Although ‘Climate Czar’ John F. “Lurch” Kerry remains mum, his pals the Iranians have no problem throwing him under the bus- they confirmed the authenticity of the tape in which ‘Lurch” threw the Israelis to the wolves…

In other news related to overseas activities, former Acting U.S. Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller- part of the Trump administration- is urging the Biden administration NOT to let its guard down regarding the use of directed-energy weapons on U.S. personnel worldwide. He calls it ‘an act of war’ and suggests that even if it’s ‘nonlethal,’ we owe it to our people to investigate so as to be better protected in the future.



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Kent State Shooting Remembrance (Ohio) and Rhode Island Independence Day (Rhode Island)

Although ‘Climate Czar’ John F. “Lurch” Kerry remains mum, his pals the Iranians have no problem throwing him under the bus- they confirmed the authenticity of the tape in which ‘Lurch” threw the Israelis to the wolves…

  1. 2021 Tuesday: COVID-19 STATISTICS FOR THE PLANET AS A WHOLE: 154,940,945 confirmed cases, +477,975, 3,39,615  confirmed deaths, +12,655, and 133,045,378 confirmed recoveries, +75,532.  Next, here are the stats for the United States: 33,268,541 confirmed cases, UP 36,236 from yesterday’s reporting, 592,292 confirmed deaths, UP 734,[i] and 25,961,286 confirmed recoveries, UP 53,716.  We genuinely appreciate COVID Live Update World Meter for being honest in covering ALL the numbers- God bless them.[ii]   
  2. 2021 Tuesday A: NOTE: SINCE JOE BIDEN BECAME PRESIDENT ON JANUARY 20, 2021, THERE HAVE BEEN 277,565 CHI-VI DEATHS IN THE United States- feeble old Joe, in another 240.56 days, you will have tied the total number witnessed by the Trump administration in nearly a year of the rampaging coronavirus pandemic.    Under President Trump’s watch, there were 404,078 fatalities from the Chi-Com Bat Virus. Currently, Joe is shy 185,968 deaths. 
  3. 2021 Tuesday B: COVID-19 STATISTICS in the four states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day employs chef-bloggers- California, Florida, Hawaii, and Washington- here are the stats, California first: 3,748,785 confirmed cases, 61,986 confirmed deaths, and 1,996,486 confirmed recoveries.  Moving on, here are the numbers for Florida: 2,249,535 confirmed cases, 35,399 confirmed deaths, and 1,817,665 confirmed recoveries.  Next here are the numbers for Hawaii: 32,732 confirmed cases, 484 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries (same as yesterday’s count).  Finally, here are the stats for Washington: 409,585 confirmed cases, 5,567 confirmed deaths, and 200,937 confirmed recoveries (same as yesterday’s recovery numbers).  Let us look at one other portion of the U.S., Wyoming, a place with two horrible senators: they have 57,142 confirmed cases, 710 confirmed deaths, but 0 confirmed recoveries as they won’t mention them.[iii]   Meanwhile, effective July 01, 2021, ALL remaining in-state and local COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions will end, so says Governor Ron DeSantis.  Awesome.
  4. 2021 Tuesday C: Now that Mo has relocated to Israel, let’s look at the statistics there: 838,697 confirmed cases, 6,369 confirmed deaths, and 831,090 confirmed recoveries (same as yesterday’s figures).   Let’s look at one non-country- Uruguay, a place that was once home to Nazis: 204,120 cases of the virus, 2,796 confirmed deaths and 176,783 confirmed recoveries.[iv]     
  5. 2021 Tuesday D:  STOCK MARKET CLOSES/PRECIOUS AND RARE METALS: DOW Jones Industrial Average: 34,133.03, UP 19.80 points (+0.58%).  Next, the NASDAQ: 13,633.50, DOWN 261.62 points (-1.88%).  Finally, here are the stats for the S&P 500: 4,164.66, DOWN 28.00 points (-0.67%).  The price of Light Sweet Crude Oil is $66.22 per barrel, +0.53 (+0.81%).  The price of GOLD is $1,778.40 per troy oz., +2.60 (+0.15%) while the price of SILVER is $26.55 per troy ounce, -0.01 (-0.03%).  The price of PLATINUM is $1,240.40 per troy oz, +8.60 (+0.70%) while the price of COPPER is $4.56 per pound, +0.03 (+0.74%).[v]  The price of PALLADIUM is $2,973.33 per troy oz, +8.65 (+0.29%).[vi] The price of RHODIUM is $29,500.00 per troy oz., 0.00 (0.00%).[vii]    Currently, Bitcoin, one U.S. greenback = 0.000018.  As for Chi-Com money, one-dollar U.S. = 6.47 Chinese yuan.  Meanwhile, one-dollar U.S. = 0.83 euros and in Mexican pesos equals 20.18.     In Pakistani Rupee, one greenback equals 153.10 and in Panamanian Balboa, a buck equals 1.00 and in Papua New Guinean Kina, one dollar equals 3.42 of theirs.[viii]  
