CCC. 2019 Wednesday: As usual, Palestinians are running amok after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promises that should he win next week’s snap election, he will annex one-third of the West Bank. The Palestinians bellow that ‘this would be tantamount to a war crime.’ Look you dimwits, you are better off with the Israelis in charge than you are with Hezbollah and Hamas and the rest of the jihadi groups. Give it a rest.



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Patriot Day

U.S. Attorney General Felix Grundy; Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev; Chief of the Chancellery of the Führer of the NDSAP Philipp Bouhler; Fairport Convention featuring Gerry Conway, the Grateful Dead featuring Mickey Hart, the Rolling Stones, and Roxy Music featuring John Gustafson:

  1. 9 A.D. The destruction of the three Roman Legions- XVII, XVIII, and XIX- under the command of Lucius Quinctilius Varus along with their civilian auxiliaries ends on this date.  The battle had been ongoing for close to three days following the luring of the Romans into the Teutoberg Forest by local German tribesmen they trusted.  They were put in such a way that the legions could pass by single file down a track by the side of a river with hundreds of thousands of Germans lurking on the other side of the track in the forest.  German casualties are unknown but the Romans lost between 16,000 to 20,000 dead, wounded, and enslaved.
  2. 1297: At the Battle of Sterling Bridge, Scottish nationalist William Wallace and his army defeat the British forces intent upon subjugating them. 
  3. 1609: Explorer Henry Hudson sailed into New York harbor and discovered Manhattan Island and the Hudson River.
  4. 1649: Oliver Cromwell seizes Drogheda, Ireland, and massacres most of the inhabitants in the process.
  5. 1773: Benjamin Franklin wrote, “There was never a good war or a bad peace.”
  6. 1776: A peace conference between British General William Howe and three representatives from the Continental Congress took place on this date.
  7. 1777: During the American Revolution, the British in the Battle of Brandywine defeated forces under the command of General George Washington.  For the first time in American history, troops carried the Stars and Stripes into battle.  Elsewhere, in Berkley County, Virginia, future 13th U.S. Attorney General Felix Grundy is born.  A future Democratic-Republican and then a Democrat, he would serve under President Martin Van Buren from 07-05-1838 to 12-14-1839.
  8. 1789: After appointment by President George Washington, Alexander Hamilton becomes the first secretary of the U.S. Treasury.
  9. 1814: An American fleet scored a decisive victory over the British in the Battle of Lake Champlain in the War of 1812.
  10. 1842: Mexican troops captured San Antonio, Texas.
  11. 1857: The Mountain Meadows Massacre took place in present-day southern Utah as Mormon militiamen aided by Paiute Indians slaughtered a 120-member Arkansas immigrant party.
  12. 1883 Monday: James Cutler patented the mail chute on this date.  The first building to use the device, the Elwood Building in Rochester, NY, did so upon installation.
  13. 1885 Thursday: The U.S. State Department names Moses Hopkins ambassador to the African nation of Liberia.
  14. 1897 Friday: A 10-week strike of coal workers in three states, ended on this date, which gave them an 8-hour workday, semi-monthly pay, and the abolition of company stores.
  15. 1899 Sunday: Future Chief of the Chancellery of the Führer Philipp Bouhler, 06-1933 to 05-07-1945, was born in Germany on this date.
  16. 1910 Su: The first successful, commercially run electric bus line commences business in Hollywood, California.
  17. 1916 Monday: During World War I, German troops conquer Kavalla, Greece.
  18. 1919 Thursday: U.S. Marines invade the Central American nation of Honduras.
  19. 1922 Monday: The British Mandate of Palestine begins.
  20. 1926 Saturday: City Leaders at Honolulu, Hawaii, dedicate the Aloha Tower.
  21. 1936 Friday: Boulder Dam (now Hoover Dam) began operation as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt pressed a key in Washington to signal the startup of the dam’s first hydroelectric generator.
  22. 1939 Monday: In a case of mistaken identity in the opening days of World War II, the British submarine HMS Triton torpedoes the British submarine, HMS Oxley.
  23. 1941 Thursday: Groundbreaking took place for the Pentagon, now the Department of Defense.  Meanwhile, famous aviator Charles Lindbergh declares, “the British, the Jews, and the Roosevelt Administration are trying to get the U.S. involved in World War II.”  Finally, President Franklin Roosevelt orders the U.S. Navy to sink any Axis ship found in American territorial waters.
  24. 1942 Friday: Transport #31 departs France bound for Nazi Germany with French Jews onboard it.
