Joe Biden managed to stumble through 62 minutes of lackluster questions from bored reporters and we didn’t learn anything we already didn’t know…

84. TODAY IN HISTORY—THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 2021 UPDATE A: Meanwhile, former CBP boss Tom Homan says that ‘the appointment of “Kooky Kamala” to be the new ‘Border Czar’ has to be the absolute worst person for the job.’ NO one respects “Kooky” because (1) she is unlikable, (2) unqualified, and (3) as untalented as they come. She will make things far worse than they already are.



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Maryland Day (Maryland)

Joe Biden managed to stumble through 62 minutes of lackluster questions from bored reporters and we didn’t learn anything we already didn’t know…  

  • 2021 Thursday: JOE BIDEN’S FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE IN 65 DAYS- An extremely fatigued, slow-moving, mumbling, stumbling Joe Biden gave his first official press conference today.  He began mumbling through his pre-rehearsed lines, clearing his throat, looking furtively around the room, and spewing whatever the voice in his earpiece told him to spew.  This was extremely embarrassing for the American people and in the eyes of the world, deeply humiliating.  It is clear that Joe Biden is NOT his own man but a marionette on a string being danced about by someone else.   Within 3 minutes starting at 10:29 A.M. PDT he moved to questions by 10:32 with Zeke from the Associated Press getting the first shot.  Joe said, “I was elected to solve problems,” said Joe.   Regarding the border, Joe Biden says, “Nothing has changed, it happens every year, hundreds of thousands of illegals come here every year.”  He says it’s ‘NOT because he’s a good guy but it’s because this is the safest time not to die in the desert coming here.’  Wow, Joe.  Joe then blamed President Donald J. Trump for ‘dismantling the system, defunding HHS, limiting the number of beds available, and doing all sorts of other evil things that poor old Joe is now having to rebuild.’  (Note- Joe, just build the wall and f**king deport them all!).  Joe lied by saying he is sending back ‘thousands, tens of thousands of people who are over age 18 and single as well as vast majorities of families.’  He said that ‘they are not crossing our border.’   (Joe went about 62 minutes and answered questions from approximately 13-14 reporters.  Congrats, Joe, you didn’t topple over and blood did not start flowing out of your eyes, ears, and nostrils).[i] 
  • 2021 Thursday A: LOGAN ACT VIOLATIONS- Information is beginning to arise showing that former U.S. Secretary of State (and current climate change czar) John F. Kerry committed numerous Logan Act violations by conducting shadow diplomacy behind the Trump administration’s back with all manner of noxious toadstools such as Iran, the Chi-Coms, the Russians, the Venezuelans, and every other crap-hole country in the world.  Mr. Kerry should be doing time in Ft. Leavenworth for his crimes.
  • 2021 Thursday B: POLITICAL NEWS I- a recent report shows that moderate Democrats outperformed their crazier left-wing Democrats in the 2020 Elections yet the loony tunes liberal losers seem to retain control.   Next, Senator Bernie Sanders- breaking with the Biden administration- is demanding higher taxes than those proposed by Biden and his Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.  Communism is expensive to fund.  Next, Joe Biden is planning on spending another $10 billion to get more shots into arms and has announced that he is going to double his pledge of getting 100 million vaccines administered in his first 100 days to 200 million doses.   In other fascinating news, the U.S. Secret Service tried to CONCEAL from the eyes of the American people a gun purchase by Hunter Biden.  Need that money to fend off people trying to steal his crack cocaine.
  • 2021 Thursday C: MISCELLANEOUS NEWS I- The Atlanta Police Department arrested a man walking around the city carrying a concealed rifle and handguns.  Another fellow with a sex addiction?  Speaking of firearms, a federal appeals court in Hawaii has ruled that Americans have no intrinsic rights to open or conceal carry firearms of any kind.  Uh, okay.  Elsewhere, the murdering (allegedly) POS Syrian refugee who shot up King Soopers Grocery Store in Boulder, Colorado, earlier in the week appeared in court for the first time.  The judge denied Mr. Ahmad Al-Aliwi Alissa bail pending a mental health evaluation.   The scumbag should not be getting bail of any sort.  Period.   Next, Joe Biden backs a Supreme Court ruling on recent ruling in which law enforcement confiscated some schmo’s guns.
