U. 1943 Sunday: Adolf Hitler orders the German and other Axis troops surrounded in Stalingrad to fight to the death a second time. He orders this after General Friedrich Paulus sent a message to his superior, Field Marshal Erich von Manstein lamenting his situation of more than 20,000 wounded personnel and an equal number of starving, frostbitten men, many without weapons lost in the incessant fighting.



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U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justices Thurgood Marshall and Noah Haynes Swayne; U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen; U.S. Secretary of War Russell A. Alger; the Allman Brothers Band featuring Butch Trucks, Detective featuring Michael Des Barres, and the Four Tops featuring Theo Peoples:

  1. 772 Saturday: Stephen III ends his reign as Catholic Pope.
  2. 817 Sunday: St. Paschal I begin his reign as Catholic Pope following the end of Stephen IV.
  3. 1568 Sunday: In the Netherlands, the Duke of Alva declares William of Orange to be an ‘outlaw.’
  4. 1656 Friday: The first Jewish doctor in the U.S., Jacob Lumbrozo, arrives in Maryland.
  5. 1742 Monday: During the War of the Austrian Succession, enthusiastic supporters elected Charles VII emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
  6. 1848 Sunday: James W. Marshall discovered a gold nugget at Sutter’s Mill in northern California, a discovery that led to the Gold Rush of 1849.
  7. 1861 Wednesday: The federal arsenal at Augusta, Georgia, suffers seizure by the Confederacy.
  8. 1862 Thursday: The 35th U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Noah Haynes Swayne took his position on the nation’s high court on this date.  First a Democrat and then a Republican, President Abraham Lincoln nominated him to fill Associate Justice John McLean’s seat.  Haynes served from today until 01-24-1881.
  9. 1881 Sunday: The 35th U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Noah Haynes Swayne stepped down from the nation’s high court on this date.  First a Democrat and then a Republican, President Abraham Lincoln nominated him to fill Associate Justice John McLean’s seat.  Haynes served from 01-24-1862 until today.
  10. 1899 Monday: Humphrey O’Sullivan patented the rubber heel.  
  11. 1907 Thursday: The 40th U.S. Secretary of War Russell A. Alger died in Washington, D.C. at age 70 on this date.  A Republican, he served under President William McKinley from  03-05-1897 to 08-01-1899.
  12. 1908 Friday: The Boy Scouts movement began in England under the aegis of Robert Baden-Powell.
  13. 1915 Sunday: During World War I, the German and British navies clash at Helgoland and Doggersbank.
  14. 1916 Monday: During World War I, Great Britain introduced conscription.
  15. 1922 Tuesday: Christian K. Nelson, not an Eskimo, patents the Eskimo Pie in Iowa.
  16. 1924 Thursday: The Soviets rename St. Petersburg, Leningrad.  Meanwhile, Benito Mussolini disallows non-fascist workers union in Italy.
  17. 1930 Friday: In the first 70 seconds of the opening round of their heavyweight boxing match, Primo Carnera made his American boxing debut by knocking out Big Boy Patterson.
  18. 1935 Thursday: In Richmond, Virginia, the Gottfried Kruger Brewing Co. sells beer in cans for the first time in history.
  19. 1941 Friday: British and Commonwealth troops march into Italian Abyssinia.
  20. 1942 Saturday: The Roberts Commission placed much of the blame for America’s lack of preparedness for Imperial Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor on Rear Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and Lt. General Walter C. Short, the Navy and Army commanders.  Meanwhile in North Africa, the Africa Korps tanks go toe-to-toe with tanks of the British 8th Army at Adzjedabia.
  21. 1943 Sunday: Adolf Hitler orders the German and other Axis troops surrounded in Stalingrad to fight to the death a second time.   He orders this after General Friedrich Paulus sent a message to his superior, Field Marshal Erich von Manstein lamenting his situation of more than 20,000 wounded personnel and an equal number of starving, frostbitten men, many without weapons lost in the incessant fighting.  Meanwhile, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill concluded a wartime conference in Casablanca, Morocco.
  22. 1944 Monday: The Soviet hammer fell atop the Germans in the Cherkassy pocket as Red Army tanks, soldiers, and even cavalry rode over portions of the line.  The commander of the German Eighth Army- General Otto Wöhler begged Adolf Hitler for permission to withdraw to a more defensible position but permission did not come.  A debacle was beginning to unfold and if permission did not come soon, it would become a disaster.  General Hans Hube- commander of the First Panzer Army who had fought to relieve Stalingrad put his armor into the fray but the amount of Red Army troops was overwhelming.
