Meanwhile, President Donald J. Trump confirms he is seeking a $2 billion arms deal including the main U.S. battle tank- the M1A1- as well as a restock on all other offensive weapons. Beijing goes ballistic and expresses their immense displeasure that the American running dogs would do such a horrible thing as to sell weapons to a free and independent country. (Note- a year later, it would appear they paid us back with COVID-19…well, later this year. Coincidence? Don’t count on it).



Contact Me: masterstinkbug302@gmail.com







Highlight: 1953- the United States rejects the People’s Republic of (Communist) China to membership in the United Nations / Belmont Stakes

President Ronald Reagan; Associate Justice Bushrod Washington; U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Samuel D. Ingram; Soviet Leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev; Atomic Rooster featuring John Du Cann, Badfinger featuring Tom Evans, Sly & the Family Stone featuring Freddie Stone, and Steely Dan featuring Jim Hodder:

  1. 70 Thursday: Roman General Titus and his Roman troops breach the middle wall of Jerusalem.
  2. 1507 Wednesday: England and the Netherlands sign a trade agreement.
  3. 1625 Thursday: Spanish troops under the command of General Spinola conquer Breda.
  4. 1752 Monday: To demonstrate that lightning was a form of electricity, Benjamin Franklin flew a kite for the first time during a thunderstorm.
  5. 1762 Saturday: Future 11th Associate Supreme Court Justice Bushrod Washington, Federalist, is born in Mt. Holly, Virginia, on this date.  President John Adams nominated him to fill the seat of Associate Justice James Wilson.  Washington served from 12-20-1798 to 11-26-1829.
  6. 1794 Thursday: Congress passed the Neutrality Act, which prohibited Americans from taking part in any military action against a country that was at peace with the United States.
  7. 1827 Tuesday: During the Greek War of Independence, the Turks take Acropolis and Athens.
  8. 1851 Thursday: The anti-slavery novel penned by abolitionist author, Harriet Beecher Stowe— “Uncle Tom’s Cabin; or, Life among the Lowly” began a 10-month run in the anti-slavery newspaper, The National Era.
  9. 1860 Tuesday: In Trenton, N.J., the 9th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Samuel D. Ingram died at age 80.  A Democratic-Republican and then a Democrat, he served under President Andrew Jackson from March 06, 1825 to June 20, 1831.
  10. 1865 Monday: In New York City, a depositor opened the first safe deposit vault at the charge of $1.50 for every $1,000 the customer stored.
  11. 1870 Sunday: A fire occurs in Constantinople that kills 900 people or more.
  12. 1876 Monday: At the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, bananas debut and become popular in the country.
  13. 1882 Monday: A major storm and flood hits Bombay, resulting in the deaths of more than 100,000 people.
  14. 1884 Thursday: Civil War hero, General William T. Sherman refused the Republican presidential nomination, saying,” I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected.”
  15. 1888 Tuesday: At their national convention, the Democrats nominate Grover Cleveland for president.
  16. 1899 Monday: In France, Captain Alfred Dreyfus wins acquittal of all charges, charges that kept him on Devil’s Island for many years.
  17. 1900 Tuesday: The army of Lord Roberts occupies the South African city of Pretoria.
  18. 1912 Wednesday: The US Marines invade Nicaragua for the third time.
  19. 1917 Tuesday: About 10 million American men began registering for the draft during World War I.
  20. 1933 Monday: The United States went off the Gold Standard making it illegal for Americans to own gold.
  21. 1940 Wednesday:  Following the evacuation of Allied troops at Dunkirk, the Germans begin the Battle of France, designed to crush the remaining French forces.  Meanwhile, the governors of Suriname and the Dutch Antilles refuse entry to Jews escaping Europe from the Nazis.
  22. 1942 Friday: The United States declares war on Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania, allies of the Axis forces.
  23. 1944 Monday: Following the German retreat, the Allies begin the march into Rome. Meanwhile, in the Pacific Theater, the first B-29 bombing raid hit a Japanese rail line in Bangkok, Thailand.
  24. 1946 Wednesday: Future guitarist/vocalist with the British hard rock band, Atomic Rooster[i]—John Du Cann—is born in Leicester, England, on this date.
  25. 1947 Thursday: In a speech at Harvard University, Secretary of State George Marshall called for economic aid to war-torn Europe, a plan that people eventually called, “the Marshall Plan.”  Elsewhere, Freddie Stone—future guitarist with the Bay Area soul-funk-rock band, Sly & the Family Stone[ii]—is born on this date in Vallejo, California.  Finally, Tom Evans, future bassist/vocalist with the British rock band, Badfinger[iii], is also born on this date in Liverpool, England.
  26. 1950 Monday: The United States Supreme Court, in Henderson v. United States, struck down racially segregated railroad dining cars.
  27. 1953 Friday: The United States Senate rejects the People’s Republic of China’s membership to the United Nations.
  28. 1963 Wednesday: Britain’s Secretary of State for War, John Proumo, resigned after acknowledging an affair with a call girl, Christine Keeler (who was involved with a Soviet spy at the same time), and lying to Parliament about it.  However, while there was no finding of a security breach, the scandal helped bring down the Conservative government of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. 
  29. 1967 Monday: War erupted in the Middle East as Israel raided military aircraft parked on the ground in Egypt; Syria, Jordan, and Iraq entered the fray the following day.
  30. 1968 Wednesday: Sirhan B. Sirhan shot Senator Robert F. Kennedy in Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel after the senator claimed victory in California’s Democratic presidential primary; law enforcement immediately arrested Sirhan. 
  31. 1975 Thursday: Egyptian President Anwar Sadat reopens the Suez Canal, which his nation had closed and kept it that way since 1967.  Meanwhile, the European Common Market agrees to Britain joining the organization.
