Y. 1943 Monday: On the Eastern Front, the Red Army is savoring its successes with the capture of Rostov and Kharkov the day before. However, Axis troops are gearing up to counterattack and drive the Russians out of the latter city in the coming Third Battle of Kharkov.



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President’s Day, Daisy Gatson Bates Day (Arkansas), Susan B. Anthony’s Birthday (Local observance- California, Florida, New York, and Wisconsin)

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice John Rutledge; U.S. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal; U.S. Secretary of State Elihu Root; U.S. Secretaries of War William Wilkins and Elihu Root; Electric Flag featuring Mike Bloomfield, the Kinks featuring Mick Avory, Santana featuring David Brown, and Supertramp featuring John Helliwell:

  1. 399 BC: Philosopher Socrates receives a sentence of death from the Athenian court for corrupting the minds of the youth and for impiety.  He will have to commit suicide.
  2. 1564 Wednesday: Famed Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei was born on this date in the city of Pisa.
  3. 1764 Monday: Pierre Lclade Ligue founds a settlement and trading post at what is now St. Louis, Missouri. 
  4. 1790 Saturday: The second U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice John Rutledge assumed his position on the nation’s high court on this date.  He served in this position until March 05, 1791.  He would return to become the second chief justice of the Supreme Court.  In this capacity, he would serve a brief time- August 12, 1795 to December 28, 1795.
  5. 1798 Tuesday: A feud between two members of the U.S. House of Representatives (meeting in Philadelphia) boiled over as Roger Griswold of Connecticut used a cane to attack Vermont’s Matthew Lyon, who defended himself with a set of tongs.  Griswold was enraged over the House not expelling Lyon for spitting tobacco juice in his face two weeks earlier; after their fellow members separated the two men, a motion to expel both of these reprobates was defeated.
  6. 1799 Wednesday: The state of Pennsylvania authorized printed ballots for use in all its elections beginning upon this date.
  7. 1804 Tuesday: New Jersey becomes the final northern state to abolish slavery.
  8. 1842 Monday: The City Dispatch Post (Office) in New York City used adhesive postage stamps for the first time in history.
  9. 1844 Wednesday: The 19th U.S. Secretary of War William Wilkins assumed his position on this date.  A Jacksonian Democrat, he served under President John Tyler from today to 03-04-1845.
  10. 1845 Friday: The future 38th U.S. Secretary of State Elihu Root is born in Clinton, N.Y.  A Republican, he would serve under President Theodore Roosevelt from 07-19-1905 to 01-27-1909.  He also served the nation as its 41st U.S. Secretary of War.  In this capacity, he served under President Theodore Roosevelt from 08-01-1899 to 01-31-1904.
  11. 1851 Friday: Black abolitionists invade a Boston courtroom to rescue a fugitive slave that the court was going to send back to his master in the American South.
  12. 1870 Monday: Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Northern Pacific Railroad take place near Duluth, Minnesota.
  13. 1879 Friday: With his signature on a bill, President Rutherford B. Hayes authorized women lawyers to practice before the United States Supreme Court.
  14. 1892 Sunday: In Mattawan, New York, the future 1st U.S. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal is born.  A future Democrat, he would serve under President Harry S. Truman from 09-17-1947 to 03-28-1949.
  15. 1898 Monday: 260 sailors die when the USS Maine explodes and sinks in Havana, Cuba’s harbor.
  16. 1903 Sunday: Morris and Rose Michtom introduce the first Teddy Bear in America on this date.
  17. 1910 Tuesday: The Boy Scouts of America form.
  18. 1918 Friday: Off the coast of Ireland, a German submarine sinks a U.S. troop ship with a torpedo and sinks it.
  19. 1930 Saturday: Weona beats Toluca in the Illinois high school basketball tournament in 10 overtimes.
  20. 1932 Monday: U.S. bobsled team member Eddie Eagan becomes the only athlete to win gold in both Summer and Winter Olympics (1920 boxing gold).  Elsewhere, George Burns and Gracie Allen debuted as regulars on “The Guy Lombardo Show” on CBS radio.  
  21. 1933 Wednesday: President-elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt survives an assassination attempt in Miami, Florida.  Chicago Mayor Anton J. Cermak died in the attack.
  22. 1936 Saturday: Sonja Henie of Norway wins her third consecutive figure skating gold medal.
  23. 1941 Saturday: Duke Ellington first records “Take a Train.”  Elsewhere, the Nazis begin transporting Austrian Jews to camps in eastern Poland on this date.
  24. 1942 Sunday: During World War II, British-ruled Singapore surrenders to the Empire of Japan.  For the British, this is an absolute disaster.  The impregnable bastion of Singapore was thought to be invincible.  The Japanese proved otherwise.  Elsewhere, surfaced German U-Boats shell an oil refinery in the Dutch Antilles.
