PP. 1944 Tuesday: Due to the Allies inability to break out of Anzio as well as the fact that they are fighting off Axis assaults, the Allies make a change in leadership of the U.S. VI Corps- General John P. Lucas is sacked and Major General Lucien Truscott assumes his position.



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President George Washington; Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis; U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justices Felix Frankfurter and Charles Evans Whitaker; U.S. Senator Ben Sasse; Hot Tuna featuring Papa John Creech, King Crimson featuring Ian Wallace, Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love, and the Monkees featuring Peter Tork:

  1. 896 Monday: Pope Formosa crowns King Arnulf the emperor of the French.
  2. 1281 Sunday: Fellow cardinals elect Simon de Brion, Pope Martinus IV.
  3. 1288 Monday: His fellow cardinals elect Girolomo Masci on this date to become Pope Nicholas IV.
  4. 1349 Monday: The citizens of Zurich, Switzerland, expel their Jewish citizens.
  5. 1630 Tuesday: At Thanksgiving, the Native Americans introduce popcorn to the newly arrived Pilgrims.
  6. 1732 Wednesday: George Washington, the first president of the United States, was born in Westmoreland County in the Virginia Colony.
  7. 1775 Monday: The citizens living on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland, expel their Jewish citizens.  Meanwhile, the first U.S. joint stock company (to make cloth) offers shares at 10-cents.
  8. 1784 Friday: A U.S. merchant ship, the Empress of China, left New York for the Far East to trade goods with China.
  9. 1819 Sunday: Through the Treaty of Adams-Onis, Spain ceded Florida to the United States.
  10. 1821 Wednesday: For $5 million, Spain sells eastern Florida to the United States.
  11. 1825 Monday: Russia and Great Britain establish the Alaska-Canadian boundary.
  12. 1847 Sunday: At the Battle of Buena Vista, the United States beats Mexico.
  13. 1854 Tuesday: In Michigan, the first meeting of the Republican Party occurs.
  14. 1855 Wednesday: Congress voted to appropriate $200,000 for continuance of the work on the Washington Monument.
  15. 1856 Thursday: The Republican Party holds its first national convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.    
  16. 1860 Tuesday: Shoe-making workers of Lynn, Massachusetts, strike successfully for higher wages.
  17. 1861 Thursday: On a bet, Edward Weston leaves Boston to walk to Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration.
  18. 1862 Friday:   Jefferson Davis, already the provisional president of the Confederacy, underwent inauguration for a six-year term following his election in November 1861.
  19. 1865 Tuesday: Tennessee adopted a new constitution, which included the abolition of slavery.
  20. 1872 Wednesday: In Columbus, Ohio, the National Prohibition Party holds its first national convention.
  21. 1876 Monday: John Hopkins University opens on this date.
  22. 1879 Friday: Frank W. Woolworth opens the first 5- and-10-cent store in Utica, New York.
  23. 1885 Saturday: Organizers officially dedicated the Washington Monument on this day in Washington, D.C.  The monument would not open to the public until 1889.
  24. 1888 Tuesday: In Yonkers, New York, John Reid of Scotland demonstrates the game of golf to the American people.   
  25. 1889 Thursday: On this date, President Grover Cleveland signed a bill that admitted three new states: North and South Dakota and Washington.
  26. 1900 Wednesday: Hawaii becomes a territory of the United States on this date much to the anger of the Hawaiian Kingdom people.
  27. 1901 Friday: Future 91st U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Charles Evans Whitaker is born in Troy, Kansas, on this date.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower nominated his fellow Republican to fill Stanley Forman Reed’s seat, a Democrat; he served from 03-22-1957 to 03-31-1962.
  28. 1903 Sunday: The U.S. side of Niagara Falls runs short of water due to a drought.
  29. 1907 Friday: The first cabs with taximeters begin operating in the city of London, England.
  30. 1909 Monday: The Great White Fleet, a naval task force sent on an-around-the-world voyage by President Theodore Roosevelt, returned after more than a year at sea.
  31. 1917 Thursday: The German High Seas Fleet torpedoed seven Dutch ships on this date.
  32. 1918 Friday: Germany claims the Baltic States as well as Finland and the Ukraine from the new USSR.  
  33. 1920 Sunday: At a dog racetrack in Emeryville, California, dog-racing officials use the first artificial rabbit machine to get the greyhounds started.
  34. 1923 Thursday: Transcontinental airmail service commences on this date.
  35. 1924 Friday: President Calvin Coolidge delivered the first radio broadcast from the White House as he addressed the country over 42 stations.
