Elsewhere, the Chi-Coms go berserk in Tibet, cracking down on protesters demanding freedom. Word has it the Chi-Coms murdered at least 80 people in cold blood and scooped up loads of others for their concentration camps. Basketball shoes anyone? The Dalai Lama accused the Chin of waging a cultural genocide against his people. No wonder the Chi-Coms want his hide.



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President James Madison; U.S. Secretary of State Elihu B. Washburne; Alice Cooper featuring Michael Bruce, John & Yoko Lennon, Free featuring Andy Fraser, Heart featuring Ann Wilson, Mohammed Bijeh aka the “Tehran Desert Vampire,” and Van Halen featuring Wolfgang Van Halen:

  1. 597 B.C.: The Babylonian army captures Jerusalem where they replace Jehoiachin with Zedekiah as their king.
  2. 37 Monday: Roman Emperor Tiberius dies; Caligula succeeded him.
  3. 1190 Friday: Prior to leaving for overseas, English Crusaders first massacre the Jews of York, England.
  4. 1322 Monday: The Battle of Boroughbridge takes place in the first war of Scottish independence.
  5. 1521 Wednesday: Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reached the Philippines where natives killed him the following month.
  6. 1690 Thursday: French King Louis XIV sends troops to aid the Irish in their struggle against the British.
  7. 1751 Tuesday: James Madison, fourth president of the United States, was born in Port Conway, Virginia Colony, British North America.  A future Democratic-Republican, he would serve from 03-04-1809-03-04-1817.  
  8. 1802 Tuesday: President Thomas Jefferson signed a measure authorizing the establishment of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, and the establishment of the Army Corps of Engineers (the second time)
  9. 1827 Friday: The first newspaper published by blacks for blacks commences in New York, the Freedom Journal. 
  10. 1836 Wednesday: The Republic of Texas approved a constitution.  
  11. 1850 Saturday: Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, “The Scarlet Letter” was first published.
  12. 1861 Saturday: The Arizona Territory votes to leave the Union and join the Confederacy.
  13. 1869 Tuesday: Hiram R. Revels, the first black to make an official speech in the U.S. Senate, does so on this date.  Meanwhile, the 25th U.S. Secretary of State Elihu B. Washburne left office on this date.  A Whig and then a Republican, he served under President Ulysses S. Grant from 03-05-1869 until today.  He then became minister to France from 03-23-1869 to 09-05-1877.
  14. 1881 Wednesday: The Barnum and Bailey Circus made its official debut.
  15. 1912 Saturday: Future first lady Pat Nixon was born Thelma Catherine Ryan in Ely, Nevada.
  16. 1916 Thursday: The United States and Canada sign a migratory bird treaty.
  17. 1917 Friday: Russian Grand Duke Michael, brother of Czar Nicholas II, declines the throne upon his brother’s abdication.
  18. 1926 Tuesday: Rocket science pioneer Robert H. Goddard successfully tested the first liquid-fueled rocket in Auburn, Massachusetts.
  19. 1933 Thursday: Adolf Hitler appoints Hjalmar Shaft, president of the Bank of Germany.
  20. 1935 Saturday: Adolph Hitler decided to break the military terms set by the Treaty of Versailles by ordering the rearming of Germany.
  21. 1939 Thursday: Adolf Hitler completes the annexation of Czechoslovakia on this date.
  22. 1940 Saturday: During the Battle of Britain, the Luftwaffe attacks the British home fleet base at Scapa Flow.   Great Britain suffers its first casualties on its home soil. 
  23. 1943 Tuesday: In one of the most peculiar stories of World War II, stories regarding the massacre of more than 22,000 Polish military officers captured by the Soviets during the invasion of their country in 1939 begin leaking to the West.  The Katyn Forest Massacre somehow leaks and it causes both the Soviet Union and the Nazis to blame the other for the hideous crime among a litany of hideous crimes committed on the Eastern Front during World War II.  Eventually, forensic experts from both countries would investigate the crime as would the world once the war ended.  The inevitable conclusion for this mass murder falls on the Soviets because when communism befalls a Roman Catholic nation, all military officers, priests, and other intelligentsia require elimination.  The Nazis would be cleared of this crime.[i]
  24. 1944 Thursday: The U.S. XI Army Corps begins arriving at Finschhafen, New Guinea,   Once the jungles of New Guinea are completely liberated, the corps will move on to the Liberation of the Philippines later in the year on October 20, 1944.
  25. 1945 Friday: During World War II, American forces declared that they had secured Iwo Jima, although pockets of Japanese resistance remained.   On the Eastern Front, the Soviets are battling to ‘liberate’ Hungary from the Nazis.  The Nazis and their remaining loyal Hungarian troops continue fighting to stem the tide but the Soviets are now an inexorable force, driving towards Germany.
  26. 1948 Tuesday: Future rhythm guitarist/backup vocalist with the original Alice Cooper[ii] band, 1969-1974—Michael Bruce—is born on this date.
  27. 1954 Tuesday: Future guitarist/vocalist with the rock band, Heart[iii]– Ann Wilson- is born in San Francisco, California, on this date.   Meanwhile in French Indochina, the Battle at Dien Bien Phu continues to rage.  The French command is basically in shock, they had not anticipated that the Viet Minh would do as well as they have.  They have overrun the various Béatrice positions and have compromised Gabrielle.  French aircraft have had problems operating in the overcast valley while their counterbattery fire has been a target for the People’s Army gunners.  There is concern among the French officers both at the base and in Hanoi that unless immediate reinforcements were brought in and the troops recovered their morale, the main camp might be lost.