  23. 1945 Wednesday: Associated Press war correspondent Joseph Morton was among a group of captives the Germans executed at the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp in Austria.
  24. 1948 Saturday: Future rock vocalist, Michael Des Barres, who would play with the Anglo-American rock band, Detective[i], was born in Hove, Sussex, United Kingdom, on this date.
  25. 1952 Thursday: The first NFL team arrives in Texas, the Dallas Texans, formerly the New York Yankees.
  26. 1955 Monday: The rules committee of Major League Baseball announced a plan to enforce the rule that required a pitcher to release the ball within 20 seconds after taking his position on the mound.
  27. 1961 Tuesday: A U.S. Air Force B-52 crashed near Goldsboro, North Carolina, dropping its payload of two nuclear bombs, neither of which went off; three crewmembers died in the mishap.  Meanwhile, future member of the Four Tops[ii]– Theo Peoples (vocals- replaced Lawrence Peyton)- is born in St. Louis, Missouri, on this date.
  28. 1962 Wednesday: 28 East German refugees escape to West Germany.  Meanwhile in the U.S., Jackie Robinson is the first black player elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  29. 1963 Thursday: A U.S. Air Force B-52 crashed into Elephant Mountain in Maine after encountering turbulence as well as losing its vertical stabilizer; seven of the nine crewmembers lost their lives in the mishap.
  30. 1964 Friday: CBS-TV acquired the rights to televise the National Football League’s 1964-1965 regular season.  The move cost CBS $14.1 million a year and the NFL remained on CBS for the next 30 years.
  31. 1965 Sunday: Winston Churchill died in London at age 90.
  32. 1969 Friday: In Spain, Generalissimo Francisco Franco declares a ‘state of emergency.’
  33. 1971 Sunday: In the NFL Pro Bowl, the NFC beats the AFC by a score of 27-6.
  34. 1972 Monday: The U.S. Supreme Court struck down laws that denied welfare benefits to people who resided in a state for less than a year.
  35. 1975 Friday: The extremist group FALN bombed Fraunces Tavern in New York City, killing four people.  Elsewhere, comedian Larry Fine, of “Three Stooges” fame, died in Los Angeles, California, at age 72.
  36. 1976 Saturday: According to Brainy History, George Foreman knocks out Ron Lyle in the fifth round of a ‘real slugfest.’
  37. 1978 Tuesday: A nuclear-powered Soviet satellite, Cosmos 954 plunged through Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrated, scattering radioactive debris over parts of northern Canada.
  38. 1980 Thursday: The United States announce intensions to sell arms to China.
  39. 1982 Sunday: Super Bowl XVI: at Pontiac, Michigan, the San Francisco 49ers beat the Cincinnati Bengals 26-21; quarterback Joe Montana is the MVP.
  40. 1984 Tuesday: Apple Computer began selling its first Macintosh model, which boasted a built-in-9-inch monochrome display, a clock rate of 8 megahertz and 128k of RAM.
  41. 1985 Thursday: The space shuttle Discovery launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on the first secret, all-military shuttle mission.  Meanwhile, Penny Harrington became the first woman police chief of a major city.  She assumed the duties as head of the Portland, Oregon, force of 940 officers and staff.
  42. 1986 Friday: The Voyager 2 space probe flew past Uranus.  The probe came within 50,679 miles of the seventh planet of the solar system.
  43. 1989 Tuesday: Confessed serial killer Theodore Bundy met his end in Florida’s electric chair, aka “Old Sparky.’  Meanwhile, the first reported case of HIV-AIDS caused by oral sex between heterosexuals occurs.
  44. 1993 Sunday: In Bethesda, Maryland, the 96th U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall, died.  President Lyndon Baines Johnson nominated his fellow Democrat to fill the seat of Democratic Associate Justice Tom C. Clark.  Marshall served from 08-30-1967 to 10-01-1991.
  45. 1994 Monday: The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 3,900 for the first time: 3,914.48.  
  46. 1997 Friday: The 20th U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen assumed office on this date.  A Democrat, he served under President Bill Clinton from today until 01-20-2001.
  47. 2005 Monday: The United Nations broke with years of protocol and commemorated the 60-year anniversary of the liberation of Nazi death camps, linking its own founding with the Holocaust in some of the strongest language ever dished out by the world body.
  48. 2012 Tuesday: President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union Address to the U.S. Congress. 
  49. 2013 Thursday: In a major effort to reduce reliance on Russian natural gas reserves, the Ukraine government signs a $10 billion shale oil deal with Royal Dutch Shell.  Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced the lifting of a ban on women serving in combat. 