  36. 1932 Monday: The Badge of Military Merit award—aka the Purple Heart—undergoes reinstitution on this date.
  37. 1934 Thursday: Frank Capra’s romantic comedy, “It Happened One Night,” starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, opened at New York’s Radio City Music Hall.
  38. 1935 Friday: It became illegal for airplanes to fly over the White House.
  39. 1941 Saturday: During World War II, the Nazis begin rounding up Dutch Jews in earnest.
  40. 1942 Sunday: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt orders General Douglas MacArthur out of the Philippines as American defenses collapse during World War II in the face of overwhelming Japanese assaults.
  41. 1943 Monday: Pan Am Flight 9035, a Boeing 314 flying boat, crashed while attempting to land in Lisbon, Portugal.  Twenty-five people lost their lives in the tragedy: 14 survived, including actress-singer Jane Froman.
  42. 1944 Tuesday: Due to the Allies inability to break out of Anzio as well as the fact that they are fighting off Axis assaults, the Allies make a change in leadership of the U.S. VI Corps- General John P. Lucas is sacked and Major General Lucien Truscott assumes his position.
  43. 1948 Sunday: Arabs carry out a bombing in Jerusalem in which, 50 Jews die.
  44. 1958 Saturday: Egypt and Syria form the United Arab Republic (UAR).
  45. 1959 Sunday: The inaugural Daytona 500 Race took place on this date; although race officials initially declared Johnny Beauchamp the winner, close scrutiny caused them to award the prize to Lee Petty a brief time later.
  46. 1965 Monday: The 78th U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Felix Frankfurter died.  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt nominated the independent to fill the seat of his fellow Democrat Associate Justice Benjamin Cardozo.  Frankfurter served from 01-20-1939 to 08-28-1962.
  47. 1967 Wednesday: More than 25,000 U.S. and South Vietnamese troops launched Operation Junction City, aimed at smashing a Vietcong stronghold near the Cambodian border; however, although the military drove the communists out, they returned and reoccupied the area later.
  48. 1971 Monday: Lt. General Hafiz al-Assad becomes the dictator, I mean, “President” of Syria.
  49. 1972 Tuesday: In Plainview, Nebraska, future RINO Republican Senator Ben Sasse is born.  A left-of-center Republican, he would enter the world’s greatest deliberative body on January 03, 2015.
  50. 1973 Thursday: The U.S. government and communist China agreed to establish liaison offices.
  51. 1974 Friday: Pakistan officially recognized Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan).
  52. 1980 Friday: The “Miracle on Ice” took place in Lake Placid, New York, as the United States Olympic Hockey Team upset the Soviets, 4-3.  The U.S. team went on to win the gold medal. 
  53. 1983 Tuesday: During rioting in Assam, India, Hindus kill 3,000 Muslims.
  54. 1984 Wednesday: David Vetter, a 12-year-old Texas boy who had spent most of his life in a plastic bubble because he had no immunity to disease, died 15 days after hospital personnel removed him from the bubble for a bone marrow transplant.
  55. 1991 Friday: President George H.W. Bush and his allies give Saddam Hussein 24 hours to begin withdrawing his troops from Kuwait or all hell will break loose.
  56. 1992 Saturday: Grunge rockers Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)[i] and Courtney Love (Hole)[ii] say their vows.
  57. 1994 Tuesday: Papa John Creech, famed violinist with the Jefferson Airplane[iii], Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna[iv], and as a solo artist died at age 76 in Los Angeles, California, from complications of pneumonia.
  58. 1995 Wednesday: In Algiers, prison authorities kill at least 99 rioters in one of their prisons.
  59. 1997 Saturday: Scottish scientist Ian Wilmut and colleagues announced that they had successfully cloned an adult sheep.  Dolly the sheep was the first animal successfully cloned from an adult cell.
  60. 2006 Wednesday: In Iraq, terrorists bomb the al-Askari Mosque, which causes widespread civil disturbances from one end of the country to the other.
  61. 2007 Thursday: Ian Wallace—drummer with the English progressive rock band, King Crimson[v] from 1971-1972—died from cancer in Los Angeles, California, on this date; he was 60 years-old.
  62. 2010 Monday: A copy of “Action Comics #1” sold at auction for $1 million.  The comic featured the introduction of Superman.  
  63. 2011 Tuesday: For the first time since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, two ships from the Iranian navy pass through the Suez Canal.  Meanwhile, to show that he is still in control and has not abandoned the country, Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi goes on national television to reassure his subjects.