  25. 1943 Monday: On the Eastern Front, the Red Army is savoring its successes with the capture of Rostov and Kharkov the day before.  However, Axis troops are gearing up to counterattack and drive the Russians out of the latter city in the coming Third Battle of Kharkov. 
  26. 1944 Tuesday: Mick Avory, future drummer with the British rock band, the Kinks[i], was born in Chipping Barnet, Great Britain on this date.  He would play with the famed band from its inception until around 1987 when Bob Henrit replaced him.  Elsewhere, on the Italian Front, the Allies are gearing up for another go at German-held positions on Monte Cassino.  Allied warplanes have bombed the ancient abbey into rubble but the German defenders cling to the ruins.  They are, after all, elite paratroopers.
  27. 1945 Thursday: Future member of the British rock band, Supertramp[ii]–John Helliwell (horns/woodwinds/keyboards 1973-88 / 1996-2002 / 2010-present) –is born on this date in Todmorden, West Riding of Yorkshire, Great Britain.   Elsewhere, Venezuela declares war on Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during World War II.
  28. 1947 Saturday: David Brown—future original bassist with the first Santana[iii] band—is born in Daly City, California, on this date.
  29. 1950 Wednesday: Walt Disney’s “Cinderella” hits movies on this date.
  30. 1952 Friday: A funeral was held in Windsor Castle for Britain’s King George VI, who had died nine days earlier.
  31. 1961 Wednesday: The entire 18-member U.S. figure skating team dies when the Belgian Sabena 707 on which, they are flying crashes.
  32. 1962 Thursday: CBS-TV bought the exclusive rights to college football games from the NCAA for $10.2 million.
  33. 1965 Monday: Canada replaces the Union Jack with the Maple Leaf flag.
  34. 1970 Sunday: A Dominican DC-9 crashes into the sea at Santo Domingo, killing 102 people aboard it.
  35. 1978 Wednesday: Leon Spinks beats Muhammad Ali in 15 rounds for the heavyweight boxing title of the world.
  36. 1981 Sunday: Famed blues rock guitarist, Mike Bloomfield who performed with Electric Flag[iv] among other bands, dies from a drug overdose on this date in San Francisco, California, at age 37.
  37. 1982 Monday: During a storm, the Ocean Ranger, a drilling rig, sank off the coast of Newfoundland and 84 men working on it lost their lives in the disaster.
  38. 1985 Friday: The Center for Disease Control reported that more than half of all nine-year-old kids in the U.S. showed no signs of tooth decay.
  39. 1989 Wednesday: The Soviet military ends its occupation of neighboring Afghanistan.
  40. 1991 Friday: The leaders of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland signed the Visegard agreement, in which, they pledged to cooperate in transforming their countries to free-market economies.
  41. 1996 Thursday: At a news conference, American boxer Tommy Morrison said that he has contracted the HIV-AIDS virus.
  42. 2005 Tuesday: YouTube, the popular internet site on which videos users may post and watch videos launched in the United States on this date.
  43. 2010 Monday: In Afghanistan, NATO and Afghan troops are taking the fight to the Taliban in Helmand Province. Fighting is fierce and the Islamist scum tricky.  Still, the war is going well but after nearly nine years, it’s time to beat them and end it.
  44. 2011 Tuesday: In Malaysia, morality police arrest more than 80 Muslim couples to prevent them from celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Meanwhile, inflation in Communist China reaches 4.9-percent.
  45. 2012 Wednesday: Procter and Gamble sells Pringles to the Kellogg Company for $2.7 billion.  Elsewhere, in Comayagua, Honduras, an out-of-control fire in the prison located there kills at least 358 people and injures countless others.  No one is sure of the exact cause.  Meanwhile, unemployment in the UK hits 8.4-percent, a 17-year-high.
  46. 2013 Friday:  A Near-Earth asteroid, 2012 DA-14 comes within 17,200 miles of Earth’s surface, a record close approach for an object measuring estimated 160-feet in diameter.  Meanwhile, after North Korea conducts some nuclear tests, the European Union announces tighter sanctions on the country in conjunction with the United States.  North Korea tells Beijing that they are going to conduct one or two more tests. 
  47. 2014 Saturday: Lebanon’s new Prime Minister Tammam Salam declares that he has been able to form a new cabinet, breaking the 10-month impasse between Hezbollah and Sunni rival parties; Salam intends to hold presidential elections on time.
  48. 2015 Sunday: According to Brainy History, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is planning rules for commercial drones that will limit flights to uncrowded areas within the operator’s line of sight, meaning that uses such as package delivery or long-range news reporting are off limits.
