1990: Cleveland’s Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame inducted the one-and-only Kinks on this date in time. The band was active between 1964 until 1994.



PO Box 20669

Bakersfield, CA 93390-0669

Business Phone: 661-374-1430






#bhc001.2j stinkbug #1 2012 (400) b


Lee-Jackson Day in Virginia

President Rutherford B. Hayes; U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Smith Thompson; the Guess Who featuring Domenic Troiano, the Kinks, Led Zeppelin I, Muhammad Ali, and the Rolling Stones featuring Mick Taylor:

  1. 1377: Catholic authorities transferred the Papal See from Avignon, France, back to Rome on this date.
  2. 1562: The Edict of St. Germain recognized the rights of French Protestants.
  3. 1595: French King Henry IV declared war on Spain.
  4. 1768: In Amenia, N.Y., the future 19thS. Supreme Court Associate Justice Smith Thompson is born. President James Monroe would nominate the Democratic-Republican to fill the seat of Associate Justice Henry Livingston.  Thompson would serve from 09-01-1823 to 12-18-1843.
  5. 1773: Captain Cook’s Resolution became the first ship to cross the Antarctic Circle.
  6. 1779: Captain Cook makes the last entry in the log of the HMS Discovery.
  7. 1795: The Dudingston Curling Society organized in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  8. 1806: James Madison Randolph, grandson of President Thomas Jefferson, becomes the first child born in the White House.
  9. 1821: Mexico permits Moses Austin and 300 American families to settle in Texas.
  10. 1861: English plumber, Thomas Crapper, patents the flush toilet.
  11. 1864: Troops under General James Longstreet ends the heavy fighting around Dandridge, Tennessee.
  12. 1874: Armed Democrats in Texas seize the government, ending radical Reconstruction.
  13. 1885: British troops beat the Mahdi and his army at the Battle of Abu Klea in the Sudan.
  14. 1893: A group of businesspersons and sugar planters overthrew Hawaii’s monarchy and forced Queen Liliuokalani to abdicate her throne, setting off a great deal of strife among the population. Some want to reclaim the former kingdom’s independence!  Meanwhile, the 19th president of the United States, Rutherford B. Hayes, died at age 70 in Fremont, Ohio.
  15. 1900: The U.S. took Wake Island in the mid-Pacific as it housed an important cable link between Hawaii and Manila. Elsewhere, Mormon Brigham Young suffered denial of a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives because he was a polygamist.
  16. 1912: English explorer Robert Falcon Scott reached the South Pole. However, Norwegian Roald Amundsen had beaten him there by one month.  Unfortunately, for Scott and his party, they died on the return trip.
  17. 1913: A new company, J.C. Penney Company incorporated on this date as all partner interest in the 36 Golden Rule Stores consolidated into the new corporation.
  18. 1915: Russian troops occupy Bukovina and western Ukraine.
  19. 1916: In New York City, pro golfers formed the Professional Golfers Association on this date.
  20. 1917: The United States paid Denmark $25 million for the Virgin Islands.
  21. 1929: The cartoon character, Popeye the Sailor Man made his debut in the “Thimble Theater” comic strip.
  22. 1934: Ferdinand Porsche submitted a design for a people’s car, a “Volkswagen,” to the new German Reich government.
  23. 1942: Cassius Clay—the future boxing champion of the world, Muhammad Ali—was born.
  24. 1944: During World War II, Allied Forces launched the first of four battles for Monte Casino in Italy; the Allies were ultimately successful in overcoming the Nazi defenses.
  25. 1945: Soviet and Polish forces liberated Warsaw during World War II; Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews, disappeared in Hungary while in Soviet custody.
  26. 1946: Future lead guitarist with the James Gang[i] (1972) and the Guess Who[ii] (1974-1975)—Domenic Troiano—is born in Canada on this date.
  27. 1948: The trial of eleven communists in New York City commences. Meanwhile, the Netherlands and Indonesia agree to a ceasefire in the latter nation’s war of independence.
  28. 1949: Mick Taylor, lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones[iii] following the death of Brian Jones was born on this date. He played with the Stones from 1969-1975 when he departed the band to embark on a solo career.
  29. 1950: The Great Brink’s Robbery took place as seven masked men held up a Brink’s garage in Boston, stealing $1.2 million in cash and $1.5 million in checks and money orders. (Although the authorities caught the entire gang, they only recovered part of the loot.