  64. 2013 Friday: For the first time in the history of the United Kingdom, Moody’s Investor Services downgrades the nation’s bond credit rating from AAA to AA1.  2014: Former Florentine mayor, 39-year-old Mateo Rienzi takes the oath of office as the new prime minister of Italy. 
  65. 2014 Saturday: Law enforcement authorities arrest the boss man of the Sinaloa drug cartel Joaquim Guzmán, aka “El Chapo,” after an intensive manhunt.
  66. 2015 Sunday: According to Brainy History, at the 87th Academy Awards, “Birdman” receives the Best Picture award, Eddie Redmayne wins Best Actor for his role as Stephen Hawking in “A Theory of Everything,” and Julianne Moore wins Best Actress for her role in “Still Alice.”
  67. 2016 Monday: After caste protests in Jat lead to the sabotage of Munak water canal, 10 million people in Delhi are without potable water.  Elsewhere, Tehran and Russia announce talks with which, the Iranians will buy the Russian surface-to-air antimissile system, the S-300.  This is to protect that nation from both the United States and Israel as it continues working on its nuclear weapons program.
  68. 2017 Wednesday: The scientific journal “Nature” announces the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets inhabiting the star Trappist-1.  All are within the Goldilocks Zone raising the possibility of alien life.  Meanwhile, President Donald J. Trump throws out Obama era directive allowing trannys to use whatever bathroom they choose.  GREAT!  Elsewhere, Mexico is angry over Trump’s plan on deporting illegal aliens from the U.S. and then dumping them in Mexico.  You cannot allow illegals to pass through your country and then not expect to get them back.
  69. 2018 Thursday: People in Malaysia go berserk after Prime Minister Najib Razak stirs up an unintended controversy by declaring he prefers quinoa to rice, the national dish.  Meanwhile, in Russia, Vladimir Putin’s police scoop up anti-Kremlin, anti-Putin critic Alexei Navalny and his chief of staff for having ‘organized an unsanctioned protest against the regime.’  Elsewhere, California state Senator Tony Mendoza offers his resignation over #MeToo problems.
  70. 2019 Friday: Down in Jupiter, Florida, NFL New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft finds himself charged with soliciting prostitution in a human-trafficking sting operation after visiting a local massage parlor.  He was later let off with a minor slap on the hand- NO schlepping the hos anymore, Robert!  Meanwhile, guitarist/vocalist Peter Tork- an original member of the Monkees[vi]– died at age 77 in Mansfield, Connecticut, on this date.  Elsewhere, President Donald J. Trump nominates the U.S. ambassador to Canada- Kelly Knight Craft- to become the next ambassador to the United Nations.
  71. 2020 Saturday: Fox News Channel calls the race early for Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Nevada Caucuses.  Around 4:24 P.M., FNC says: Sen. Sanders: 54.1%; former Vice President Joe Biden: 17.5%; Sen. Elizabeth Warren: 9.5%; Mayor Pete Buttigieg: 9.1%, Tom Steyer: 6.8%; Amy Klobuchar: 3.8%, and Tulsi Gabbard does not show up.  Meanwhile, each campaign releases their spending figures for the month of January.  Here we go:  Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg: $55.1 million; Tom Steyer: $17.9 million; Bernie Sanders: $16.8 million; Joe Biden: $7.1 million; Pete Buttigieg: $6.6 million; Amy Klobuchar: $2.8 million; and Elizabeth Warren: $2.3 million.  After proclaiming for the past two years that she would NEVER take money from Super Pacs and having demanded the rest of the campaigns to do the same, Sen. Warren said today that she WILL take money from Super Pacs.  Okay, Liz, lying yet again.  
  72. 2020 Saturday A: Italy reports its first two deaths from the Panda Pandemic.  South Korea reports that another 229 of its citizens have contracted the COVID-19 Chi-Vi which increases their numbers to more than 400 people afflicted with the Beijing Bug.  The Iraqis report their first case while in Washington state, 34 cases of the Xi Jinping Bat Flu are announced with more expected to come.  Elsewhere, Samoa announces that it’s going to turn all cruise ships away due to the growing spread of this lab-engineered pandemic.
  73. 2021 Monday: Day 34 of the BIDEN REGIME.  Joe Biden extends mortgage relief protections through June harming landlords and mortgage companies.  The question is, when things return to ‘normal,’ will the people being aided by the government be able to catch their rents/mortgages up?   Next, Joe Biden eliminates President Donald J. Trump’s citizenship test for illegal fence-jumpers and river-swimmers.  Speaking of illegal aliens, ICE reports that illegal aliens are getting their Chi-Vi vaccines ahead of U.S. citizens.  Representative Debbie Lesko, R-AZ, is upset about this, saying that seniors call her office every day to discover when they will be able to receive their vaccines.  Nope, we must immunize illegal aliens and felons first.  Another Arizona lawmaker, Congressman Andy Biggs, Republican, says there is ‘an explosion of unaccompanied illegal alien minors at the border.’  We encourage laying in of minefields. 