  25. 1943 Saturday: The last German sea raider or ‘Q-Ship’ (pirate ship) sinks near Easter Island during World War II.  Elsewhere, future percussionist and drummer with The Grateful Dead[i], Mickey Hart, is born.
  26. 1944 Monday: The U.S. 5th Armored Division is the first Allied unit to enter Nazi Germany.
  27. 1945 Tuesday: Following Japan’s surrender in World War II, former Japanese Prime Minister and warlord Hideki Tojo attempts to commit hara-kiri rather than undergo arrest and trial for war crimes.  He botched it and American soldiers arrested him, transported him to the hospital, returned him to health, and then put the SOB on trial.
  28. 1947 Thursday: Future drummer with the British rock band, Fairport Convention[ii], 1998-present—Gerry Conway—is born on this date.
  29. 1952 Thursday: Dr. Charles Hufnagel successfully replaced a diseased aorta valve with an artificial one he made from plastic.
  30. 1954 Saturday: The Miss America beauty pageant made its network TV debut on ABC; pageant officials crown Miss California, Lee Ann Meriwether, the winner. 
  31. 1959 Friday: The U.S. Congress passed a bill authorizing food stamps.
  32. 1966 Sunday: The Rolling Stones[iii] perform on the Ed Sullivan Show.
  33. 1967 Monday: The comedy-variety program, the Carol Burnett Show premieres on CBS-TV.
  34. 1970 Friday: Ford Motor Co. introduced the Pinto, a compact that would become caught up in controversy over the safety of its gas tank.  The company discontinued the car in 1980.  We owned one, it was a great car and survived a massive car wreck in October 1974.
  35. 1971 Saturday: The fourth leader of the Soviet Union 1955-1964– Nikita Khrushchev—died on this date.
  36. 1973 Tuesday: Chilean President Salvador Allende died during a violent military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet.  Allende was a communist and the Chilean people urged the military to topple the scumbag. 
  37. 1974 Wednesday: The St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Mets set a National League record when they played 25 innings.  It was the second longest game in baseball history.
  38. 1977 Sunday: Atari released the Atari 2600 on this date.  They originally sold it as the Atari VCS.  They discontinued the system on January 01, 1992.
  39. 1985 Wednesday: A U.S. satellite passed through the tail of the Giacobini-Zinner comet, which made it the first on-the-spot sampling of a comet.
  40. 1997 Thursday: After 290 years of union with England, Scotland voted to create its own parliament.
  41. 1998 Friday: Independent counsel Kenneth Starr sent a report to the U.S. Congress in which, he said there were 11 possible impeachable offenses he found against President Bill Clinton.
  42. 2001 Tuesday: Cowardly Islamofascists murder nearly 3,000 people in America’s worst day of terrorism as 19 al-Qaida hijackers commandeered four passenger jetliners full of fuel and launched multiple assaults.  Two of the planes took down the World Trade Center while the third crashed into the Pentagon.  The fourth one crashed in a field in western Pennsylvania after the passengers could regain control of the plane but could not stop it from crashing.
  43. 2006 Monday: In a prime-time address, President George W. Bush invoked the memory of victims of the 9/11 attacks as he staunchly defended the war in Iraq, though he acknowledged that Saddam Hussein was not responsible for the attacks.
  44. 2007 Tuesday: A new Osama bin Laden videotape was released on the sixth anniversary of 9/11; in it, the voice of the al-Qaida leader is heard commemorating one of the suicide hijackers and calling on young radicalized Muslims- members of the so-called, “Religion of Peace,” to follow his example by martyring themselves in attacks on the West.  Screw ‘em.  Meanwhile, in answer to the United State’s “Mother of All Bombs,” the amazing GBU/43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast, the so-called “MOAB,” the Russians test what they call the “Father of All Bombs,” the Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power.  It looks amazing, too, and if it’s true, this conventional weapon would be the most powerful, non-nuclear bomb in the world.
  45. 2008 Thursday: Presidential candidates Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, and Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, D-IL, put aside politics as they visited ground zero together on the anniversary of 9/11 to honor its victims.
  46. 2010 Saturday: For the first time since the Vietnam War, the U.S. military awards the Medal of Honor to U.S. Army Sergeant Salvatore Giunta for his actions during the War in Afghanistan.
  47. 2011 Sunday: Remembrance ceremonies commemorating the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, take place around the world.
