed in Jerusalem, Virginia.
  6. 1836 Friday: Chile declares war on Bolivia and Peru.
  7. 1851 Tuesday: Alvan Clark patented the telescope.
  8. 1862 Tuesday: In Easton, Pennsylvania, the 18thS. Secretary of War James Madison Porter died at age 69. A Whig, he served under President John Tyler from March 08, 1843, to January 30, 1844.
  9. 1864 Friday: Union troops under General William T. Sherman burn the city of Rome, Georgia.
  10. 1868 Wednesday: The New York Athletic Club hosted the first indoor track and field meet.
  11. 1869 Thursday: The 18th former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Robert J. Walker died at age 68 in Washington, D.C. A Democrat, he served under James K. Polk and then Zachary Taylor from March 08, 1845, to March 05, 1849.
  12. 1889 Monday: Washington became the nation’s 42nd
  13. 1909 Thursday: President William Howard Taft accepted the recommendation of a joint Army-Navy board that Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands be made the main U.S. Naval station in the Pacific.
  14. 1918 Monday: Fighting in World War I ended as an Armistice between Germany and the Allies was signed.
  15. 1921 Friday: The remains of an unidentified U.S. service member were interred in a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery in a ceremony presided over by President Warren G. Harding.
  16. 1929 Monday: The Ambassador Bridge spanning the Detroit River between Michigan and Windsor, Ontario, Canada, underwent dedication on this date.
  17. 1932 Friday: A new tomb to house the remains of the Unknown Soldier was dedicated at Arlington National Cemetery.
  18. 1938 Friday: The Nazis force their Jews to wear the yellow Star of David.
  19. 1940 Monday: A British surprise air raid on the Italian fleet at Taranto destroys half of their ships while docked in harbor. The Brits flew aging bi-plane torpedo bombers known as Swordfish and managed to surprise the Italians who believed their position was impregnable.  Little did they know that it wasn’t until the torpedoes slammed into the ships.
  20. 1942 Wednesday: During World War II, Germany completed its occupation of France. The authorities order Jews living there to don the yellow Star of David for identification.  Meanwhile, the Germans fighting in the city of Stalingrad continue their final offensive against Russian forces in an all-out effort to crush resistance before the onset of winter overwhelms military operations.  The German specialist engineers after fighting to secure the so-called Red House finally manage to storm the rubble driving the remaining Soviet defenders into the cellar.  The Germans pour gasoline down atop them and set them alight.  
  21. 1945 Sunday: Chris Dreja, future rhythm guitarist with the British rock band, the Yardbirds[i], was born on this date in Surbiton, London, England. Elsewhere, Vince Martell, lead guitarist with the New York rock band, Vanilla Fudge[ii], is born in the Big Apple on this date.
  22. 1947 Tuesday: Bruce Barthol, the bassist with the psychedelic Bay Area rock group, Country Joe, and the Fish[iii], was born on this date in Berkeley, California.
  23. 1952 Tuesday: In Beverly Hills, California, two inventors—John Mullin and Wayne Johnson—demonstrated the first video recorded.
  24. 1956 Sunday: Chef and author with the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day, Itzi Nakamura, was born on this date in Lanai City, on the pineapple island of Lanai, Hawaii.
  25. 1959 Wednesday: In Belle Glade, Florida, future heavyweight boxer Carl “The Truth” Williams is born. Over the course of his career 1982-1997, he would compile a professional record of 41 fights, 30 wins (21 Kos), 10 losses, and 1 no contest.  He fought two title fights, losing both, the first to Larry Holmes (May 20, 1985) and the second to “Iron Mike” Tyson on June 21, 1989.
  26. 1960 Friday: South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem survived a coup attempt by army rebels but was overthrown and killed by another coup in 1963.
  27. 1961 Saturday: The Soviet Union renames Stalingrad back to its original name, Volgograd.