  74. 2021 Monday A: As Joe Biden nominee confirmations continue, Senator Susan Collins, RINO-Maine, says she WON’T vote to confirm OMB nominee Neera Tanden for hateful attacks on Republicans.  Meanwhile, Judge Merrick Garland, Joe Biden’s nominee for attorney-general is shagging questions today in the U.S. Senate.  He claims that ‘politics won’t influence or affect criminal probes into scumbags such as Hunter Biden.’  We shall see.   Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, slams Judge Garland for not labeling James Comey as a ‘TERRIBLE’ FBI director.  Next, the White House calls for a ‘moment of silence’ (what a load of festering fecal matter) over hitting the dubious benchmark of more than half-a-million deaths.  (Please see our ‘VID statistics later today so you can see just how many people have succumbed to the Wuhan Virus Crisis while Joe Biden’s been in the White House.  It’s a whole lot, folks…).  Finally, New Jersey’s governor signs a bill establishing the framework for legal pakalolo in his state.
  75. 2021 Monday B: Chi-Com news- Researchers conclude that the Chi-Coms copied NSA spyware code which should surprise NO one.  In other SHOCKING NEWS, the infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology is going to continue receiving U.S. taxpayers’ dollars for continued research into bat viruses and other evil stuff.  WHY are we funding the Chi-Com research, ‘Pro-China Joe’ Biden, especially when they are the ones who caused the global pandemic, whether through ineptitude or on purpose?  What’s more, we should be doing our own biowarfare research, not giving the Chi-Coms our money.  Someone, please impeach and remove Joe Biden NOW.  In other Chi-Com-related news, Representative Bill Johnson says, ‘Joe Biden’s energy policies show weakness on the Chi-Coms human rights abuses.’  After all, ‘Pro-China Joe’ shut the Keystone XL pipeline down on Day No. 1 so that oil will be flowing west from Canada’s coast to mainland China.  Finally, the Chi-Coms are urging their stooge in the White House to lift all trade sanctions and tariffs and to show Beijing some ‘goodwill.’  F**k Beijing.
  76. 2021 Monday C: The Roberts Supreme Court continues to show it’s in league with the Washington, D.C. swamp when Roberts says, ‘it’s okay for New York prosecutors to get their grubby hands on Donald J. Trump’s tax records as far back as 2011.  We also hear that Associate Justice Clarence Thomas blasted Roberts and other liberal justices for their unwillingness to hear cases related to the theft of the 2020 Presidential Election.   SCOTUS could also hear cases on various states’ new laws restricting abortion rights within their borders.  We know how John Roberts will rule now don’t we? 
  77. 2021 Monday D: Corrupt (allegedly) Dominion Voting Systems is suing My Pillow’s Mike Lindell for his blowing the lid off the can regarding Dominion’s and associated company, Smartmatic’s hand in STEALING the 2020 Presidential Election as well as various other elections around the country.   Elsewhere, House Speaker Nancy “Mumbles” Pelosi, she’s whose face droops down on one side, is funneling $300,000 to help gerrymandering efforts after condemning Republicans for gerrymandering districts in Red States.  Say it ain’t so, Nancy!
  78. 2021 Monday E: The Harris administration, uh, the ‘Biden administration’ is downplaying the rhetoric on Iran, hoping the Iranians will return to the flawed JCPOA- the Iran nuclear ‘deal.’  Speaking of the Iranians, the head of the IAEA says Iran is ‘going to limit access to its nuclear programs.’  Hmmm, why would this be?  Speaking of Iran, eight rockets were fired at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone today.   Also speaking of Iran, U.S. families of detained Americans in that hellish, pro-jihad country are begging the ‘Biden administration’ to do something to get their family members home.  Come on, Joe, do something about getting these people repatriated to the U.S.
  79. 2021 Monday F: An NBC poll shows- much to their horror- that blue collar workers of all colors flocked to President Donald J. Trump.  Speaking of President Trump, when he gives the keynote address at CPAC this week, with a ‘show of force,’ he’s going to place his grip onto the GOP.  The Grand Old Party is Trump’s party and we look forward to seeing “Cocaine Mitch” McConnell’s RINO picks fall in one election after another.  McConnell must be impeached and removed from office.   In other news, a high school senior in New York City is battling the Di Blasio Regime over its closure of Trump Corporation-operated ice skating rinks.  In other news, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, aka “BoJo,” says that all UK schools should be reopened by March 8.  Excellent.  IF only U.S. educators would follow suit.