  28. 1955 Wednesday: President Eisenhower upholds the use of atomic weapons in case of war.  The Soviet Union is as belligerent as ever and folks, President Eisenhower should have already nuked them and kept them in check.
  29. 1959 Monday: The USSR and Iraq sign a treaty of economic cooperation and technical aid.  The Soviets are always meddling in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  They want a warmwater port.
  30. 1964 Monday: President Lyndon Baines Johnson sent Congress the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 as part of his War on Poverty.  Congress passed the measure and the president signed it into law in August of that same year.  
  31. 1966 Wednesday: NASA launched Gemini 8 on a mission to rendezvous and dock with Agena, a target vehicle in orbit; although the docking was successful, the joined vehicles began spinning wildly out of control, forcing Gemini to disconnect and abort the flight.
  32. 1968 Saturday: During the Vietnam War, the My Lai Massacre of Vietnamese civilians was carried out by U.S. Army troops; estimates of the death toll vary between 347 and 504.  The troops were hunting for Viet Cong guerillas, suffering numerous casualties from booby traps and snipers so by the time they arrived in the two hamlets of Son My village, they went on a murder spree.  Elsewhere, Senator Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination on this date.
  33. 1972 Thursday: In a nationally broadcast address, President Richard M. Nixon called for a moratorium on court-ordered school busing to achieve racial desegregation.  Meanwhile, the INS serve John and Yoko Lennon[iv] deportation papers.
  34. 1978 Thursday: The U.S. Senate accepts the Panama Canal Treaty, which will return control of the canal to the Panamanians.
  35. 1984 Friday: In Beirut, Islamic jihadists kidnapped CIA station chief William Buckley.  His Hezbollah captors tortured and eventually murdered him in 1985.  South Africa and Mozambique sign a non-aggression treaty.
  36. 1985 Saturday: Terry Anderson, chief Middle East correspondent for the Associated Press, was abducted in the hellhole of Beirut; his jihadi captors eventually released him in 1991.
  37. 1988 Wednesday: Protestant extremist Michael Stone launched a one-man gun-and-grenade attack on an Irish Republican Army funeral at Milltown Cemetery in Belfast, Northern Ireland, killing three of the mourners.  Meanwhile, federal prosecutors issued indictments for Lt. Colonel Oliver North, Vice Admiral John Poindexter of the National Security Council, and two others for their involvement in the Iran-Contra affair.
  38. 1991 Saturday: Future bassist with the reformed Van Halen[v], 2004-present, Wolfgang Van Halen—is born on this date in Santa Monica, California.  Elsewhere, a plane carrying seven members of country singer Reba McEntire’s band and her tour manager crashed into Otay Mountain in southern California, killing all on board.  Meanwhile, U.S. skaters Kristi Yamaguchi, Tonya Harding, and Nancy Kerrigan swept the World Figure Skating Championships in Munich, Germany.
  39. 1994 Wednesday: Tonya Harding pleaded guilty to conspiracy to hinder prosecution for covering up the attack on her skating rival, Nancy Kerrigan.  She ended up receiving a fine of $100,000 while some of her conspirators went to prison.
  40. 1995 Thursday: The Mississippi House of Representatives formally abolishes slavery and ratifies the 13th Amendment.  Elsewhere, NASA astronaut Norman Thagard became the first American to visit the Russian space station Mir.
  41. 1996 Saturday: In their heavyweight fight, Mike Tyson knocks out Frank Bruno in Round 2.
  42. 2003 Sunday: Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein warned that if Iraq were attacked, it would take the war anywhere in the world “wherever there is sky, land or water.”  President George W. Bush gave the United Nations one more day to find a diplomatic solution to the standoff.     Elsewhere, American activist Rachel Corrie, 23, lost her life when an Israeli bulldozer crushed her as she was trying to block the demolition of a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip.  No one asked the leftist to be there and it should be clear to all that she was pretty damned stupid to put herself between the home of a terrorist and an Israeli bulldozer.  No sympathy for her.
  43. 2004 Tuesday: as things in the Iraq War continue going from bad to worse, President George W. Bush begs his Coalition allies to stick it out with the U.S.  Democrats in the U.S. are doing everything to transform the war into one of major disaster so they can elect a Democrat in November.
  44. 2005 Wednesday: The Iranians execute a serial killer on this date after giving him 100 lashes.  Mohammed Bijeh, aka the Tehran Desert Vampire, was convicted of being a murderous pedophile.  Between March 2003 and September 2004, this scumbag confessed to raping and murdering at least 16 boys (and two adults) between the ages of 8 and 16.  He claimed that he suffered rape and wanted to exact revenge upon the community.  They hung a noose from a construction crane, put it around his neck, raised him up, and hung him until he was dead.  May Allah have mercy on his soul.
  45. 2006 Thursday: Global law enforcement authorities discover a worldwide child pornography ring after finding information in online chat rooms that leads to the arrests of 13 Americans, 10 Canadians, several Australians and at least 2 Brits.  Lock ‘em up.
  46. 2007 Friday: Islamic jihadists go berserk in Anbar Province launching a chlorine attack (remember: NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq) killing at least 2 Iraqi police officers and wounding or sickening hundreds more.  That’s the so-called ‘religion of peace’ for you.   Elsewhere, communist China adopts the People’s Republic of China Property Law, a law that covers the creation, ownership, and transfer of property in mainland China. 
