Democrats are lauding the celebrated speech Joe Biden managed to deliver last night, even when he got creepy, started whispering, and began looking into the camera’s lens with those lifeless eyes

71. TODAY IN HISTORY—FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2021 UPDATE A- 63. 2021 Friday B: As illegal aliens swamp the southern border and as concerned Americans begin gearing up to head to the border to repel the invasion, House Speaker Nancy “Mumbles” Pelosi says, “Crisis, what crisis?” The octogenarian speaker never met an illegal alien she didn’t love. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says, “the Biden administration must address the crisis on the southern border.” Wow. You go, Chuck, you go!



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Democrats are lauding the celebrated speech Joe Biden managed to deliver last night, even when he got creepy, started whispering, and began looking into the camera’s lens with those lifeless eyes:

  • 2021 Friday: Today is Day 52 of the Biden Regime.  Not good, folks, not good.  Stick around to discover the truth with us.  First, Democrats and liberals are celebrating the AMAZING SPEECH delivered by “Vegetable Joe” Biden last night, a speech in which, he takes full credit for the Xi Jinping Bat Flu vaccine.  Oh, Joe managed to stumble through 23 minutes of a speech- obviously on teleprompter- and managed to walk to and from the speech down the lengthy hall without falling flat on his space.  As Dick Morris told Newsmax TV, ‘Joe Biden is the rooster taking credit for the sunrise.’  Dick’s right.  Never have we seen something so pathetic, so lackluster, so impotent in our lives.  The enemies of our nation must be wondering how they were so lucky to get this feeble, drooling old fool into the White House.  This is not good for the United States. 
  • 2021 Friday A: Apparently, the accusers of New York Governor Andrew “Killer” Cuomo are facing harassment online.  Sounds like something the Goombah Governor would have his flunkies do.  We hope they go to jail, too.  Speaking of “Killer Cuomo,” Democrats in New York such as the “Baby Evita,” aka Alexandria Ocasio, aka AOC, aka Sandy Cortez, and overweight Jerrold Nadler (along with 10 other House Dems)- along with Big Apple Mayor Bill Di Blasio- are all demanding the beleaguered Empire State governor step down, NOW.  Still, “Killer Cuomo” says, ‘I ain’t going nowhere, I have a job to do.’  Listen moron: the longer you fight this, the worse it’s going to be for you.  LEAVE NOW, especially now that yet another accuser has stepped forward. 
  • 2021 Friday B: As illegal aliens swamp the southern border and as concerned Americans begin gearing up to head to the border to repel the invasion, House Speaker Nancy “Mumbles” Pelosi says, “Crisis, what crisis?”  The octogenarian speaker never met an illegal alien she didn’t love.  Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says, “the Biden administration must address the crisis on the southern border.”  Wow.  You go, Chuck, you go!   In other crooked Democratic Party news, Congressman Vicente Gonzalez Jr., D-TX 15th congressional district, even as he urged the United States to divest from the People’s Republic of China maintained a Chi-Com bank account of between $100,000 to $250,000.  Typical Democrat, talking out of both sides of his face.  
  • 2021 Friday C: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing the city of Austin, Texas, for refusing to follow Governor Greg Abbot’s order to terminate ALL mask mandates within the Lone Star State.  Austin is like liberal pus-filled sore in an otherwise DEEP RED Texas.  Go get ‘em, AG Paxton!   Elsewhere, the state of Kentucky’s Senate passes a bill that would criminalize taunting of all law enforcement officers.  Excellent.   Next, New York prosecutor Cyrus Vance Jr., the man ‘investigating President Donald J. Trump,’ says he won’t run for another term. 
  • 2021 Friday D: Following the disastrous interview with Oprah Winfrey, popularity polls show that Mr. and Mrs. Meghan Markle are dropping fast.  Listening to Meghan Markle snivel and whine about the family that took her in and made her one of them is not only disgusting but traitorous.  Their sickening actions should cancel both her and her husband, the Person formerly known as Prince Harry, to undergo CANCELATION for good, IF the Cancel Culture actually pursued losers.  Finally, Geraldo “Al Capone’s Vault” Rivera says he’s NOT going to seek Senator Rob Portman’s seat in November 2022.
  • 2021 Friday E: The City of Minneapolis settles for $27 million with the family of George Floyd.  Family attorney and race-baiter Benjamin Crump gets up there and continues blasting those who made it possible.  This guy never saw a pot of racial confrontation he did not want to stir.  The autopsy showed that Mr. Floyd was full of drugs and that his body showed no signs of fatal physical injuries as the prosecution alleges fired M. P. D. Officer Derek Chauvin and three other officers caused the low-level thug.  We still believe Keith Ellison- Minnesota’s AG- is going to blow this case and even with 3rd degree murder charges restored to the pantheon of charges upon which, the prosecution hopes to win a conviction.  No, AG Ellison is going to become a goat.     
