Just the Facts: if the Baby Evita- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez- ever gets her hands on REAL POWER, the nation will cease to exist as we know it

The New Green Deal is bull puckey. It is a hoax. It is the sort of dreams one gets when one indulges in some magic mushroom tea (I was young once) and embarks on a lengthy, one-room journey. What I am saying is that if the Baby Evita gets her hands on power one day, we will go the way of Russia, of Cuba, of Venezuela, or North Korea. Just because one BELIEVES in stupidity and thinks it will work if THEY try it does not mean that it will.

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“Just the Facts: iF the Baby Evita- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez- ever gets her hands on REAL POWER, the nation will cease to exist as we know it” by Chef Bea O’Malley









The economy is booming but for how long?

Wasco, CA, 02-10-2019 Sunday: ET and I are senior citizens, yet, we still own and operate a successful restaurant here in Kern County, California.  Around us are all manner of ethnic restaurants, most notably Mexican restaurant after Mexican restaurant, almost on every downtown street corner like gas stations once were.  I remember back in the days of gas station predominance, one would see a Shell on one corner, an Atlantic-Richfield on another, a Chevron or Texaco across the street, and a Union 76 or a Phillips 66 across the corner from that.

Now, gas stations have sort of slimmed down, gone on a diet, and the services that once came along with them like folks pumping the gas for you, checking your oil, cleaning the windows, and even doing basic car repairs and tire sales are now replaced by minimarts, places where food and toiletries cost nearly double what they might cost in a high-priced grocery store like Albertson’s or Vons but are conveniently there which means one less trip.

As if that is not bad enough, many of these minimarts now have their own food to offer.  Some have ‘fast Chinese food’ while others have ‘quick Mex.’  Some sell hotdogs and hamburgers that have been in the ‘light’ for nigh on 24 hours while others pull them out of the freezer, stuff them into microwaves or drop them into deep fat fryers.  Everyone is attempting to score a buck at the other guy’s expense.

The magnificent thing is, business is in a revival, it’s in a boom.  Drive through Bakersfield, Shafter, Wasco, McFarland, or Delano or up to Tehachapi or over to Taft and Maricopa and one sees the rebirth of business, of industry, and of economic hope.

Think or say what you will of President Donald J. Trump, much of the economic revival we are fortunate enough to be experiencing would not have happened had Hillary Clinton won the White House.  If anything, I suspect it would have gone backwards because when government raises taxes on middle class business owners and employers, jobs disappear, hiring declines, and benefits dry up.

President Trump has made it so we can afford to expand and to hire new workers  We make certain the people we employ are legal hires because Earl Tiberius O’Malley and I believe it is upon us to hire our fellow Americans and not illegals whom we could get away with paying cash under the table.

Sure, it is not as easy as it once was to run a cash economy as government since the days of Ronald Reagan has made sure it knows where the cash is coming from and to whom it goes.  Still, employers- if they so intend- can find ways to circumvent and get around the taxman.  We do not, however, employ noncitizens.

Now that the Democrats have reclaimed the House of Representatives, ET and I fear that things will begin reverting, going back to where they once were, to a time of laying off the extra help, a time when we will see the economy contract and not expand, back to a bear and not a bull market because of future fears like tax and health care policies.

In Washington, DC, we have a doe-eyed dummy who thinks her panties don’t stink.  I as a lifelong cook, now a chef, also a mixologist, and a businessperson know far more than the little Latina to whom our blogs have given the nickname, “Baby Evita,” the one who seeks to one day become president, a woman who is going to destroy our country as we know it- should she ever be given an opportunity to do so.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is far more dangerous to our country than Hillary Clinton could ever be.  With Hillary and others of her ilk, they talk a good story but do not believe most of the vittles they are cooking whereas Baby Evita believes in what she confesses to believing.  That in TWELVE years, the world is going to cease to exist as we know it and an overheated, dying orb will take its place.  She honestly believes this.

In the last century, more bombs were dropped in many parts of the world than the mind can conceive.  We fought two world wars as well as engaged in long-running conflicts in other nations where the amount of ordinance fired off, dropped, or buried in the dirt awaiting a fearful foot beggars the mind and yet, the world is still here, still alive and well.

The New Green Deal is bull puckey.  It is a hoax.  It is the sort of dreams one gets when one indulges in some magic mushroom tea (I was young once) and embarks on a lengthy, one-room journey.  What I am saying is that if the Baby Evita gets her hands on power one day, we will go the way of Russia, of Cuba, of Venezuela, or North Korea.  Just because one BELIEVES in stupidity and thinks it will work if THEY try it does not mean that it will.

Ending all air travel in ten years and traveling about by high-speed rail, well, good luck with that and besides- don’t trains pollute, too?

Add to that everyone will be driving about using electric cars.  Okay, great, but batteries cannot get me from Wasco to Los Angeles.  When it gets cold, batteries lose their life just as they do when temperatures soar over the century mark as they do here in Kern County every summer.  What can we do?