  48. 2012 Tuesday: The United States commemorates the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and for the first time, no heightened alerts of possible terrorist attacks mar it.  However, thanks to the lack of heightened security, terrorists attack the U.S. Consulate at Benghazi, Libya, and kill the U.S. Ambassador J. Chris Stevens and three other brave Americans.  In addition to this attack, thugs and scum also attacked the embassy in Cairo, Egypt.  Calls to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for aid went unanswered. 
  49. 2013 Wednesday: France drafts a resolution on this date, which allows the Syrian government–under the control of Bashar al-Assad–can turn over its stockpiles of chemical weapons to the world community for it to destroy.  Meanwhile, the UN receives purported use of chemical weapons by the Syria militants against their own people—the news comes from Russia. 
  50. 2014 Thursday: With help from Qatar officials, Syrian rebel captors free 45 U.N. peacekeepers from Fiji; the jihadists took the soldiers hostage two weeks earlier after the rebels overtook the Syrian-controlled part of Golan Heights from government troops.  Elsewhere, John Gustafson, former bassist with the English band, Roxy Music[iv], died on this date.
  51. 2015 Friday: In Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a large construction crane at a building site collapses, killing approximately 100 people and injuring numerous others.   Meanwhile, in the early running for the 2016 presidential nomination, Governor Rick Perry, Texas, becomes the first to drop out of the pool of around 16 candidates.  Many thought he would go far.
  52. 2016 Sunday:  Word leaks that Democratic 2016 presidential nominee will miss an event commemorating the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, due to a bout with chronic pneumonia.  Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports that worldwide oil prices are dropping as U.S. oil rig numbers continue increasing.  Oil prices always drop prior to elections because politicians who hate fossil fuels always want the prices lower so the average citizen does not associate them with high oil prices.
  53. 2017 Monday: In the Catalan city of Barcelona, Spain, one million Catalonians take to the streets on the state’s national holiday demanding secession from the parent country.  Things would not work out for them in the long run.  Still, the independence movement gave it a good shot.  Meanwhile, as Hurricane Irma begins moving up the coast, 7 million homes in Georgia and Texas find themselves without power and in varying degrees of distress. 
  54. 2018 Tuesday: Near Hajin, in eastern Syria, U.S. backed Syrian troops begin the final assault on the final ISIS stronghold in the war-torn country, something that would never have occurred under a President Hillary Rodham Clinton but most certainly did under President Donald J. Trump.  Light ‘em up, boys!  Meanwhile in Asiatic Russia, the Russian military commences joint military exercises with communist China, putting more than 300,000 troops in the field, their largest such endeavor since the early 1980s.  They are trying to send President Trump a message: Look at us- we’re bad.
  55. 2019 Wednesday: As usual, Palestinians are running amok after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promises that should he win next week’s snap election, he will annex one-third of the West Bank.  The Palestinians bellow that ‘this would be tantamount to a war crime.’  Look you dimwits, you are better off with the Israelis in charge than you are with Hezbollah and Hamas and the rest of the jihadi groups.  Give it a rest.  Elsewhere, it’s official: two Trump-backed Republicans in North Carolina win two special elections, elections that occurred the prior day.  Dan Bishop won the 9th Congressional District sending Democrats spinning because they honestly thought they stood a chance in a state they claim is becoming BLUE.  In the 3rd Congressional District, Greg Murphy won that race, beating another favored Democrat.  Wow.
  56. 2020 Friday: The TV ratings are in for last night’s opening game in the NFL- the Kansas City Chiefs v. the Houston Texans- had a ratings view of 16.4-percent less than last year’s opening day.  What we will say is that we here at the AICPENDBLOG.COM have sworn off the NFL until (1) they fire Roger Goodell and (2) come back to their senses.  IF players want to protest- which is their God-given right- do it on your off time and put your own money where your mouths are.  Otherwise, STFU you spoiled rotten sniveling bastards.  Meanwhile, the White House announces that the kingdom of Bahrain will also make peace with Israel which drives the Palestinian trash into a foaming-at-the-mouth frenzy once again.  Hey, PLO- make peace with Israel and STFU! Also at the White House today, President Donald J. Trump awards the Congressional Medal of Honor to U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. Maj. Thomas Payne for heroic actions in Iraq in 2015.  The unit in which Sgt. Maj. Payne served went to free approximately 70-75 Kurdish hostages being held by ISIS fecal matter.  He helped rescue many of them and would not leave the field of battle even though one building in which, hostages were being held was ablaze and collapsing all around him.  In the action, he helped kill 20 of the ISIS thugs.  Congratulations, Sgt. Maj. Payne!