  30. 1955: The submarine USS Nautilus made its first nuclear-powered test run from its berth in Groton, Connecticut.
  31. 1961: President Dwight D. Eisenhower delivered his farewell address in which he warned against “the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.”
  32. 1963: Wilt Chamberlain of the NBA San Francisco Warriors scores 67 points in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers.
  33. 1964: Michelle La Vaughn Robinson—the future Mrs. Barack Obama and First Lady of the United States—was born in Chicago, Illinois.
  34. 1966: A B-52 carrying four H-bombs collided with a refueling tanker. Seven crewmembers lost their lives in the mishap (four aboard the tanker and three aboard the B-52) and three of the bombs plummeted nearby the Spanish town of Palomares while the other one fell into the Mediterranean Sea.
  35. 1969: Led Zeppelin[iv] released its debut album in the United States on this date in history!
  36. 1971: In Super Bowl V, the Baltimore Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 16-13; Chuck Halley of Dallas is the MVP. Meanwhile Kid Rock was born in Romeo, Michigan.
  37. 1975: The undercover cop drama “Barretta,” starring Robert Blake, premiered on ABC-TV.
  38. 1977: The first execution in the United States in a decade took place at Utah State Prison as a firing squad executed convicted murderer Gary Gilmore, 36.
  39. 1983: Governor George C. Wallace of Alabama becomes governor for a record fourth time. Meanwhile, Nigeria expels 2 million illegal aliens, mostly Ghana natives.
  40. 1984: The U.S. Supreme Court, in Sony Corp. of America vs. Universal City Studios, Inc., ruled 5-4 that the use of home video cassette recorders to tape television programs for private viewing did not violate federal copyright laws.
  41. 1989: A gunman opens fire in a California school, killing five people and wounding 30.
  42. 1990: Cleveland’s Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame inducted the one-and-only Kinks[v] on this date in time. The band was active between 1964 until 1994.
  43. 1991: Operation Desert Storm, the campaign to drive the Iraqis out of Kuwait begins as negotiations for a peaceful resolution failed as Saddam Hussein stepped up his belligerence in defending the nation his military forces had overrun.
  44. 1994: A 6.6-magnitude earthquake hits Los Angeles, killing 61 people and causing $20 billion in damage.
  45. 1995: The Los Angeles Rams announce they are moving to St. Louis. Elsewhere, more than 6,000 people died when an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 devastated the city of Kobe, Japan.
  46. 1997: A court in Ireland granted the first divorce in the Roman Catholic country’s history.
  47. 1998: Paula Jones accuses President Bill Clinton of sexual abuse.
  48. 2009: Israel declares a ceasefire in the Gaza War to be effective on January 18 while the Islamists do the same.
  49. 2010: Ali Hassan al-Majid, former Iraqi minister, also known as Chemical Ali, receives a death sentence for the poison gas attack at Halabja.
  50. 2011: All bullet trains in northern and central Japan temporarily halted due a computer glitch; thousands of passengers are affected.
  51. 2012: India and China agree to build a functional plan to address border issues.
  52. 2013: After stripping Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour de France Titles, the IOC takes away the cyclist’s bronze medal from the 2000 Summer Olympics; racing authorities found him guilty of doping.
  53. 2014: Responding to privacy concerns raised by former spy contractor Edward Snowden’s NSA disclosures, U.S. President Barack Obama[vi] announces reforms to NSA phone surveillance.
  54. 2015: S. President Barack Obama vows to veto additional sanctions proposed by Congress against Iran, citing the delicacy of international talks currently underway with the nation regarding limitations on its nuclear program.
  55. 2016: In Charleston, S.C., the fourth Democratic Party presidential candidates go toe to toe in a wild event in which the candidates sparred over issues such as gun control and health care.
  56. 2017: Prior to leaving office, outgoing President Barack Hussein Obama commutes Wikileaks rat fink Bradley (Chelsea) Manning’s prison sentence from 35 years to seven years. Meanwhile, to the dismay of loved ones, the search for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 over the Indian Ocean is terminated.
  57. 2019: The so-called “Godfather of Crystal Meth” in China- Cai Dongyi- undergoes execution by the authorities for his numerous crimes.