  28. 1965 Thursday: The government of Rhodesia declared its independence from Great Britain. Later, the nation changed its name to Zimbabwe.
  29. 1966 Friday: Gemini 12 blasted off from Cape Kennedy with astronauts James A. Lovell and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr. aboard.
  30. 1968 Monday: On the cover of their album, “Two Virgins,” John Lennon and Yoko Ono, appear nude.
  31. 1969 Tuesday: Because of drunkenness and disorderly conduct, the FBI arrest rock star Jim Morrison of the Doors[iv] on an airliner. Meanwhile, the Beatles[v] with Billy Preston onboard release the single, “Get Back.”
  32. 1972 Saturday: The U.S. Army turned over its base at Long Binh to the South Vietnamese symbolizing the end of direct U.S. military involvement in the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones rose above 1,000 for the first time.  Finally, original bassist with the Allman Brothers Band[vi]—Berry Oakley—dies in a motorcycle accident in his hometown of Macon, Georgia; he was just 24-years-old.
  33. 1981 Wednesday: Stuntman Dan Goodwin scaled the outside of the 100-story John Hancock Center in Chicago in about six hours on this date.
  34. 1983 Friday: President Ronald Reagan becomes the first foreign chief of state to address the Japanese Diet.
  35. 1984 Sunday: President Ronald Reagan accepted the Vietnam Veterans Memorial as a gift to the nation from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.
  36. 1987 Wednesday: Following the failure of two Supreme Court nominations, President Ronald Reagan announced the choice of Judge Anthony M. Kennedy who went on to win confirmation.
  37. 1988 Friday: Sacramento police found the first of seven bodies buried on the grounds of a boarding house. Law enforcement later charged Dorothea Puente in the deaths of nine people, convicted of three murders, and sentenced to life in prison.  The bitch was cashing their government checks.
  38. 1990 Sunday: Stormie Jones, the world’s first heart-liver transplant recipient, died at Pittsburgh Hospital at age 13.
  39. 1992 Wednesday: The Church of England voted to ordain women as priests. Elsewhere, Russian President Boris Yeltsin told U.S. senators in a letter that Americans had been held in prison camps after World War II, some of whom had undergone summary execution while others remained willingly in Russia.
  40. 1993 Thursday: The federal government dedicated the Vietnam Women’s Memorial to the honor the more than 11,000 women who served in the Vietnam War.
  41. 1994 Friday: In Nahant, Massachusetts, the former 2ndS. Secretary of Transportation John Volpe died at age 85. A Republican, he served under President Richard M. Nixon from January 22, 1969, to February 02, 1973.
  42. 1997 Tuesday: American League pitcher Roger Clemens wins his fourth Cy Young Award. Meanwhile, the Eastman-Kodak Company announced it was laying off more 10,000 employees.
  43. 1998 Wednesday: Jay Cochrane set a record for the longest blindfolded skywalk. He walked on a tightrope between the towers of the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas, with the towers being 600-feet apart.  Meanwhile the Israeli Cabinet ratified a land-got-peace agreement with the scumbag Palestinians who break every treaty they ever make with the Israelis.  Finally, President Bill Clinton ordered warships, planes, and troops to the Persian Gulf as he laid out his case for a possible attack on Iraq.  Iraq, meanwhile, showed no sign of backing down from its refusal to deal with U.N. weapons inspectors.
  44. 2004 Thursday: Palestinians at home and abroad wept, waved flags, and burned tires in an eruption of grief at news of the death of their thug leader, Yasser Arafat, in Paris at age 75. It is interesting to note that this POS member of the ‘religion of peace,’ Islam, died from HIV-AIDS.  What were you up to, Yasser?
  45. 2007 Sunday: General President Pervez Musharraf said Pakistan would stick to its January schedule for parliamentary elections but put no time limit on emergency rule.
  46. 2008 Tuesday: President George W. Bush marked his final Veterans Day as president at a New York pier, speaking to a crowd of thousands gathered for the rededication of the USS Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.