  32. 1976 Saturday: 14 people lost their lives when the Teton Dam in Idaho burst, and water flooded downstream into inhabited areas. 
  33. 1981 Friday: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that five people in Los Angeles, California, have a rare form of pneumonia seen only in patients with weakened immune systems, in what turns out to be the first recognized cases of HIV-AIDS and the beginning of a long national hysteria.  Some wags at the time would quip this is ‘the Gay Flu,’ but after a few months, it would strike numerous segments of the population, not just male homosexuals.
  34. 1984 Tuesday: Indira Gandhi orders an attack on the Sikh’s most holy site, the Golden Temple.
  35. 1988 Sunday: The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates its 1,000th anniversary.
  36. 1990 Tuesday: In Point Arena, California, Jim Hodder—early drummer with the American rock band, Steely Dan[iv] 1972-74, drowned in his home swimming pool on this date; he was 42-years-old.
  37. 1991 Wednesday: Soviet Premier Mikhail S. Gorbachev receives his 1990 Nobel Peace Prize.
  38.  2004 Saturday: Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, died in Los Angeles, California, at age 93.
  39. 2006 Monday: Serbia declares its independence from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.
  40. 2011 Sunday: In protest of Chinese naval operations in the South China Sea, tens of thousands of Vietnamese take to the streets in protest.
  41. 2012 Tuesday: Wisconsin holds a gubernatorial recall election, one the Democrats launched at hated enemy, Gov. Scott Walker.  The recall fails and Gov. Walker becomes the first governor to survive a recall election.
  42. 2013 Wednesday: A lightning storm in Bihar, India, kills 44 people and wounds countless others.
  43. 2014 Thursday:  Following his making racist statements caught on tape, the NBA bans Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling for life and in his place, chooses former Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer to take his place—following its approval.
  44. 2015 Friday: In Yola, Nigeria, members of the so-called ‘religion of peace’ carry out a bombing that ills 31 people and injures countless others.  Were the people blown up fellow believers or were they innocent people going about their business?  Remains to be seen…
  45. 2016 Sunday: Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic Primary in Puerto Rico today.  Requiring 2,383 delegates to clinch the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, she is now less than 30 shy of the necessary tally.
  46. 2017 Monday: Hostility in the Arab world continues to mount against Qatar as Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE sever ties with the Persian Gulf kingdom over its support of Islamic terrorism around the world.  The Maldives, Yemen, and Libya follow in their footsteps.  Qatar seems more amenable to Iranian hegemony than they are to Arab solidarity.   Meanwhile, Puerto Rico declares its Zika virus epidemic over.  Good.
  47. 2018 Tuesday: In Santa Clara, CA, Judge Aaron Persky becomes the first sitting judge voted out of office in the state in 80 years, all because he showed extreme leniency towards college campus rapist Brock Turner.  Elsewhere, to disprove that it under-reported fatalities suffered in Hurricane Maria, the government of Puerto Rico says it will comply with a Superior Court order to fork over ALL death certificates.
  48. 2019 Wednesday: In Game 3 of the 2019 NBA Finals, in Oakland, the Toronto Raptors beat the injury-plagued Golden State Warriors by a final score of 123-109 to take a 2-1 series lead.   Meanwhile, President Donald J. Trump confirms he is seeking a $2 billion arms deal including the main U.S. battle tank- the M1A1- as well as a restock on all other offensive weapons.  Beijing goes ballistic and expresses their immense displeasure that the American running dogs would do such a horrible thing as to sell weapons to a free and independent country.  (Note- a year later, it would appear they paid us back with COVID-19…well, later this year.  Coincidence?  Don’t count on it).
  49. 2020 Friday: The economic news for the month of May is phenomenal with an increase of 2,509,000 new jobs and a decrease in unemployment to 13.3-percent.  The DOW Jones Industrial Average closed at 27,110.98, +829.16 (3.15%); the NASDAQ closed at 9,814.08, +198.268 (2.06%), and the S&P closed at 3,193.93, +81.58 (2.62%). Hate to say it but the Democrats are shocked.  Meanwhile, in many American cities, Democrats are declaring their intention to defund big city police departments.  Again, we suspect that communist China is behind this crap.
  50. 2020 Friday A: Here are today’s COVID-19 statistics for the world: 6,724,516 confirmed cases, 394,018 confirmed deaths, and 2,996,832 confirmed recoveries the last number of which is glorious.  Still, we must condemn the communist government of a once-free China for sending this evil around the world to cover up their own internal problems.
  51. 2020 Friday B: Here are today’s stats for the United States: 1,935,432 confirmed cases, 110,655 confirmed deaths, and 453,053 confirmed recoveries.  In the three states in which, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-The Elemental News of the Day has chef-authors, California, Hawaii, and Washington, here is California’s numbers: 122,901 confirmed cases, 4,485 confirmed deaths, but as is the norm, NO mention of confirmed recoveries.  Next, in Hawaii, here are the numbers: 655 confirmed cases, 17 confirmed deaths, and 611 confirmed recoveries.  Finally, in far-left Washington, here are the numbers for today: 22,974 confirmed cases, 1,149 confirmed deaths, but like other socialist s-holes, NO mention of confirmed recoveries.
  52. 2021 Saturday: Ah, it’s the weekend, let’s hope it’s a slow news day…oh, wait!  President Donald J. Trump is speaking at the North Carolina GOP Convention in Greenville this evening.  That is going to send a shiver of cold fear down the backs of the Bidenistas and the Chi-Coms…