  6. 2021 Tuesday E: U.S. NATIONAL DEBT AND GASOLINE PRICES IN THE FOUR STATES IN WHICH WE HAVE CHEF-AUTHORS- Thanks to the Biden administration, gasoline prices continue rising by the day- in California, gasoline prices have risen to over $4.050 per gallon, $2.834 in Florida, $3.796 in Hawaii, and $3.488 in Washington state.[ix]    Let’s look at one other location- New Mexico: $2.879.  We are going to do something else that could be fun- gasoline prices around the world going from cheapest to highest.  The next country on the list has the next lowest gasoline price in the world- Malaysian: $1.887 per U.S. Gallon.[x]  Meanwhile, here is a snapshot of the U.S. National Debt for today: $28,247,962,760,073 and the Democrats are adding TRILLIONS of dollars to it, not BILLIONS but flipping TRILLIONS.[xi]  Cloward and Piven causing problems like they always do.
  7. 2021 Tuesday F: FOREIGN NEWS / OVERSEAS NEWS- U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is visiting the Ukraine today.[xii]   Next, Iran confirms the authenticity of tape where Climate Czar John F. “Lurch” Kerry[xiii] commits various Logan Act violations by sharing with the Iranians at least, we repeat- at least– 200 separate incidences of the Mossad carrying out surreptitious activities against Iranian interests in the hellhole of Syria.  In other news related to overseas activities, former Acting U.S. Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller- part of the Trump administration- is urging the Biden administration NOT to let its guard down regarding the use of directed-energy weapons on U.S. personnel worldwide.  He calls it ‘an act of war’ and suggests that even if it’s ‘nonlethal,’ we owe it to our people to investigate so as to be better protected in the future.
  8. 2021 Tuesday G: COVID-19 UPDATES AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION- First, early information is suggesting that the COVID-19-caused pandemic shutdowns of cities may be in the early stages of reversal.  Next, Pfizer seeks full clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for the use of its Chi-Vi vaccine for everyone.  Elsewhere, U.S. states are not ordering their full allotments of the Xi Jinping Bat Flu over a lessening demand for the questionable inoculations.
  9. 2021 Tuesday H: JOE BIDEN REGIME NEWS I-   We learn today that thanks to Joe Biden being president (well, “Kooky Kamala” Harris is ‘president’), the death tax is going to rise to 40-61-percent meaning their family’s tragedy will also see financial rape of the grieving survivors.  Wow.  Thank you, President Obama, uh, we mean, “El Presidente Joe Biden.”   Meanwhile, Cuban-born U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, DS, says the regime is moving ahead with reuniting illegal alien families torn asunder by the Trump administration.   Elsewhere, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark A. Milley is dropping his opposition to changes in sexual assault policies.  Wow.  Sell-out.
  10. 2021 Tuesday I: JOE BIDEN’S BORDER CATASTROPHE- Senate Majority Leader “Cryin’ Chuck” Schumer says he is considering a slick budgetary maneuver whereby he can legalize tens of millions of illegal aliens lurking within the shadows of our country.  Gee whiz, thank you, Chuckie, thank you.