  • 2021 Thursday D: COVID-19 CHI-VI- Scientists are studying four different possible origins for the Wuhan Virus Pandemic encircling the globe for about the fourth time now.  The Chi-Coms swear ‘nothing to see here’ and that ‘the U.S. Army snuck it into our country.’  Oh, please, you guys are communists, you are a bunch of lying f**ks.  Meanwhile, AstraZeneca continues to swear that despite all the claims to the contrary and controversy surrounding their vaccine for the China Virus, it’s still 76-percent effective.   Elsewhere, Empire State Governor Andrew “Killer” Cuomo finds himself in yet another crossfire, this time over him, his family, and sycophants receiving COVID-19 tests when very few tests were available to John and Jane Q. Public, the “Killer Governor” went behind the scenes and did what he needed to do for him, his family, and his hangers-on.  This is yet another impeachable offense facing the so-called “Lov Gov.”  Finally, the Biden administration is going to partner with dialysis clinics so the vaccines can be distributed to more people on a faster basis.
  • 2021 Thursday E: POLITICAL NEWS II- When asked about him supporting elimination of the filibuster,[ii] Joe Biden hemmed and hawed about that.  Next, some ignorant reporter was asking Joe Biden if he were going to run again, if “Kooky Kamala” would be his running mate, and if he thought he would be running against President Donald J. Trump in 2024.  Even for us, this is incredibly stupid and we would never ask anything about 2022, much less 2024.  Most people believe Joe is not going to be in office for a year, much less four, so why ask the old bugger if he will be seeking a second term, whether Ms. Sleep-her-way-to-the-Top will be his running mate, and whether the guy from whom he stole the election will be running  to win it back- a third time.  WTF?  This question, however, caused Joe Biden to begin mumbling and whispering.   
  • 2021 Thursday F: POLITICAL NEWS III- Scandal-ridden former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is considering a run to replace retiring Senator Roy Blunt.  The Republican former governor was involved in a steamy sex scandal and most people in the state are praying that someone better will step up and replace Senator Blunt.  We shall see.  Next, Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX, says, ‘H.R. 1 is the single most dangerous bill in Congress today.’  Note- Georgia just passed some hardcore voting restriction laws designed to thwart H.R. 1.  Meanwhile, former CBP boss Tom Homan says that ‘the appointment of “Kooky Kamala” to be the new ‘Border Czar’ has to be the absolute worst person for the job.’  NO one respects “Kooky” because (1) she is unlikable, (2) unqualified, and (3) as untalented as they come.  She will make things far worse than they already are.   Next, according to Facebook’s oversight board, the permanent ban of President Donald J. Trump might not be so permanent (they are afraid that he is developing a superior social media product and want to cut him some slack so perhaps he will be lulled into complacency and won’t follow through).  Finally, we learn that Google received its ‘monopoly’ following their aid to President Barack Hussein Obama’s successful re-election bid.  No wonder the American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day at Google Blogger soon found itself behind Google’s blockade.
  • 2021 Thursday G: MISCELLANEOUS NEWS II- A rare Vincent Van Gogh painting of Paris is going up for auction.   Meanwhile, the Olympic Torch Relay kicks off under the cloud of the Chinese Virus.  Elsewhere, first time jobless claims last week fell to 684,000 new ones which is the best number since the start of the pandemic. Another 242,00 filed for special pandemic relief last week.  In total, 4.1 million workers remain on unemployment benefits.   Meanwhile, HHS is going to partner with the Pentagon to take two Texas military bases, Fort Bliss and Lackland Air Force Base so they can send illegal alien brats there to stay.   The Biden administration is struggling to find holding pens for all the illegals which is why partnering with private prisons across the U.S. would be a great way to house people who are already going to end up being imprisoned a taste of what’s to come.  Viva El Norte! 


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Thursday, March 25, 2021:


[i] Critics blast Joe Biden for signing 37 executive orders while doing just one monotonous news conference.

[ii] Joe Biden echoed his crazy left-wing Democrats by decrying the Senate filibuster as a relic of the Jim Crow Era.  Joe, Democrats were the party that opposed civil rights, the party of slavery, Jim Crow, red-lining, lynching, the KKK, burning crosses, firehoses and police dogs and Bull Connor busting open heads with billy clubs and night sticks.  Democrats started the Civil War, fought the Civil War, and their northern brethren, the Copperheads defended them in Congress.  Shut up about racism and Jim Crow and racial hatred, the Democratic Party personifies race hatred and white supremacy.  Enough is enough.


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  1. Skip the beer and go for the grain alcohol and hard drugs if you suffered through that.
    Thank God for fast-forward so I can skip all the clips in the podcasts tonight.


    1. I might not even be able to read the quotes without in-law tolerance juice. (That’s what I call alcoholic drinks around the teetotallers.)


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