  47. 2010 Thursday: After suffering devastating losses in the mid-term elections, the Democrats are unclear as to the way forward. It is clear the American people are angry at the way the party went about pushing the Affordable Care Act through- even though a majority of Americans did not want socialized medicine- so now, the Dems must find people and groups to blame for their inadequacies.  Meanwhile, Starbucks announces that it’s going to expand by another 500 stores.
  48. 2011 Friday: Actor Kenan Thompson weds model Christine Evangeline on this date.  
  49. 2012 Sunday: In Tibet, a Tibetan teenager dies of self-immolation in Gansu, communist China[vii]; this is the seventh incident this week and the 70th self-immolation since 2009. Meanwhile, in Jordan, former spy chief Muhammad al-Dahabi, convicted of corruption, receives a sentence of 13 years in prison.
  50. 2013 Monday: In Nepal, an alliance of 33 different political parties join to orchestrate a general strike with which, to shut down the scheduled elections coming up on the 19th of November with the hope of stopping it.  Elsewhere, Iran and the United States blamed each other for the failure to reach agreement on a deal to limit Iran’s uranium enrichment in exchange for easing Western sanctions.    
  51. 2014 Tuesday: Diagnosed with Ebola on October 23rd, Dr. Craig Spencer leaves the hospital, cured. However, he had caused numerous fears across the United States because he came home from Western Africa, traveled to a variety of places while experiencing symptoms, so there was some concern the man had spread the virus to people in America.    
  52. 2015 Wednesday: In Kabul, Afghanistan, after ISIS beheads 7 hostages, thousands take to the streets to protest the violence outside scumbags are causing their country. Meanwhile, Kurdish forces in Iraq launch a major offensive against ISIS holding positions on Mt. Sinjar.  Aided by U.S. warplanes, they make good headway against the terrorist scum.  Meanwhile, to the horror of the EU, Sweden enacts new border rules to halt the flow of Middle Eastern, North African, and Sub-Saharan African refugees trying to storm their country.    Light ‘em up already! 
  53. 2016 Friday: As anti-Trump protests continue, hundreds across the nation ALLEGE race-motivated or sexual persuasion and other minority attacks have occurred in the aftermath of Tuesday’s election. Wah, wah, wah, this is all bullshit but it’s the strategy the Democratic-Socialists are employing to tarnish the loss of Hillary Clinton to an outside.   Oh, speaking of Hillary, she is still moaning and groaning about the loss, saying she ‘was robbed.’
  54. 2017 Saturday: Embattled U.S. Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore pushes back on the women claiming he sexually assaulted them or molested them. In the era of #MeToo, crazed leftists are trying to tar and feather their enemies as well as those they fear.  Judge Moore drives a spike of fear in many leftists and so they seek to take him out.  Hell, even George Takei of Star Trek fame finds himself on the list of the accused when a former male model named Scott R. Brunton relates a story from 1981 when he was sharing a drink with the actor in his apartment how he began feeling groggy and disoriented and next thing he knew, the Asian-American actor had his pants down and was trying to go for it.  Say it ain’t so, Mr. Sulu!
  55. 2018 Sunday: News reports show that since the summit between President Donald J. Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, things may have worsened as satellite images show at least 16 new missile bases around the crumbling country. While they may not have much food, they have a whole lotta nukes and would love to use them.   Meanwhile, at events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Great War’s end- World War I- European leaders criticize President Donald J. Trump’s new nationalism. 
  56. 2019 Monday: Bolivian President Evo Morales flees his country and seeks asylum in Mexico.  A military coup overthrew the corrupt left-wing Marxist the previous day and after resigning the post, he quickly departed the country.   Elsewhere, on Capitol Hill, Democrats announce that televised impeachment hearings will begin tomorrow over the perfect phone call President Donald J. Trump had with new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky earlier in the year.