  57. 2020 Friday A: New York City business leaders sign a letter to Mayor Bill Di Blasio demanding he address the ‘deteriorating conditions in the Big Apple,’ the rising crime rates, the burnt out and destroyed businesses, the dying restaurants, and bars.  Mayor Di Blasio and his colleague, Governor Andrew “I’m a Moron” Cuomo together have destroyed one of the great states and cities of the country.  Time to recall both of them.  Elsewhere, the city of Austin, Texas, slashes its police department of one-third of its annual budget- $150 million- which leads law enforcement to erect billboards outside the city warning travelers to ‘enter at your own risk.’  The murder rate in Austin is up 63-percent this year alone.  What the hell is going on in the country?
  58. 2020 Friday B:  Big news continues to come out as to HOW the Trump-Russia Collusion investigation led by senile Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III and his team that wiped their phones used in the investigation so as to coverup the real crimes here- the vilification and attempted destruction of a duly-elected president by members of the Obama administration- including the BIG GUY himself, perhaps- so the world awaits further information.  It would appear that Andrew Weissmann, the alleged top dog who ran this phony investigation ordered his cronies to bleach as much information as they could before it fell into the hands of the U.S. Justice Department.
  59. 2020 Friday C: Folks, here are the numbers for the Xi Jinping Bat Flu- Pelosi Pox:  Here are the statistics for the planet as a whole: 28,268,970 confirmed cases, +335,582, 911,282, confirmed deaths, +6,101, and 19,048,042 confirmed recoveries, +228,654.  Next, here are the stats for the United States, the intended target of the Chinese-engineered Wuhan Virus pandemic: 6,528,415 confirmed cases, up 57,197 from yesterday’s reporting, 195,789 confirmed deaths, UP 1,422, and 3,535,289 confirmed recoveries, UP 22,799.  Next, in the three states in which, the world-famous American Institute of Culinary Politics-the Elemental News of the Day employs chef-bloggers- California, Hawaii, and Washington- here are the stats, California first: 754,461 confirmed cases, 14,143 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Next here are the numbers for Hawaii: 10,292 confirmed cases, 94 confirmed deaths, and 3,176 confirmed recoveries.  Finally, here are the stats for leftist-Marxist-socialist hellhole of Washington: 82,264 confirmed cases, 2,074 confirmed deaths, and NO MENTION of confirmed recoveries.  Let’s look at one other state: Maine- currently, they have 4,792 confirmed cases, 134 confirmed deaths, and 4,191 confirmed recoveries- thank you, Governor Janet Mills for your state’s honesty in this regard- pretty amazing for a Democrat, perhaps California and Washington state could follow suit.
  60. 2020 Friday D: Here are the stats for today’s Stock Market closes: first the DOW Jones Industrial Average, 27,665.64, UP 131.06 points (+0.48%).  Next, here are the stats for the NASDAQ:  10,853.55, DOWN 66.05 points (-0.60%).  Finally, here are the numbers for the S&P 500: 3,340.97, UP 1.78 points (+0.053%).  Price of GOLD: $1,948.10 per troy oz., +0.20 (+0.01%)  Here is the price of SILVER: $26.92 per troy oz., +0.0068 (+0.25%).  Price of PLATINUM: $932.90 per troy oz., -6.70 (-0.71%).  Price of PALLADIUM: $2,330.00 per troy oz., +26.50 (+1.15%).  Here is the price of COPPER: $3.04 per #, +0.0045 (+0.15%).   Price of Light Sweet Crude Oil per barrel: $37.39, +0.06 (+0.16%).  Today, one-dollar U.S. = 6.83 PRC yuan whereas one U.S. greenback = 0.84 euros.
  61. 2020 Friday E: Wildfires continue raging across the western states what with California beset by numerous fires. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says ‘God is mad at the people’ and that ‘climate change and global warming’ are responsible for the state’s woes.  People are dying and Governor Gavin “The Smiler” Newsom (ever notice how hate-filled people always smile before they say ugly stuff like Newsom, Ilhan Omar, and other scumbags) among others who says he has ‘no patience for climate change deniers.’  Look moron, instead of funneling every dime into CalPERS and other state-funded retirement programs for state employees, why not do some of the necessary forestry management such as clear-cutting, removing dead undergrowth, allowing timber companies to responsibly harvest and replant, and engaging in the various water transportation and catchment systems that made our state great?  What a bunch of losers, we hope San Francisco is blown off the map by an angry God. 
  62. 2020 Friday F:  As you know, it’s yet to come but we all know the Chi-Coms colluding with their Democratic patsies are up to no good.  We shall see…