  49. 2016 Monday: Bosnia and Hercegovina formally applies for membership in the European Union.  Meanwhile, in Rancho Mirage, California, President Barack Obama holds a two-day summit with member states of ASEAN.  They are working towards the Pan-Pacific Partnership- the PPP.
  50. 2017 Wednesday: The CEO of CKE Restaurants- Andrew Puzder- withdraws from consideration as the next U.S. secretary of Labor in the Trump administration.  Meanwhile, down in Venezuela, the totalitarian government bans the left-wing CNN Spanish language channel accusing it of spreading lies and falsehoods. 
  51. 2018 Thursday: Following the departure of Jacob Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa takes the oath and becomes the new president of South Africa.  The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announces it’s blocking a group of Chi-Com ‘investors’ seeking to buy the Chicago Stock Exchange.  Thank God Joe Biden’s not the president. Meanwhile, the Senate Judiciary Committee backs the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act which will correct injustices judges inflicted on tens of thousands of offenders who were first-time offenders, minorities, and/or poor.  President Donald J. Trump brought this amazing miracle into being along with Kim Kardashian and others concerned about the travesties of justice.
  52. 2019 Friday: Driving his enemies insane, President Donald J. Trump declares a national emergency as wave after wave of illegal alien caravans attempt to storm the southern U.S. border so he can divert funds and begin construction of the southern border wall.  Meanwhile, after Amazon announced it was going to build its new HQ in New York City, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took them to task, not understanding that in order to get something, you give something.  Anyhow, Amazon announces it’s a done deal- they’re going elsewhere- to Virginia.  Friendlier business climate there.
  53. 2020 Saturday: The COVID-19 growing global pandemic reaches into Europe now.  An 80-year-old Chinese ‘tourist’ dies in France from the Wuhan Flu.   Speaking of the Chi-Coms, Australian officials cancel a visit to Great Britain due to the Brits allowing Huawei to build their 5-G network.  Australia like the United States wants nothing to do with Huawei because of Chinese Communist Party’s use of its electronics to eavesdrop on everyone around the world.  Think TikTok.  Meanwhile, in Yemen, Houthis raise a big fuss over Saudi airstrikes that claim the lives of at least 30 ‘civilians.’ 
  54. 2021 Monday:  We heard early today that there is ‘bipartisan support’ for an independent commission to delve into the causes of the January 06, 2021, Capitol Hill Riots when Speaker Nancy “Mumbles” Pelosi knows the precise cause: being in league with Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs who infiltrated the Trump supporters to pull off one of the greatest FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS in the history of American politics.  Add to that the waving off of proffered 10,000 National Guard troops AHEAD of January 6 and you know all you need to know.  It was a set-up hence why they lie about the death of Capitol Hill police officer Brian Sicknick, why we don’t know the results of his autopsy and why they cremated him as quickly as they did.  Nancy “Mumbles” Pelosi has much for which to answer, folks, which is why she is appointing an ‘independent commission’ (yeah, right) to look into the RIOTS.  Speaking of Officer Brian Sicknick, the New York Times quietly updates the truth on his death saying it most likely was in response to some kind of irritant sprayed in his face such as bear repellant.
  55. 2021 Monday A: Joe Biden announces he will speak at a virtual G 7 summit on the ‘Panda Pandemic,’ aka the Chinese Virus, the Wuhan Virus, the Xi Jinping Bat Flu, the Yellow Fever 2020-2021.  Keep a close eye on the screen to see how they manipulate the ‘speech’ by Biden so as to see the earpiece telling him what to say and do.  Word of warning- Joe, don’t stick your wife’s finger in your mouth.   Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues dismantling the extremely necessary Trump Era policy of illegal alien asylum speakers remaining in Mexico.  Now, they can enter the U.S. and begin popping out one anchor baby after another.  Diabolical, Joe.  In other ‘Joe Biden news,’ Joe is driving ahead (well, those behind him) to get our guns from us and to eliminate our ability to get them.  Not going to happen, Joe.