  57. 2020 Wednesday: Here we are, Election Day PLUS EIGHT- the state of Alaska is now in the win column of President Donald J. Trump.  That win follows hot on the heels of President Trump winning North Carolina yesterday.  In Georgia, breaking news in the race between U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler and her Democratic opponent, Raphael Warnock have shown that Warnock is a committed hardcore communist who supports all communist regimes such as Cuba, Venezuela, and other socialist hellholes around the globe.  This POS cannot win a seat in the U.S. Senate.   Speaking of the Peach State, state GOP leaders call for a comprehensive investigation into rampant voter fraud within their state.  We suspect that failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has a big hand in the electoral shenanigans occurring in that DEEP RED STATE; look to her for answers.  Moreover, we think Senator David Purdue will win his run-off against pajama boy Jon Ossoff who has run before and lost.  Make sure ALL legal votes are tabulated. 
  58. 2020 Wednesday A: Yet another Democrat-held House seat is lost- thanks mostly to Speaker Nancy “Mumbles” Pelosi, AOC, and her whack-job Squad- as Democrat Harley Rouda who won in 2018 concedes to Asian-American Republican woman Michelle Steel. Steel won California’s 48th House District seat easily and although the Democrat clung to hopes that he might pull it out at the last moment, no one could find boxes of uncounted ballots in the trunks of Democratic staffers’ cars.   Gee whiz look harder…speaking of the Golden State, Proposition 15, a ballot proposition that would allow Democrats to raise taxes on virtually everything goes down in flames.  Also in California, Gavin Newsom’s oppressive authoritarian government is thinking of locking the state down once again, ostensibly over new cases of the Wuhan Flu.
  59. 2020 Wednesday B: Suddenly, the (Fake) News Media is crying about limited access to ‘President-elect’ Joe Biden.  The man stumbles out to the banks of microphones, mumbles a few words, looks right, and left to his handlers, and then bumbles off behind the curtains.  This is the senile POS YOU f**king Democrats and RINOS want to see in the White House.  WTF is wrong with you?  Meanwhile, as the U.S. Senate prepares to grill Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey over collusion to influence and throw elections to Democrats, the Biden campaign announces it’s going to have bigwigs from Google, Amazon.com, and Uber in the White House helping “Pro-China Joe” Biden.  Yikes, the police state’s monitoring apparatus is being assembled before our eyes.     
  60. 2020 Wednesday C: We learn that the Pfizer COVID-19, aka the Chi-Com Virus, aka the Chi-Vi, aka the Xi Jinping Bat Flu is 90-percent or more effective and requires a two-shot dosage. Liberal Democrats are already talking stupid saying, ‘the United States should make the vaccine available to Third World s—hole countries first and then when it’s been given to the rest of the world, given to the American people.’  Shut up, you numb-nuts idiots, shut the hell up!
  61. 2020 Wednesday D: In the Pacific, Typhoon Vamco is preparing to slam into Luzon Island in the Philippines.  Citizens are being asked to flee coastal areas for their own protection.  Elsewhere, Australian Federal Police- the AFP- announce the arrests of 14 pedophiles in an ongoing child sex-trafficking and abuse scheme and have alerted other nations around the globe of their citizens who might be involved in this despicable ring of predators.  Lock ‘em up- for good. Meanwhile, riots continue from last night in Peru following yesterday’s impeachment and removal of President Martin Vizcarra over claims of ‘corruption’ from years ago.  The government hurriedly swears in Manuel Merino as the nation’s new president.   Finally, in Puerto Rico, election workers discover 180 BOXES FILLED WITH UNOPENED BALLOTS.  Sure, of course they did, and the Democrats expect us to believe everything is on the up-and-up.  Look- Joe Biden is NEVER going to be president, not now, not ever.      