  11. 2021 Tuesday J: POLITICAL NEWS I- the House GOP is calling for an oversight hearing on the Capitol Hill Police Department and their actions on FALSE FLAG OPERATION DAY on January 06, 2021.  Next, GOP lawmakers seek a probe of Amazon’s Jedi contract.   Elsewhere, the GOP is adding an additional 10 Democrat-held congressional seats deemed to be vulnerable in 2022.  (Note- get rid of YOUR RINO problem, too, Republicans).  Moving on, UNC Chapel Hill has bestowed a professorship on the clown that created the 1619 ‘Project,’ (a bullshit propaganda project with which to wail and cry and to point fingers at the evil whiteys)[xiv].  In other news, former Governor Charlie Crist, RINO-FL-turned Democrat Congressman, 13th congressional district, is making another run for the gubernatorial mansion.  Loser.  Finally, Eric Trump says there is NO way that fuddled old Joe Biden can hold a candle to his father’s energy on the job.
  12. 2021 Tuesday K: POLITICAL NEWS II- We learned today that Newsmax settled a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems out of Canada, that they apologized and agreed to stop questioning the 2020 Presidential Election’s veracity.  One America News, however, won’t back down for which, we congratulate them.  However, if Canada WON’T use Dominion Voting Systems nor Smartmatic Software in their own elections, what does that say about their trustworthiness and honesty?  Not very much.  Speaking of the untrustworthy, it now appears that Congresswoman Liz Cheney, RINO-WY, will be out as GOP Conference Chair by the end of the month.  This woman and the other corrupt Republicans that leapt onto the President Donald J. Trump impeachment vote as showing their virtue ALL must lose their seats.  Period.  She needs to join the Democrats of which she truly is one…finally, the Justice Department has been ordered to release the memo cited by then-U.S. Attorney General William “Bill” Barr as to why there was no charge of obstruction launched against President Donald J. Trump when feeble old Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III concluded his ginned-up, bogus investigation into the 45th president.
  13. 2021 Tuesday L: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT NEWS / LAW ENFORCEMENT NEWS- The attorney for convicted murderer and former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin has filed for a new trial now that we learn the jurors were going to convict him on ALL counts no matter what which is not justice but a kangaroo court.  The judge in the case pointed out that thanks to people like that dingbat from California, Congresswoman Maxine “Prune Face” Waters, DS-CA 43rd congressional district, going there and rabble rousing the lynch mob outside the courthouse every day, that her actions put the entire outcome of the trial in jeopardy.  We expect to see Chauvin win a new trial, be acquitted, and get his old job back.  Boo-yeah!
  14. 2021 Tuesday M: CALIFORNIA LOTTERY RESULTS / MEGA-MILLIONS DRAW- stick around for the results on tonight’s Mega-Millions Draw #1656 with a pot of $345 million available to some lucky winner…here are the results: 04, 27, 32, 57, 63, and Mega 22.  Out of 136,836 winning tickets, the highest winner was ONE person who had FIVE numbers but NO Mega for a prize of $947,704.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2021:


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[xii] This schmo also warned the Chi-Coms it would be a mistake to attack Taiwan.  What is the U.S. going to do to stop it, Secretary Blinken?  Launch a nuclear barrage on the Chi-Coms?  I doubt it.  (Note- living in Israel allows me to view the world differently and I think there is no way the U.S.- without President Donald J. Trump in the White House– can do to stop such an attack.  I fear it would be over before it began- Mo).

[xiii] Speaking of ‘climate,’ a NYU physicist says that ‘humans have NOT broken the climate.’

[xiv] Nikole Hannah-Jones cannot handle any criticism of her bogus ‘history.’  Why is it we cannot continue the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?  Why do we have to continue finding ways of tearing the country apart?  Here is why: for some, it’s profitable.  Look at ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton, look at ‘Reverend’ Jesse Jackson, look at that POS lawyer Benjamin Crump, these scalawags and scoundrels reap lots of wealth tearing the fabric of the nation asunder.  Going to be time to move to Russia or Chi-Com land…at least they defend their countries.

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