  56. 2021 Monday B: Dick Morris speaks out on the Democrats’ ‘bloodlust’ in pursuing Donald J. Trump.  It’s because they have nothing other than “Trump Glue” to hold the Democrats together.  What a shame.  Meanwhile, reputed Chi-Com intelligence agent, Congressman Eric “Farter-in-Chief” Swalwell makes some stupid comment about God’s gender.  Thought you folks were supposed to avoid all gender-related terms on the floor of the House?  Hypocrite.  Speaking of dimwitted Democrats, Orthodox rabbis are calling on House Democratic Party leadership to remove Congresswoman Ilhan “Allah Akbar” Omar from her position as vice chairperson on the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee.   We have an alternative nickname for Ms. Omar- Ilhan “From the Rivers to the Sea, Palestine will be Free” Omar.   In other left-wing news, Puerto Rico is demanding Congress to consider statehood for the leftist island territory.  They say ‘Congress has a moral responsibility’ to do so.
  57. 2021 Monday C: In the New York City mayoral race, Andrew Yang has hit the necessary threshold in fund-raising to qualify for matching funds.  Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, California Governor Gavin “The Smiler” Newsom continues to sink as the effort to remove the POS via recall has surpassed the necessary 1.5 million voter signatures with which to throw him out of office.   In the Empire State, Governor Andrew “Killer” Cuomo continues falling in his approval ratings with his critics on all sides of the aisle going after him, accusing him and his bozo brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, of showboating on TV while thousands of elderly seniors in rest homes were dying of the Chi-Vi due to his horrendous mishandling of the Beijing Bug.  People are so angry with this guy, the state Assembly is considering stripping him of his emergency powers. 
  58. 2021 Monday D: In other U.S. news, the Minneapolis City Council now wants to RE-FUND the police department because everything is going to hell in a handbasket as are many other left-wing cities and towns.  Meanwhile, the Dems are launching an all-out campaign to get Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton out of office.  It shows how effective he is.   Elsewhere, Republican Congressmen Devin Nunes, California, and Jim Jordan, Ohio, demand that House Speaker Nancy “Mumbles” Pelosi ‘fess up’ on what she knew and when she knew it about security conditions at the Capitol on January 6.  People want answers as to WHY we still have a militarized capitol with fences and troops when they should be deployed along  the southern border.
  59. 2021 Monday E: Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz says that ‘Governor Ron DeSantis would make one hell of a presidential candidate one day.’  Next, following former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s stupid comments regarding Trump’s support among the GOP voters, Senator Lindsey Graham says that ‘Donald Trump remains the most potent force among the Grand Old Party.’  Speaking of Ambassador Haley, even anti-Trumpers are outraged at her stupid remarks.  Her stock as a presidential candidate has fallen to outhouse levels like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Bill Cassidy, Ben Sasse, and other dimwits.   Meanwhile, the GOP plans on trying Joe Biden to the Chi-Coms in every chance they get so as to increase the numbers of wins in 2022 and again in 2024.   Moving on, Pennsylvania GOP Congressman Guy Reschenthaler says, ‘If you don’t think Cancel Culture isn’t coming for you next, wake up!’   In other news, the fact that vandals assaulted the home of Trump attorney Michael Van Der Veen proves just how effective he was in defending his client.  Some maggot scrawled, “TRAITOR,” on his home.
  60. 2021 Monday E: Big Tech now is attacking Pro-Life news services.  Big Tech strikes again. Speaking of Tech, we now know that the Chi-Coms- good friends of ‘Pro-China Joe’ Biden used secret microchips installed in U.S. computers to spy on US.  How nice.  We should have nuked them when we had the opportunity.  Next, the president of Microsoft says the SolarWinds hack was biggest and most sophisticated in history.  Elsewhere, Parler has managed to return to the Internet via using ‘independent technology.’ 
  61. 2021 Monday F: Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the “U.S. supports militants in Iraq who have executed members of Turkey’s armed forces.  What’s up with that, Joe?  Next, Iran tests a short-range ‘smart missile’ with a radius of about 186 miles.  Elsewhere, Congressman  Michael Waltz, R-FL, urges a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.  We concur- NO freedom-loving country should participate in the Chi-Com-held Olympics- it’s akin to participating in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.  F— them. 
  62. 2021 Monday G: Severe winter weather is rampaging through Texas where power outages are ongoing as they are in at least 13 other states.  We hope they’re not using any Chi-Com equipment or software. Refineries in Texas are being forced to shut down due to the weather.  In other news, Ken Cuccinelli, former immigration bigwig in the Trump administration says that Joe Biden’s immigration policies are going to overwhelm the country as illegals are flooding in across the southern border.  We hope troops begin laying minefields along the border to stop this tidal wave.  Elsewhere, John Bachman on Newsmax TV says of the Joe Biden, ‘it’s hard to claim to be a friend of the working class when your policies are rapidly leading to their demise.’  Finally, it’s interesting to note that former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s BIG MISTAKE in using the nuclear option to confirm judicial appointees back in 2013 could see impeachment being used by the GOP to destroy numerous left-wing Democrats in coming years.  We can only hope.  