This artwork is #0218 an 8” x 10” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “Pruning the Vines.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her Website, found at, or at the blog’s Facebook page.  At her Website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work.  It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor!  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day!

Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

Pictures #0001-1495


Electric Light Orchestra released their next biggest seller yet, “Time,” on July 19, 1981.  The album was somewhat a change in direction featuring the lineup of Jeff Lynne (vocals, guitars, synthesizers), Bev Bevin (drums/percussion), Richard Tandy (keyboards, guitars, backing vocals), and Kelly Groucutt (bass, backing vocals).  This is a concept album dealing with a man from the 1980s suddenly transported to 2095.   Folks, this is a superb addition to the group’s growing discography, one we hope you will beat the bushes searching for as it contains some glitzy tunes such as “Hold on Tight” and “The Way Life’s Meant to Be.”  Tremendous music by one of the all-time best bands of the era.

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Original Beverly Carrick Artworks, Beverly Carrick—World Famous Artist, Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, Fairport Convention, Gerry Conway, The Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart, The Rolling Stones, Roxy Music, John Gustafson,  Chief of the Chancellery of the Führer Philipp Bouhler, U.S. Attorney General Felix Grundy, Electric Light Orchestra,



Friday, September 11, 2020:


[i] We began promoting the music of the Grateful Dead- including Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Phil Lesh- beginning on Tuesday, 30-August-2011 through Wednesday, 11-January-2012.  Then, we did a second series featuring more albums by this fabled San Francisco band beginning on Friday, 09-August-2013 through Monday, 19-August-2013.  At some point, we will have to do a third series as the music from this band never ends.  Please, seek them out and consider adding them to your collection.

[ii] Not clear as to when we present the music of the Fairport Convention and of Richard Thompson, their famed guitarist but we sure as heck hope we do within the next decade.

[iii] We shared the music of the Rolling Stones (and the group’s individual members) beginning Tuesday, 22-March-2016 through Sunday, 28-August-2016.  This included the members solo projects. Of course, thanks to that Beijing-loving Sundar Pichai, you cannot see the original posts at Google Blogger because HE WON’T ALLOW IT!  Deport this POS now.

[iv] We presented the music of Roxy Music at the secondary blog and hope to do it at the main blog sometime within the next 3 years. At the secondary blog, we began promoting the music of this famed British band as well as of Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay, and Phil Manzanera beginning on Wednesday, September 07, 2016 through several successive months.  We hope you will seek them out.

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Author: Chef Fritz Schlependrecht, ACF-CMC

I began my culinary career at age 10 working under my father, Chef Fritz, Sr., at his German restaurant in southern California. I moved to Bakersfield in 1982, went to work at one of the hotels, and remained there for the next 24 years prior to retiring. Now, I spend my time writing culinary articles for various magazines enjoying the good life. I’ve dedicated my entire lifetime to promoting the food service industry and in educating the young folks. Up-and-coming Bakersfield, California, street artist, Simone, created the following portrayals that you will see here and at the secondary blog over the course of the week. We have gone from ancient photos to facsimiles now due to the craziness infecting the greater society around us so you can say it is for security reasons. I have spent my entire life working in professional food service and am proud of that service. I currently work and live in the South Land.

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