  50. 2014 Friday: Marking its 10th anniversary of landing on Mars, the NASA’s Opportunity rover indicates that it has discovered clay minerals on the Red Planet, which denotes that water once flowed freely on its surface. 
  51. 2015 Saturday:  According to Brainy History, officials at the World Health Organization state that the number of new Ebola cases is rapidly declining, signaling a reversal of the epidemic; however, medical authorities still need to create preventive measures and safety protocols in Ebola-infected nations.   Elsewhere, Islamic State incursions into Lebanon leave at least 8 Lebanese soldiers dead. and several others wounded.
  52. 2016 Sunday:  In the AFC Championship Game, the Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots by a final score of 20-18 to advance to the Super Bowl.  Meanwhile, in the NFC Championship Game, the Carolina Panthers beat the Arizona Cardinals by a final score of 49-15 to advance to the Super Bowl.   The Broncos and Panthers will face off in Super Bowl L, aka Super Bowl ’50.’  The Broncos will win.
  53. 2017 Tuesday: Butch Trucks—longtime drummer for the Southern rock-and-roll band, the Allman Brothers Band[iii]—died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on this date.   Meanwhile, as winter storms devastate California causing the deaths of several people and causing millions and millions of dollars-worth of damage, Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown declares a state of emergency in 50 counties.  Of course, CLIMATE CHANGE is declared to be the evil culprit behind the crisis.
  54. 2018 Wednesday:  Two police officers in Union City, Michigan, die by gunfire while serving warrants on a suspect.  The shooter is later found dead, purportedly by his own miserable hand.  Meanwhile, scumbag sex offender Dr. Larry Nassar receives a prison sentence of between 40 to 175 years for having sexually abused and assaulted numerous U.S. female gymnasts as well as other women.  POS.
  55. 2019 Thursday: The Trump administration recognizes Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of that troubled South American country.  This of course drives the Venezuelans amok as they fight to quell ongoing civil disturbances over their attempted-fixed presidential elections.  Canada, European and other Western nations recognize the opposition leader as the rightful winner whereas the totalitarian states around the globe don’t.  Elsewhere, competing funding bills in the U.S. Senate fail as everyone expected they would.  Meanwhile, House Democrats dangle the fraudulent fishhook of $5.7 billion for a VIRTUAL border wall meaning drones will hover ahigh watching millions of illegals as they swarm across the border.
  56. 2020 Friday: Iraqis continue marching through Baghdad and other cities in the country protesting the presence of U.S. troops on their soil following the droning of Quds Force commander General Qassim Soleimani on New Year’s Day.  The U.S. is unmoved but Iranian agents are causing trouble on the ground, seeking the people to rise up and to throw the Americans out of their country.  Elsewhere, following Iran’s floating of ‘opening a dialogue with its neighbors,’ the government of Saudi Arabia tells them to stop attacking oil facilities and oil tankers in the Gulf.  No reply.
  57. 2021 Sunday: Here are the COVID-19 statistics for the planet as a whole: 99,006,885 confirmed cases, +718,738, 2,125,373, confirmed deaths, +15,615, and 54,608,134 confirmed recoveries, +352,720.  Next, here are the stats for the United States, the intended target of the Chinese-engineered Wuhan Virus pandemic: 25,227,940 confirmed cases, up 118,668 from yesterday’s reporting, 421,330 confirmed deaths, UP 2,272, and 10,987,457 confirmed recoveries, UP 13,290.  IF that leaning tower of drool, ‘President’ Joe Biden is going to save the country, he needs to save it NOW, ASAP, by getting the Trump vaccine to the people and ordering an immediate reopening of ALL businesses.
  58. 2021 Sunday A: Next, in the three states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day employs chef-bloggers- California, Hawaii, and Washington- here are the stats, California first: 3,163,830 confirmed cases, 36,816 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Next here are the numbers for Hawaii: 25,470 confirmed cases (Hawaii has not updated their case numbers in more than a week), 336 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Finally, here are the stats for Washington: 304,107 confirmed cases, 4,182 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Let us look at one other state: Wyoming: currently, they have 50,898 confirmed cases, 571 confirmed deaths, and 48,571 confirmed recoveries.  Now that Mo has relocated to Israel, let’s look at the statistics there: 593,961 confirmed cases, 4,341 confirmed deaths, and 512,702 confirmed recoveries.  Meanwhile, Texas rolls out 100,000 Chi-Vi vaccine doses in a single day making BLUE states look like the losers they are.  Speaking of Blue States, Governor Gavin Newsom of California is being ripped apart for buying PPE from the Chi-Coms directly instead of American manufacturers.  Once again, is another direct tie between Democrats and their Chi-Com masters in Beijing.