1149 A Perfect Pair 7 x 5 (400)


This artwork is #1149 a 7” x 5” original oil painting by Beverly Carrick, which, she entitled, “A Perfect Pair.”  It is among her more beautiful works and is available for sale.  You can see much more of her work at her Website, found at, or at the blog’s Facebook page.  At her Website, you will see not only more original oil paintings but also lithographs, giclée’s, prints, miniatures, photographs, and even her award-winning instructional video entitled, “Painting the Southwest with Beverly Carrick.”  Beverly has been painting for more than 60 years and known around the world for both the beauty and timelessness of her artworks.  Hanging in private and public galleries and followed by many fans encircling the globe—her works instill awe because of her artistic brilliance and personal beauty.  We urge you to go to her Website NOW and view her work.  It is possible that you will find something you like and will want to buy it for yourself, a friend, a loved one, or a neighbor!  You will not be disappointed so please: do yourself a favor and go there IMMEDIATELY!  Thank you, the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day!



#OB0001.1w B. Carrick #2 05-30-2019 (400)

Beverly Carrick: The World’s Greatest Artist (1927-2012)

Pictures #0001-1495



#TT001.1l Wild Things #12 01-04-2020 (1)


The Troggs record company released a somewhat succinct package of the band’s easily recognizable hit singles- 20 of them here- on December 16, 1994: “Wild Things.”  If you have yet to get in on the ground floor of this seminal, British hard-rocking band, one given birth in a UK garage, then you need to zip on over to and pick it up in the format, the condition, and the price that works best for you; you will be glad you did so please, do it now and enjoy.






#OB0001.1q Chef w D #1 05-30-2019 (400)

The above icon is the “Trademark of Quality and Symbol of Integrity/Logo” of the Magnolia Hilltop Brewers and of What’s Cookin’ Productions.    The AICP-END Blog copyrights this article © 01-17-2020, all rights reserved.

The American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day



#0001.1j ROACH (400)

The Stinkbug symbol on CDs, DVDs, and Books means “approved by the American Institute of Culinary Politics-Elemental News of the Day” as well as adjusted or edited by the photographic editor


Original Beverly Carrick Artworks, Beverly Carrick—World Famous Artist, Mohammad Ali, “Led Zeppelin I” by Led Zeppelin, The Guess Who, Domenic Troiano, The James Gang, President Rutherford B. Hayes, The Rolling Stones, Mick Taylor, Paula Jones and President Bill Clinton, The Kinks, The Troggs,






[i] We promoted the music of the James Gang beginning on Saturday, 11-August-2012 through Monday, 27-August-2012.  We did not do the solo discography of Joe Walsh at the time but when we arrive at the Eagles, we most certainly will.

[ii] On Wednesday, 14-June-2017, we began presenting the music of the Guess Who and of its individual members- including Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, and Bravebelt..  The entire discography ran from the above date through Sunday, 01-October-2017.  We hope you will check them out.

[iii] We shared the music of the Rolling Stones (and the group’s individual members) beginning Tuesday, 22-March-2016 through Sunday, 28-August-2016.  This included the members solo projects which include Mick Taylor’s solo efforts.

[iv] We presented another series of interconnected bands which included Free, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, the Firm, Mott the Hoople, Ian Hunter, the Yardbirds, and a plethora of solo and group efforts beginning on Wednesday, 02-July-2014 through Sunday, 19-October-2014.  We definitely hope that you will seek this music out and consider adding it to your growing collection.  The debut Led Zeppelin album appeared on 07-July-2014.  We hope you will check this famed British band out.

[v] We presented the music of the Kinks, as well as of Ray and Dave Davies, beginning on Monday, 22-December-2014 through Sunday, 15-March-2015.  We hope you will check out the music of this original British invasion band as they are as relevant today as they were more than 50 years ago.  Sure beats the hell out of Maroon Five.

[vi] Many believe Barack Obama should be disqualified as a president because most believe he was born outside the United States which would ban him from ever seeking the highest office in the land.  At the very least, an asterisk should be placed by his name in all U.S. history books.





#STATEFLAG01 Washington State 04-05-2013 (400)

Author: Chef Vladimir, ACF-CWC

This would have been my photo, I, your host, back in the 1980's when I was the Executive Chef at a country club in the Napa Valley but for security purposes, we have scaled some of our personal info back so now, you get a caricature of me done by up-and-coming Bakersfield street artist, Simone. Nice job, Simone! However, I spent many years working in professional Food Service, having begun as a young boy working for my father in his restaurant over on the coast in Pismo Beach. Food Service is in my blood and it's something I still do actively every day in my late eighties in Washington State. Chef Vladimir Gdansk writes from Mukilteo, Washington. Chef Vladimir Gdansk is a moderate Republican. Contact Chef Vladimir at the following email address

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