  62. 2020 Wednesday E: CURRENT Electoral College count as projected by Newsmax shows 268 for President Donald J. Trump and 253 for “Pro-China Joe” Biden. More information continues coming to light that demonstrates the Dominion voting machines and systems used across the country are open to easy hacking which explains WHY- when coupled with Democratic Party operatives working on the ground to steal the election says we are witnessing one of the greatest election thefts in the history of the planet.  JOE BIDEN IS NOT OUR PRESIDENT AND HE WILL NEVER BE OUR PRESIDENT AND BY THE TIME THIS THING IS DONE, HE AND HIS FAMILY WILL BE ON TRIAL FOR TREASON. NOW we know WHY “Pro-China Joe” Biden was in his basement, the Chi-Coms via the Canadians had the FIX in for him.     
  63. 2020 Wednesday F: Back to the Chi-Coms and their Wuhan Virus pandemic, here are the latest stats: 51,957,458 confirmed cases, UP by 682,861 cases, 1,281,309 confirmed deaths, UP by 12,110 deaths, and 33,785,432 confirmed recoveries, UP by 384,584 recoveries. Here are the numbers for the United States: 10,460,302 confirmed cases, UP by 148,941 new cases, 244,421 confirmed deaths, UP by 1,485 new deaths, and 5,830,401 confirmed recoveries, UP by 25,753 new recoveries.  (The number of recoveries would be even greater if Blue State governors would report them but alas, we know they won’t- corrupt POSs).  Now that Mo is living in Israel, here are the numbers for that nation: 321,235 confirmed cases, 2,699 confirmed deaths, and 310,061 confirmed recoveries. 
  64. 2020 Wednesday G: Next, in the three states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-The Elemental News of the Day employs chef-authors, California, Hawaii, and Washington, here are the stats, Golden State first: 996,903 confirmed cases, 18,083 confirmed deaths, but as is the norm, NO mention of confirmed recoveries. Next, here are the stats for the Aloha State: 16,193 confirmed cases, 222 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION OF confirmed recoveries anymore- what is up with YOU, Gov. Ige, you Democrat hack.  Finally, in the Ever-Red, uh, we mean, the Evergreen State, here are the stats: 126,822 confirmed cases, 2,595 confirmed deaths, but like California, the palooka-faced governor, Jay Inslee, won’t share the number of confirmed recoveries.  Shame on these flipping Democrats.  Let’s take a look at one more state, Pennsylvania, the home of VOTER THEFT AND FRAUD: 248,144 confirmed number of cases, 9,217 confirmed deaths, and NO mention of confirmed number of recoveries- thank you, Governor Tom Wolf for concealing the number of recoveries- yet another left-wing liberal POS politician.   
  65. 2020 Wednesday H: Here are today’s Stock Market closes: DOW Jones Industrial Average: 29,397.63, DOWN 23.97 points (-0.79%). Next, the NASDAQ: 11,786.43, UP 232.57 points (+2.01%).  Finally, here are the stats for the S&P 500: 3,572.66, UP 27.13 points (+0.77%).  The price of GOLD is $1,865.40 per troy oz., +3.80 (+0.20%) while the price of SILVER is $24.34 per troy ounce, +0.73 (+0.30%).  The price of PLATINUM is $869.50 per troy oz, +1.40 (+0.16%) while the price of COPPER is $3.13 per pound, -0.002 (-0.06%).  The price of PALLADIUM is $2,316.80 per troy oz, -154.60 (-6.26%).  The price of Light Sweet Crude Oil is $41.76 per barrel, +0.31 (+0.75%).  Currently, one-dollar U.S. = 6.62 Chi-Com yuan.   Meanwhile, one-dollar U.S. = 0.85 euros and in Mexican pesos equals 20.45.
  66. 2020 Wednesday I: Here are the numbers for the Super Lotto Draw #3507 with a $25 million jackpot on the line: 06, 07, 11, 29, 38, and Mega 23. The highest winner was one person with FIVE numbers but NO Mega for a prize of $34,183.  Next, here are the numbers for the Powerball Drawing #793 with a jackpot of $152 million at stake: 13, 15, 17, 45, 63, and Powerball 13.  Highest winners were two people who had FOUR numbers plus the Powerball for a prize of $16,314 apiece.
  67. 2021 Thursday: Stick around to discover whatever the heck is going on today…