  80. 2021 Monday G: The United States Marine Corps is going to substitute ‘board games’ for its upcoming March military drills so as to create ‘smart infantry.’  Sounds like a load of bull crap to us, a stinking load of bull crap.  Meanwhile, 170 of 254 counties in Texas are struggling with winter-related storms and power outages- fresh water is difficult by which to come.  Senate Majority Leader “Cryin’ Chuck” Schumer blames Texas for what’s happened to it saying they chose to go alone on energy and now they must sleep in the bed they made.’  Good, Chuck, good.  What a POS.  In other news, the family of slain Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X (allegedly, the Reverend Louis Farrakhan is the man who ordered the hit) wants the case reopened so the law can find and punish his murderers.  Go find Reverend Louie and ask HIM.   Elsewhere, United Airlines is pulling 24 of it Boeing 777 airliners out of use to double check the engines.   Finally, Joe Biden says smaller firms will have exclusive PPP access over the next two weeks.
  81. 2021 Monday H: Here are the numbers for the Xi Jinping Bat Flu- Pelosi Pox:  Here are the statistics for the planet as a whole: 111,434,139 confirmed cases, +165,977, 2,467,481 confirmed deaths, +3,462, and 62,896,305 confirmed recoveries, +149,843.  Next, here are the stats for the United States, the intended target of the Chinese-engineered Wuhan Virus pandemic: 28,409,269 confirmed cases, up 84,306 from yesterday’s reporting, 504,012 confirmed deaths, UP 1,519, and 11,166,500 confirmed recoveries- no update in more than four weeks- what’s up with that? NOTE: SINCE JOE BIDEN BECAME PRESIDENT ON JANUARY 20, 2021, THERE HAVE BEEN 174,411 CHI-VI DEATHS IN THE U.S. which means, you have more than half of what Trump had from the beginning of the outbreak which means you are a failure like Andrew “Killer” Cuomo.  Joe, YOU claimed you had a plan to defeat the communist virus, what the hell are YOU going to do about it- sit on your ass and blame everything on Donald Trump.
  82. 2021 Monday I: Next, in the three states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day employs chef-bloggers- California, Hawaii, and Washington- here are the stats, California first: 3,531,979 confirmed cases, 49,380 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Next here are the numbers for Hawaii: 27,778 confirmed cases, 431 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Finally, here are the stats for leftist-Marxist-socialist hellhole of Washington: 336,950 confirmed cases, 4,886 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Let us look at one other piece of U.S. real estate- Louisiana: currently, they have 426,644 confirmed cases, 9,477 confirmed deaths, and NO mention of confirmed recoveries.  Now that Mo has relocated to Israel, let’s look at the statistics there: 750,043 confirmed cases, 5,577 confirmed deaths, and 704,018 confirmed recoveries.   
  83. 2021 Monday J:  Here are today’s Stock Market closes: DOW Jones Industrial Average: 31,521.69, UP 27.37 points (+0.087%).  Next, the NASDAQ: 13,533.05, DOWN 341.42 points (-2.46%).  Finally, here are the stats for the S&P 500: 3,876.50, DOWN 30.21 points (-0.77%).  The price of GOLD is $1,809.10 per troy oz., +0.70 (+0.04%) while the price of SILVER is $28.21 per troy ounce, +0.13 (+0.45%).  The price of PLATINUM is $1,283.10 per troy oz, +0.80 (+0.06%) while the price of COPPER is $4.15 per pound, +0.01 (+0.17%).  The price of PALLADIUM is $2,402.90 per troy oz, +23.10 (+0.97%).  The price of Light Sweet Crude Oil is $62.19 per barrel, +0.49 (+0.79%).  Currently, one-dollar U.S. = 6.46 Chi-Com yuan.   Meanwhile, one-dollar U.S. = 0.82 euros and in Mexican pesos equals 20.73.  As for Bitcoin, one U.S. greenback = 0.000018.
  84. 2021 Monday K: Following an Australian news anchor pointing out the obvious- that the ‘leader of the Free World (Joe Biden) seems to be cognitively disabled,’ Facebook bans Australian citizens from using its platform.  WTF?  Everyone knows that ‘Pro-China Joe’ is not there.  He demonstrates it every day and the fact that Kamala Harris is making phone calls to foreign leaders should worry the hell out of everyone.  Not only is the woman easily bought, but she’s also not that bright so the American people must begin demanding an accounting of what the Democrats did during the 2020 Presidential Election.   Meanwhile, the National Spelling Bee will return but in a mostly virtual format.  Elsewhere, the liberal mainstream media is going after Newsmax, One America News, and Fox News.  They cannot stand for free flowing speech.