  59. 2021 Sunday B: We learn today that Instagram is FORCING ALL USERS to ‘sign up’ for the White House account to make it look like ‘President’ Joe Biden- the usurper in chief- has a massive following when in fact, he has NO one.  Hence why many chef-authors and support staff at the American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day have shuttered their Instagram accounts among other pro-Chi-Com social media sites.  F**k them.  Speaking of scurrilous social media scumbags, Facebook closes Young Patriots accounts.  We already dumped Facebook and it’s amazing how much they cried when they did.  We guess they enjoy exercising the power and determining whether one is ‘permitted’ on their site or is not.  F**k them, too.
  60. 2021 Sunday C: Today we have both NFL Championship games- first, the NFC Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 30 (13-5) @ Green Bay Packers, 32 (14-3) and then the AFC Championship- Buffalo Bills, 17 (15-3) @ Kansas City Chiefs, 22 (15-2).  Out of 25 chef-authors here at the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day, aka AICPENDBLOG.COM, 17 say it’s going to be a ‘State Farm Super Bowl’ between Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers and Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes while the others don’t.  We shall see.   Results for the first game: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31, Green Bay Packers, 26. NO STATE FARM SUPER BOWL this time around.  Eight of our colleagues are at 50-percent in their picks.  We shall see, again. Here are the results for the second matchup and we must say, it was a brutal game.  Some of the Buffalo Bills’ offensive line behaved like Capitol Hill police officers did on January 06, stepping aside and almost waving the Chiefs in to sack or to commit some questionable hits on Josh Allen, QB of the Bills. Final score: Chiefs, 38, Bills 24.  Next week, the Pro-Bowl then on February 07, 2021- Kansas City Chiefs @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Super Bowl LV.
  61. 2021 Sunday D: The Michigan GOP censures Rep. Fred Upton, one of theirs who voted for impeachment in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Payback is coming to all these losers.  Likewise, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey says he’s dropping a planned U.S. Senate run in 2022 because the Arizona GOP has censured him for handing the 2020 Presidential Election over to the Democrats and their standard-bearer, ‘Pro-China Joe’ Biden. Next, Arizona GOP leader Dr. Kelli Ward wins re-election as the chair of the GOP in that state for another two years.  Speaking of the U.S. Senate and of ‘Pro-China Joe,’ Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton says, ‘the Chi-Coms are blackmailing the ‘46th president’ with sanctions.   Elsewhere, the FBI rescues 33 kidnapped children from human traffickers and predators in the L.A. area.  God bless you!
  62. 2021 Sunday E: Chef Lilah in Hawaii says the Hawaii GOP is receiving loads of criticism over the party saying that “Q supporters” in Washington, D.C., are patriots, believing in what they believe.  She says, ‘that in every so-called conspiracy theory, an element of truth exists as otherwise it would not gain strength.’  She also says, ‘that Democrats are desperate to deflect blame from their leadership in the House telling Capitol Hill police officers to step aside and allow the Antifa-interlaced protesters easy entry into the Capitol Building on January 6.’  Look, Nancy Pelosi is out there accusing President Donald J. Trump of homicide for the people who lost their lives in the left-wing mob riots when she is the one who should shut up and lawyer up.  When the truth hits, no one will acquit Speaker Pelosi.  Finally, Chef Lilah says, ‘as for QAnon, why wouldn’t people believe this when they live in a country where millions of their fellow citizens- particularly minorities- have been aborted, a country in which fetal body parts are harvested and sold, a country in which, perversion, sexual deviancy, engineered racism, and the elimination of history, both good and bad, is at risk of being destroyed?’  No, she concludes by saying, ‘QAnon is not difficult to believe; no, it’s difficult to disbelieve when one closely examines what the left is doing to our country and why, the damage being caused, none of which is moral or Christian.’  God bless you, Chef Lilly!