This artwork is #0646 an 11” x 14” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “Smoke Tree Wash.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her website, found at beverlycarrick.com, or at the blog’s Facebook page.  At her website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work.  It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor!  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day.

Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

Pictures #0001-1495


Richard Thompson released his next album- albeit on cassette back in the day- featuring a bevy of tunes from the archives- “Doom & Gloom from the Tomb Volume 1” on November 30, 1985, just in time for the winter holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa (and whatever the ‘religion of peace’ does).  This efforts contains tunes from throughout his career up to this point, going from Fairport Convention, through his joint work with his ex-wife, Linda Thompson, and from his solo career.  There are many choice tidbits on this effort which is why we encourage everyone to visit whatever site it is you do for the best in music such as Amazon, Discogs, AllMusic, even the record store (remember those?) as you will be glad you did.  Seek it out- you will be glad you did.  Enjoy.  

The above icon is the “Trademark of Quality and Symbol of Integrity/Logo” of the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers and of What’s Cookin’ Productions.    The AICP-END Blog copyrights this article © 11-11-2021, all rights reserved.  Data compiled with unreserved correctness by Moses Scharbug III.  Total Word Count: 3,867.  Chef Pedro Muñoz.

The American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day

The Stinkbug symbol on CDs, DVDs, and Books means “approved by the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day” as well as adjusted or edited by the photographic editor

Original Beverly Carrick Artworks, Beverly Carrick—World Famous Artist, FINE ART, Beverly Carrick Landscapes, Chef Itzi Nakamura, The Allman Brothers Band, Berry Oakley, Chris Dreja, The Yardbirds, Vince Martell, Vanilla Fudge, Bruce Barthol, Country Joe and the Fish, Jim Morrison, The Doors, “Get Back” by The Beatles, Billy Preston, President James K. Polk, President Zachary Taylor, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Robert J. Walker, President John Tyler, U.S. Secretary of War James Madison Porter, Carl Williams, COVID-19, Chi-Vi- the, The ‘VID, Wuhan Virus, Wuhan Virus Crisis, China Virus, China Virus Crisis, Yellow Fever 2019-2021, Communist China Condition, Kung Flu- The, Wuhan Waltz- The, BIG C-19- The, Wuhan Whoopie- The, COVID-19 Mandates, Pelosi Pox- The, Wuhan Meat Market Malady, Hubei Hooey- The, California Lottery, California Lottery Results, Powerball, Powerball Draw #793, Super Lotto, Super Lotto Draw #3507, DOW Jones Industrial Average, S & P 500, NASDAQ, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Palladium, Rhodium, Aluminum, Neodymium, Precious and Rare Metals, Light Sweet Crude Oil, U.S. Monetary Conversions, Chinese Yuan, Mexican Pesos, Richard Thompson, Chef Pedro Muñoz,



Wednesday, November 11, 2020, Today in History Blog Post:

“So glad President Trump terminated Mark Esper, perhaps by the time this post goes live Christopher Wray, Gina Haspel, and perchance even Bill Barr will have joined him” by Chef Murph MacDougal

Wednesday, November 11, 2020, Today in History:

Thursday, November 11, 2021:


[i] We presented another series of interconnected bands which included Free, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, the Firm, Mott the Hoople, Ian Hunter, the Yardbirds, and a plethora of solo and group efforts beginning on Wednesday, 02-July-2014 through Sunday, 19-October-2014.  We definitely hope that you will seek this music out and consider adding it to your growing collection.

[ii] We promoted the music of New York City’s very own Vanilla Fudge, beginning on Friday, 01-November-2013 through Friday, 15-November-2013.  You definitely will want to check them out so please, do so now.

[iii] We promoted the music of Country Joe and the Fish beginning on Tuesday, 16-July-2013 through Friday, 26-July-2013.  This was one of the greatest bands to explode out of San Francisco, California, during the Psychedelic 1960s.

[iv] We promoted the music of the Doors, the famed Los Angeles, California, hard rocking psychedelic band beginning on Saturday, 18-February-2012 through 02-April-2012.  We hope you will seek this legendary band out and consider adding it to your ever-growing collection.

[v] We began promoting the music of both the Beatles and the band’s individual components on Friday, 04-November-2016 through Sunday, 11-June-2018.  Besides the Beatles, we also promoted the music of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison as well as the Traveling Wilburys.

[vi] We hope to begin promoting the music of the Allman Brothers Band and their spin-off projects sometime within the next eight years.  We hope you will be here when we do because they are a band worthy of investigation by the readership- you will be glad you did.

[vii] So that people understand their history, the People’s Republic of China is the PHONY China, the government of Taiwan, aka the Republic of China, aka Nationalist China- is the legitimate ruler of ALL of China, the mainland, the islands, you name it, they own it.  They are free people whereas the mainland is a fascist-totalitarian state the represses human freedoms and imprisons millions of others.  FREE Tibet!  FREE Hong Kong!  FREE Macau!  FREE Taiwan!  FREE Mainland China!  FREE Uighur Muslims!  Return to Two-China Policy, recognize Taiwan as the legitimate China.  Period.



Author: Executive Chef Pedro Muñoz, CEC-ACF

I began my culinary career in the 1950's and had the good fortune of working with many different chefs before meeting my good friend, Stinkbug, in the mid 1980's in Bakersfield. I am still working part-time in my semi-retired years in my hometown in San Diego, CA. Member of the CA063 San Diego Chefs de Cuisine Chapter Chef Pedro is now an Independent. Chef Pedro writes from San Diego, CA Contact Chef Pedro at the following email address: Pedrothechef2010q@yahoo.com

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