This artwork is #0382 a 40” x 60” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “Sunset Range.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her Website, found at beverlycarrick.com, or at the blog’s Facebook page.  At her Website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work.  It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor!  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day!

Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

Pictures #0001-1495


In the 1990s, ‘unplugged’ albums were all the rage and so the McAuley-Schenker brand of the Michael Schenker Group fell into line.  On April 20, 1995, the duo released “Nightmare: the Acoustic MSG,” an album that featured MSG and McAuley-Schenker Group tunes performed by the duo- Schenker on guitars and Robin McAuley on vocals.  Back in this day, this album was available only in Japan whereas now, you can find most everything at Amazon.com.  We love this album and know that you are going to enjoy it, too, so please, seek it out and consider adding it to your growing collection of the absolute best in rock music.  You will be glad you did.

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Monday, February 22, 2021:


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[iii] We promoted the music of the Jefferson Airplane, the Jefferson Starship, Starship, and of the various bands’ members beginning on Tuesday, 05-April-2011 through Sunday, 22-May-2011.  Please look for them and enjoy.

[iv] We promoted the music of Hot Tuna beginning on Tuesday, 24-April-2012 through Thursday, 23-May-2012.

[v] We promoted the music of King Crimson, one of the greatest prog-rock bands of all time beginning on Monday, 20-October-2014 through Sunday, 21-December-2014.  We hope you will check them out as the remain active to this day.

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As have the rest of my colleagues, local Bakersfield street artist, Simone, created these portraits of me that you will see over successive days here at the blog. I guess Simone did ‘okay’ in capturing my likeness; I guess it could have been worse. I was a young cook back in the early 1960's when I commenced my culinary career. I served underneath a Master Chef for many years before striking out on my own. I went up the coast of the Western United States and Canada, working all the way, until I made it to Alaska. From there, I moved to Hawaii for a couple of years (1994-1997) before I returned to Washington State and it was there that I met Stinkbug. El Chilote writes from Shafter, California. El Chilote is a moderate Democrat. Contact me at elchilote2121N@yahoo.com or elchilotegrande10@gmail.com

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