This artwork is #0353 a 20” x 24” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “Yuccas and Prickly Pear.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her Website, found at beverlycarrick.com, or at the blog’s Facebook page.  At her Website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work.  It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor!  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day!

Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

Pictures #0001-1495


The Germans released a compilation album of UFO tunes, the delightful “C’mon Everybody” that hit record store shelves on February 06, 1981.  This album features music from the first two UFO albums, “UFO 1” and “UFO 2- Flying.”  If you have yet to introduce the music of this space-rocking British band, this is an excellent way in which, you can go about rectifying the error of your ways- you will be glad you did.  Very few bands have the lasting impact these guys have not to mention they made into the first two decades of the 21st century.  We definitely hope you will seek it out and consider adding it to your ever-growing record collection- you will be glad you did.  Thank you for relying on our suggestions, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day, aka the AICPENDBLOG.COM @ WordPress.com thanks you.

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Sunday, January 24, 2021:


[i] We promoted the music of this short-lived band- Detective on three days: Tuesday, 29-July-2014, their second album on Thursday, 31-July-2014, and their third offering on Friday, 01-August-2014.  We hope you will seek them out and consider adding them to your collection.

[ii] We definitely hope to present the music of ALL the classic Motown bands- including the famed Four Tops- sometime within the next decade.  Please, stay tuned for further developments.

[iii] We hope to begin promoting the music of the Allman Brothers Band and their spin-off projects sometime within the next eight years.  We hope you will be here when we do because they are a band worthy of investigation by the readership- you will be glad you did.

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Author: Chef Brian Carrick, ACF Retired

My colleagues and I no longer share old photos of us, as the price of success means that lunatics and nuts come looking for one. Therefore, we hired local up-and-coming Bakersfield-Oildale, California street artist, Simone, to create facsimiles of us so we can remain somewhat obscure. Ah, well, I began my culinary career in 1969 bussing tables at age 12 and became a cook's apprentice in 1973 at age 17. I have worked all over California, Hawaii, Washington State, and even a brief time in Arizona. Chef Brian Carrick writes from Weedpatch, California. Chef Brian Carrick is a Conservative Republican.

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