AA. 1996: Following the longest siege in modern military history of a capital city- 1,425 days- Serb forces withdraw from Sarajevo.



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“Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts Club Band” by the Beatles and the Monkees featuring Davy Jones:

  1. 1288: Scotland established this day as one when a woman could propose marriage to a man. If he refused the proposal, the law required him to pay a fine.
  2. 1504: Christopher Columbus uses a lunar eclipse to frighten hostile Jamaican natives into doing his bidding.
  3. 1692: In Salem, Massachusetts, Sarah Goode and Tituba, the African slave, are officially accused of being witches and practicing witchcraft.
  4. 1704: In Deerfield, Massachusetts, French and their Indian allies attack the settlement, killing 50, and abducting 100.
  5. 1784: The Marquis de Sade is transferred from the Vincennes Fortress to the Bastille.
  6. 1796: Jay’s Treaty proclaimed; it settles some residual differences between the United States and Great Britain.
  7. 1856: Hostilities in the Russo-Turkish War cease.
  8. 1860: Herman Hollerith invented the first electric tabulating machine.
  9. 1880: The Gotthard Railway Tunnel linking Switzerland with Italy is completed on this date.
  10. 1892: The United States and Great Britain sign a treaty on seal hunting in the Bering Sea.
  11. 1904: President Theodore Roosevelt appoints a seven-man commission to study the Panama Canal.
  12. 1908: Dutch scientists produce solid helium.
  13. 1932: In Finland, a coup attempt by the Fascist Lapua Movement against the government fails.
  14. 1936: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signs the nation’s second neutrality act.
  15. 1940: During World War II, 45 U-Boats are sunk this month; it is a loss of 170,000 tons. Meanwhile, Hattie McDaniel became the first black person to win an Oscar.  She won Best Supporting Actress award for her role as Mammy in “Gone with the Wind.”
  16. 1944: The invasion of the Admiralty Islands began with Operation Brewer. General Douglas MacArthur led his forces onto the island of Los Negros.  Elsewhere, Dorothy McElroy Vredenburgh of Alabama became the first woman to be appointed secretary of a national political party.  The Democratic National Committee appointed her to their leadership post.
  17. 1948: The Stern group bombs a Cairo-Haifa train, which results in the deaths of 27 British soldiers.
  18. 1956: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan forms.
  19. 1968: The Beatles’[i] “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts Club Band” wins a Grammy.
  20. 1960: The first Playboy Club opens in Chicago, featuring their Bunnies.
  21. 1964: Dawn Fraser got her 36th world record. The Australian swimmer received a time of 58.9 seconds in the 100-meter freestyle in Sydney.
  22. 1968: The National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, the Kerner Commission, makes its report against (1) racism and (2) demands that aid be given to black Americans.
  23. 1972: Hank Aaron becomes the first U.S. Major League Baseball player to sign for $200,000 per year. Meanwhile, gossip columnist Jack Anderson releases information via a memo he uncovered that in exchange for a donation of $400 thousand to the GOP, anti-trust charges were dropped on ITT.
  24. 1980: The NHL’s Gordie Howell becomes the first player to score 800 career goals.
  25. 1984: After 15 years as prime minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau announces he is going to step down.
  26. 1988: A Nazi document comes to light that links UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim to deportations of Jews to death camps during World War II. Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Ed Koch calls President Ronald Reagan a “WIMP” in the War on Drugs.
  27. 1996: Following the longest siege in modern military history of a capital city- 1,425 days- Serb forces withdraw from Sarajevo.
  28. 2004: In the 76th Academy Awards, “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” wins Best Picture Award while Sean Penn wins Best Actor and Charlize Theron wins Best Actress.
  29. 2012: Davy Jones longtime vocalist with the rock band, the Monkees[ii], died on this date.
  30. 2020:  The results for the South Carolina Democratic Party Primary are mind-blowing: for the first time in 33 years, former Vice President Joe Biden wins a primary.  Here are the results: Biden: 48.45-percent; Bernie Sanders: 19.91-percent; Tom Steyer: 11.33-percent; Pete Buttigieg: 8.29-percent; Elizabeth Warren: 7.07-percent; Amy Klobuchar: 3.15-percent; and Tulsi Gabbard: 1.28-percent.  A few hours following the primary results, candidate Tom Steyer threw in the towel for a second time (he did it after the Nevada Caucuses the previous week but then leapt back in).  All we can say to Tom “Green Jeans” Steyer is ‘good riddance.’[i][i] Editor’s note, not the blog’s.








00024 An Early Snow 16 x 20 (400)


This artwork is #0024 a 16” x 20” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “An Early Snow.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her Website, found at, or at the blog’s Facebook page.  At her Website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclees, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work.  It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor!  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day!



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Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

Pictures #0001-1495




#BF01.1f Boys and Girls #6 08-19-16 (400)


Bryan Ferry released his next solo effort in 1985, the highly successful, “Boys and Girls.”  Many see a connection between this album and the final Roxy Music album, “Avalon,” as the soundscapes bear similarity beyond denial.  If you love both the band and the man, this is a must-have effort for all fans, which is why we urge you to buy it ASAP as it ranks as one of the top 10 live albums of the 1980s.  We hope you will check it out and enjoy it for years to come.  You will be glad you did.






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The above icon is the “Trademark of Quality and Symbol of Integrity/Logo” of the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers and of What’s Cookin’ Productions.    The AICP-END Blog copyrights this article © 02-27-2020, all rights reserved.

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Original Beverly Carrick Artworks, Beverly Carrick—World Famous Artist, The Beatles “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts Club Band”, Davy Jones, the Monkees, Bryan Ferry,

[i] We began promoting the music of both the Beatles and the band’s individual components on Friday, 04-November-2016 through Sunday, 11-June-2018.  Besides the Beatles, we also promoted the music of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison as well as the Traveling Wilburys.    “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” appeared on Tuesday, 22-November-2016.  Please seek out this massive offering by visiting the blog posts between those dates. You will be glad you did.

[ii] Not sure when we will begin presenting the music of this famed American band- the Monkees- but when we do, we also do the solo catalogs of Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork.  Please stay tuned for more information.



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Author: Chef Elvin C. McCardle, ACF-CWC

I began my career working as a busboy in 1963, move to washing pots in 1965, became a chef's apprentice in 1969 and have been a career professional ever since. I am still involved in professional foodservice as a consultant for food and beverage professionals. Like everyone else who writes for the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day, Bakersfield, California, street artist and graffiti guru, Simone, has done cartoon caricatures of me, which is my personal photo now. We must keep our personal identities confidential as in this world of political animosity and the fact that we own restaurants, which are dependent upon public visitation, has forced us to journey down this road. We hope you understand. Thank you. Chef Elvin C. McCardle writes from Ventura, CA. Chef Elvin C. McCardle is now a Conservative Republican! Contact me at the following address:

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