  63. 2021 Monday H: Here are the COVID-19 statistics for the planet as a whole: 109,067,558 confirmed cases, +313,837, 2,405,546, confirmed deaths, +6,773, and 61,277,452 confirmed recoveries, +245,977.  Next, here are the stats for the United States, the intended target of the Chinese-engineered Wuhan Virus pandemic: 27,939,592 confirmed cases, up 32,738 from yesterday’s reporting, 490,672 confirmed deaths, UP 833, and 11,166,500 confirmed recoveries- same as reported for nearly three-plus weeks now.  It would appear in the age of ‘Joe Biden,’ people are becoming sicker with the Chinese Virus and dying faster than they did under Donald Trump.  Time to impeach this pathetic, senile moron.  NOW.   NOTE: SINCE JOE BIDEN BECAME PRESIDENT ON JANUARY 20, 2021, THERE HAVE BEEN 160,802 CHI-VI DEATHS IN THE U.S.  Joe, YOU claimed you had a plan to defeat the communist virus, what the hell are YOU going to do about it- sit on your ass and blame everything on Donald Trump.
  64. 2021 Monday I: Next, in the three states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day employs chef-bloggers- California, Hawaii, and Washington- here are the stats, California first: 3,484,984 confirmed cases, 47,055 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Next here are the numbers for Hawaii: 27,460 confirmed cases, 426 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Finally, here are the stats for Washington: 331,164 confirmed cases, 4,739 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Let us look at one other piece of U.S. territory- Wisconsin: currently, they have 607,213 confirmed cases, 6,748 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Now that Mo has relocated to Israel, let’s look at the statistics there: 730,293 confirmed cases, 5,414 confirmed deaths, and 670,010 confirmed recoveries.
  65. 2021 Monday J: In other news related to the Wuhan Virus Crisis, the World Health Organization clears the Astrazeneca COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use around the world.   Meanwhile, Brexit leader Nigel Farage says the world is dealing with a virus, NOT the Chi-Vi but the WOKE VIRUS, one that is sweeping the world and one that we absolutely must crush before it crushes us.  Elsewhere, noted investigative journalist Peter Schweizer says that BOTH Joe Biden and Kamala Harris must get their families under control if they wish to keep things on the up-and-up (which they don’t- at least in our views).
  66. 2021 Monday K: In the African nation of Guinea, health authorities declare an Ebola epidemic.  Meanwhile 58 mostly Western nations unite to oppose detainment of their nationals or detainment of foreign nationals to gain leverage over one nation or the other.  The Chi-Coms do this, the Russians do this, the Iranians really do this, it’s horrible and it must end.  Elsewhere, a rocket attack in the lovely nation of Iraq kills a contractor and wounds a U.S. servicemember.  Finally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledges differences between Joe Biden and himself but remains hopeful the senile old fool in the White House will give him a ring.  Don’t count on it, prime minister, you and your country must unite with ALL Arab countries to oppose Iran.
  67. 2021 Monday L: County GOP officials in the Pennsylvania counties of Clarion, Centre, Lawrence, Washington, and York censure Senator Pat Toomey who voted to convict President Donald J. Trump this past Saturday in the bogus second impeachment trial.  Ask him to retire.  NOW. Next, UPDATE on New York Governor Andrew “Killer” Cuomo- he is NOW blaming the vast numbers of Chinese Virus deaths on health care and rest home workers but oh, no, NOT me or my policies.  Andrew, a famous Democrat once said, “The buck stops here,” meaning with YOU- murdering f**k.  Noted journalist Bill O’Reilly says that ‘Cuomo is doing rope-a-dope’ to try to cover his ass and to evade punishment that is heading his way.  Elsewhere, the NATO chief says that nations that send troops to various missions should not have to foot all the costs of doing so but that the organization should help.  Next, the soon-to-be-deployed NASA new Mars rover is going to search out signs of ancient life.   Finally, in Palm Beach, as President Donald J. Trump returns from a golf outing, tens of thousands of his supporters lined the streets holding signs and celebrating how much they love the 45th president.  Speaker Pelosi: Trump ain’t going nowhere.   