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Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

Pictures #0001-1495


Jethro Tull heard their critics loud and clear- stop with the lengthy pieces and avoid going down the pop road.  Thus, the next album the band released- “A Minstrel in the Gallery”- came out on September 05, 1975.  The lineup featured Ian Anderson (vocals, flutes, guitars, keyboards), Martin Barre (guitars), Jeffrey Hammond (bass and keyboards), John Evan (keyboards), and Barriemore Barlow (drums) and the album more resembled the band’s first four studio albums than it did any of its immediate predecessors.  We enjoy this album and know that you will, too, so we encourage everyone to seek this one out at your favorite site for nothing but the absolute BEST in music and then adding it to your ever-growing collection.  We began offering the best music back in the early days of 2009 and have continued that effort to the present day.  Please, check it out, give it a good listen, and enjoy.

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Saturday, June 05, 2021:


[i] The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock is a left-wing way to terrorize the citizens of the world whenever a conservative or Republican is president of the United States.  Pay no attention to these scumbags.

[ii] We hope to present the music of Sly & the Family Stone within the next decade or so.  Please stay tuned for further information.

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I began my cooking career in the 1960's when I apprenticed underneath a great chef, Master Chef Ulysses S. Paz. I have lived and worked in Hawaii, Washington State, Arizona, and California. Even though I am in my late 60’s, I am still actively involved at a hotel here in Bakersfield, CA. I make my home in Pumpkin Center, CA.

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