  47. 2008 Sunday: With the collapse of Bear Stearns over the housing crisis, the world economy finds itself on shaky footing.  This past Sunday, the Fed enabled JP Morgan to buy Bear Stearns in an effort to prevent the collapse of the nation’s fifth largest investment bank from collapse.  Sadly, it does not seem to have prevented the ongoing implosion.   JP Morgan bought the company, once valued at more than $20 billion for bargain basement prices of $270 million.  What a bargain.  Elsewhere, the Chi-Coms go berserk in Tibet, cracking down on protesters demanding freedom.  Word has it the Chi-Coms murdered at least 80 people in cold blood and scooped up loads of others for their concentration camps.  Basketball shoes anyone?  The Dalai Lama accused the Chin of waging a cultural genocide against his people.  No wonder the Chi-Coms want his hide.
  48. 2009 Monday: Outrage continues to grow over collapsing AIG’s decision to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses to its top managers and CEO.  This leads to outrage in the street and a decision by the Obama White House to discover a way to halt this outrage.  It matters not that the executives were promised these bonuses whether the company turned a profit or not.   New York State Attorney Andrew Cuomo announces he is going to subpoena AIG so he can get some answers before his kangaroo court.  Elsewhere, following the bailouts of the big banks by the Obama administration, their thanks is to lessen lending, not increase it.  Wow.
  49. 2010 Tuesday: NO matter what liberal Westerners demand, Israel announces that it’s going to move forward with the construction of new settlements.  Meanwhile, as Palestinians continue protesting in Jerusalem, Israeli authorities crack down on them leaving at least ten or more injured.  Stop fighting with the Israelis, you dumb asses.  Meanwhile, a drone strike ordered by the droner-in-chief, President Barack Hussein Obama, kills 9 people and injures many more in Pakistan.  No one knows if they were terrorists or not.  No wonder the Muslim world hates the United States.
  50. 2011 Wednesday: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announces that she will NOT serve a second term should President Obama win reelection for a second term.   Elsewhere, the CIA continues conducting drone strikes across Afghanistan and Pakistan.  What the hell is going on?
  51. 2012 Friday: In North Korea, the dictatorship announces that to honor the upcoming birthday of founder Kim-IL Sung, the nation will launch a satellite that will supposedly study agricultural croplands and natural resources.
  52. 2013 Saturday: In response to a possible nuclear attack on the U.S. mainland by North Korea, the government announces it will invest $1 billion to put into place ground-based missile interceptors.
  53. 2014 Sunday: In a referendum deemed illegal by both the European Union and the United States, voters in the Crimea vote for secession from the Ukraine and a coupling with Vladimir Putin’s Russia.
  54. 2015 Monday: Andy Fraser, bassist of Free, dies on this date in Temecula, California.  The legendary bassist was 62 years-old.  
  55. 2016 Wednesday: Setting in motion one of the most contentious Supreme Court issues between Republicans and Democrats, President Barack Hussein Obama nominates Merrick Garland to fill the seat of deceased Republican Associate Justice Antonin Scalia.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that the voters will decide in November’s presidential election as to whom should have the honor of nominating the replacement for Scalia.  Of course the Democrats go bat crap crazy.  Eventually with Donald Trump winning the presidency, the 45th president will nominate Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacant seat.
  56. 2017 Thursday: The anti-Trump ‘Resistance Movement’ strikes again what with not one but two federal courts blocking the president’s second travel ban.  Elsewhere, a judge in Maryland issues a temporary restraining order against President Donald J. Trump’s revised Muslim ban.
  57. 2018 Friday: At age 89, Li Ka-Shing- Asia’s second wealthiest person (and Hong Kong resident) announces his retirement from the world of business.  Elsewhere, as the United States continues reaching out to North Korea, South Korea and the U.S. jointly announce that they will scale down annual military drills so as to draw the North into direct talks.
  58. 2019 Saturday: In Mabini, Philippines, a dead beached whale is discovered to have 88 pounds of plastic refuse in his guts, including 40 pounds of plastic bags.  Yikes.  Meanwhile, the Yellow Vests Protests against French President Emanuel Macron enter their fourth month as protesters angry over rising energy prices due to Green Fascism continue to drive the people insane.  Fires erupt, stores and cars are burned, the police take to the streets and fire tear gas at the protesters.  It’s a mess.
  59. 2020 Monday: Thanks to the Wuhan Virus out of Wuhan, China, panic continues gripping the world.  The markets have been in freefall, with a Bear market that began last week continuing.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 20188.52, down 2,997.10 points.  The S & P 500 is down 324.89, closing at 2386.13.  The NASDAQ is down 970.28 and closed at 6904.55.  Total confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world are 167,457 with 6,471 confirmed dead and 76,851 confirmed recoveries.  Meanwhile, medical researchers continue trying to increase testing kits as well as experimental vaccines to fight this foreign scourge.  In the U.S., there have been 4,017 positive tests for coronavirus what with 35,840 negative tests and another 1,691 pending tests.  The United States is behind in testing but folks, you can test negative one day and positive a day or two later.   
  60. 2021 Tuesday:  Things are moving so fast that it’s difficult to keep up.  After a heavy news day yesterday, we hope the Unseen Hand manipulating Chi-Com Joe Biden takes it a little bit slower today…