This artwork is #0375 a 20” x 24” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “February Twilight.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her Website, found at beverlycarrick.com, or at the blog’s Facebook page.  At her Website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work.  It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor!  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day!

Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

Pictures #0001-1495


We always love releases by the BBC as they give us glimpses into some of the greatest rock bands the country ever produced and UFO is no different.  On April 12, 1992, UFO released “BBC Radio 1- Live in Concert,” a superb album that provides the listener with gems culled from the early-to-mid-1970s and then again in 1980 so we have a couple of lineups here.  We love this quintessential hard-rocking, hard-partying English rock band as much as we know you do so please, seek this one out at your favorite site of music and add it to your collection.  UFO will blow any band from the modern era off the stage and into the crapper so please, seek this one out now.  You will be glad you did.

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Monday, February 15, 2021:


[i] We presented the music of the Kinks, as well as of Ray and Dave Davies, beginning on Monday, 22-December-2014 through Sunday, 15-March-2015.  We hope you will check out the music of this original British invasion band as they are as relevant today as they were more than 50 years ago.  Sure beats the hell out of Maroon Five.

[ii] We are not sure when we will present the music of Supertramp but we hope to do it within the next year or so.  You will not want to miss this group, that we can tell you.

[iii] We should have promoted the music of Journey around the time we did the music of Santana. We hope to do so sometime within the next 10-12 years.  We hope you will remain alert for the day when we do.

[iv] Not sure when exactly we will present the music of Elvin Bishop along with Electric Flag and Buddy Miles.

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Author: Chef E.K. Hootenstein, CWC-ACF

Like the rest of my colleagues here at the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day, I turned my likeness over to up-and-coming Bakersfield, California, street artist, Simone and this among other images is what I got. Kudos, Simone, Kudos for making me look, uh, so dignified. Ah well, I spent most of my life working in food service in a variety of states and places. Among my stops was one in Washington State where I met Stinkbug in the WSCA. We have been friends ever since and have been working long and hard to create an enjoyable reading experience for our fans, provided Google Blogger will allow the public to see us. Chef Elmer K. “the Hooter” Hootenstein writes from Los Angeles, California. Chef Elmer K. “the Hooter” Hootenstein is a Moderate Republican. Contact me at the following email address kingoflosangeles31p@gmail.com

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