  • 2021 Friday F: Former U.S. Green Beret Army Captain Jeffrey MacDonald, age 77, is seeking release from prison on compassionate grounds.  MacDonald has been in prison for more than 40 years now having been convicted of killing his pregnant wife and two daughters on February 17, 1970.  He has sought release before and has always claimed innocence in the matter, stating that a band of violent hippies murdered his family.   No motive has ever been presented of which, we know, but the Army captain received three consecutive life sentences, nevertheless. 
  • 2021 Friday G: Arizona five-term Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, D-2nd congressional district, announces that she won’t be seeking another term in Congress.   In other news, the Biden administration is holding talks with Israel, discussing Iran and other regional issues.  Speaking of ‘Joe Biden,’ Ric Grenell says the fact that Vice President Kamala Harris is holding talks with world leaders is extremely troubling.   In other Joe Biden news, he wants every American to be eligible for the vaccines President Donald J. Trump created to combat the Chi-Vi by May 01, 2021.  In other news of interest, President Trump’s COVID-19 coordinator (and backstabber) Dr. Deborah Birx, is leaving government service and going to work for a Texas air purifier company.  Good riddance.  
  • 2021 Friday H: Host of the Summer Olympics, Japan refuses the offer of a Chi-Com offer of a Bat Flu vaccine.  So would we. WHO is stupid enough to take a vaccine from the country that set the pandemic in motion?  WTF?  Meanwhile, the Chi-Com-run World Health Organization is investigating the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine following reports of coagulation problems and pulmonary embolisms reported in several European Union countries such as the Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Denmark, and Italy.  We are not advocating anyone take this crap, especially the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that uses fetal tissue harvested from abortions both in its manufacture and its testing.  The Catholic Church even warned Catholics worldwide to avoid this POS vaccine.[i]
  • 2021 Friday I: As we continue learning of all the PORK in the $1.9 trillion Chi-Vi relief bill, the more shocking it becomes what with inmates on death row and illegal aliens qualifying for ‘stimulus checks.’  Add to that more than $350 billion to bail out BLUE STATE GOVERNMENTS AND LOCALES and one can see the making of yet another Obama-Biden Era PORKULUS in which, the federal government always had on hand a big slush fund with which to fund their supporters in a perpetual money-go-round all the while the citizens of the country suffer.   Imagine, the mayor of Portland, Oregon, Teddy Wheeler, wants several million so he can rebuild his tattered and abandoned police force.  Still, the bill directs $268 billion to education even as schools in many parts of the country refuse to reopen.  Additional hundreds of millions of dollars will flow to Planned Parenthood, to Obamacare exchanges, and to every other left-wing liberal load of hooey Democrats love. 
  • 2021 Friday J: CNN’s ratings continue to collapse sans President Donald J. Trump in the White House and after seeing porcine loser Brian Stelter sitting in his skivvies with his laptop’s camera lens focused on his crotch area while he does the news, NO wonder.  Did we see him sitting in his drawers either before or after ‘pulling a Toobin?’[ii]  What is it with these sick left-wing losers?  Put your pants on you pudgy pig.
  • 2021 Friday K: Congressman Louie Gohmert, R-TX 1st congressional district, and Congressman Andy Biggs, R-AZ 5th congressional district, say that Joe Biden and ONLY Joe Biden bears complete responsibility for the disaster befalling our southern border and Customs and Border Patrol officers fighting to stem the massive tide of illegals seeking to invade the country.    In other news, the Quadrilateral Nations- aka ‘Quad Nations (United States, Japan, India, and Australia)- are meeting to discuss countermeasures against the Chi-Coms who are becoming a REGIONAL adversary in the Indo-Pacific Region. 


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Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

Pictures #0001-1495


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Friday, March 12, 2021:


[i]. We believe the World Health Organization will do what their masters in Beijing direct them to do and that will be to promote the Chi-Com ‘VID vaccine over everyone else’s.  Like we said, we are avoiding the vaccine like facial herpes.

[ii] Disgraced newsman Jeffrey Toobin was fired for being caught on a Zoom work call spanking the old wank.  Sick f**k.


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2 thoughts on “Democrats are lauding the celebrated speech Joe Biden managed to deliver last night, even when he got creepy, started whispering, and began looking into the camera’s lens with those lifeless eyes”

    1. It was truly embarrassing. Many of us believe that the Chi-Coms, the Russians, Iranians, hell the Cubans, North Koreans, and the Venezuelans and other Shithole countries (thank you, Donald Trump) will at some point begin running amok around the world. What is Senile Old Joe going to do? Sit in the basement eating chicken noodle soup in the basement? Meanwhile, the most important thing is redesigning military uniforms for pregnant women? Say the f**k what? Thanks, Bluecat!


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