This artwork is #0405 a 12” x 16” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “A Daisy for Lita.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her Website, found at beverlycarrick.com, or at the blog’s Facebook page.  At her Website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work.  It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor!  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day!

Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

Pictures #0001-1495


While this might sound sexist, we don’t give a flying flip, old axmen are always in search of younger collaborators and thus we find German rocker Michael Schenker joining forces with fellow ‘axman’ Amy Schugar and her San Francisco rockers to deliver a great album.  “Under Construction” came out on November 18, 2003 and joining the dynamic duo were Fred Robinson (guitars), Tory Edwards (violins), Mark Lehman (bass), and Matt Indes (drums).  Some fans claim this album lifts their minds to higher, more ethereal levels, something with which we concur.  Having been there for the original Psychedelic Era (and man, was it a good time), the second blossoming of psychedelica has brought new listeners into a timeless movement.  If you want to hear some amazing music performed by some awesome musicians, this album is one that everyone should seek out and consider adding it to your collection.  We think you will be extremely glad that you did.    

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021:


[i] The Soviets would do what communists always do: march their prisoners in and give them lead to the back of the head.  Then, they haphazardly bury the corpses and leave it for others to find.  Russian scumbags.

[ii] Likewise, we expect to offer the music of Alice Cooper sometime between 2025-2027.  Please stay tuned.

[iii] We hope to share the music of Heart within the next 15 years or so.  Stick around for the glorious, mind-altering day.

[iv] We began promoting the music of both the Beatles and the band’s individual components on Friday, 04-November-2016 through Sunday, 11-June-2018.  Besides the Beatles, we also promoted the music of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison as well as the Traveling Wilburys.   

[v] Not sure when we will promote the music of Van Halen but when we do, we will also present the music of Sammy Hagar so please stay tuned.


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Author: Chef Goldie McNamara ACF-CWC

Due to the increasing number of threats and intrusions into our personal lives, we who blog here at the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day have engaged the services of local up-and-coming Bakersfield street artist, Simone, to do renderings of us as he sees fit. I must say that he did an ‘okay job,’ it is what it is and I am fine with that. Anyhow, I have spent my life working in professional food service and find it an immense joy to be able to come here 1-2 times a year and to share my political opinions and observations with me. Thank you for joining me, we welcome everyone and invite them to bring their friends, family members, and coworkers/employees with them. Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara writes from Bakersfield, CA. Chef Goldie “Goldfish” McNamara is a liberal Republican. Contact me at the following email address: goldfishmcnamara90@yahoo.com. Rotation: (1) Chef Jimmy Hall (2) Chef Goldie McNamara (3) Chef Vladimir Gdansk (4) Chef Tiresias Helenus Grinikeodopuloposlus (5) Chef Charles Smithenstein and (6) Chef James “JT” Tobiason 1970’s and 1980’s: Bakersfield, CA. Late 1980’s and into 1995: Phoenix, AZ. 1995-1998: Houston, TX. 1998-2004: Merced, CA. 2004 to Present: Bakersfield, CA.

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