Using wind and solar power (which, by the way kills birds and other wildlife in vast numbers, something NO one seems to care about), how are we going to air condition our houses and businesses?  There is no way we can and the old, the young, the ill, and the homeless are going to suffer untold misery.

Baby Evita, please, do us all a favor, shut your pie hole.  Grow up.  Leave office, marry someone, and find a job that suits you like changing the linen in a senior citizens home or slinging hash in a roadside diner.  What I am saying is shut the heck up.

Let me know what YOU think.  See you next time.  Love you all.


Bea O’Malley

American Culinary Federation, Inc, Certified Working Chef, Mixologist, and Foodserver

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This is a cartoon caricature of me when I was working at a restaurant in Wasco, CA, my hometown.  The up-and-coming Bakersfield, California, street artist Simone did portraits of each of us here at the blog so I hope you like them as much as I, ahem, do.  Ah, well, I joined the Chefs de Cuisine of Greater Bakersfield, ACF, not long after it was chartered and am still a member even though the chapter is no longer in operation.  I began working in foodservice in the late 1960’s, moved from Wasco, CA, to Monterey, CA, and then returned to my hometown in 2004.  I have been a food server, a Mixologist, and am a Certified Cook.  I am equally at home in both the kitchen and behind the bar (and on the floor, too).  My passions are numerous, and my favorite is working in the bakery whenever I have had a chance.

Bea O’Malley writes from her hometown of Wasco, California

Bea O’Malley is a proud member of the Democratic Party.





02-10-2019 Sunday-Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCXI: “IF the Baby Evita- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez- ever gets her hands on REAL POWER, the nation will cease to exist as we know it” by Chef Bea O’Malley.   

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O’Malley, Bea. “IF the Baby Evita- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez- ever gets her hands on REAL POWER, the nation will cease to exist as we know it.”  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCXI

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Elton John featuring Nigel Olsson and the Flying Burrito Brothers featuring Chris Ethridge:

  1. 60: Biblical scholars believe that the ship upon which, St. Paul was traveling broke apart and washed up on Malta on this date.
  2. 1098: The Crusaders defeated Prince Redwan of Aleppo at Antioch, Syria.
  3. 1676: The Wampanoag Indians under King Philip kill all men in Lancaster, Massachusetts.
  4. 1763: Britain, Spain, and France signed the Treaty of Paris, ending the Seven Years’ War (also known as the French and Indian War in North America).
  5. 1824: The Congress of Peru appointed Simon Bolivar dictator of Peru.
  6. 1840: Britain’s Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe-Colburg and Gotha.
  7. 1841: Under an Act of Union, passed by the British Parliament on this date, it proclaimed that both Upper and Lower Canada to be a unified entity.
  8. 1846: Beginning their ‘exodus,’ members of the Church of Latter-day Saints commence heading west from Illinois.
  9. 1855: The United States Congress amends U.S. Citizenship laws to include ALL children born abroad to AMERICAN parents. This means that children born to illegal aliens are NOT citizens of the country and must be deported with their illegal alien parents.  Why does the United States not enforce this law today?
  10. 1863: Showman P.T. Barnum staged the wedding of General Tom Thumb and Mercy Lavinia Warren—both little people—in New York City. Elsewhere, Alanson Crane received a patent for the fire extinguisher.
  11. 1870: The YWCA underwent founding in New York City. Elsewhere, the city of Anaheim, California, underwent incorporation for the first time.
  12. 1879: Henry Morton Stanley departs England for the Congo. Elsewhere, its creators used the electric arc light for the first time.  
  13. 1890: After the Sioux Indian nation ‘cedes’ 11 million acres of land to the U.S. government, it opens for settlement by settlers.
  14. 1897: The New York Times begins using the slogan, “All the news that’s fit to print.”
  15. 1899: After President McKinley signs the treaty ending the war with Spain, the United States acquired both Guam and Puerto Rico.
  16. 1904: Russia and Japan officially declare war on one another after a Japanese sneak attack on the Russian fleet at Port Arthur severely damages seven of their capital ships.
  17. 1906: The British government proclaims a state of siege in the Zululand in South Africa due to the uprising of the Zulu Tribe against their colonial overlords. Meanwhile, the British launch the largest modern battleship to date, the HMS Dreadnought.
  18. 1908: Tommy Burns knocks out Jack Palmer in four rounds to claim the heavyweight boxing title of the world.
  19. 1920: Major League Baseball representatives outlawed pitches that involve tampering with the ball.
  20. 1925: At Michigan City, Indiana, construction workers put into service the first waterless gas storage tank.
  21. 1933: The Postal Telegram Company in New York introduced the first singing telegram. Meanwhile, German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler declares an “end to Marxism” in the nation.
  22. 1935: The Pennsylvania Railroad began passenger service with its electric locomotive. The engine was 79.5-feet long and weighed 230 tons.
  23. 1942: The former French liner Normandie capsized in New York Harbor a day after it caught fire while being refitted for the U.S. Navy. RCA Victor presented Glenn Miller and his Orchestra with a “gold record” for their recording of “Chattanooga Choo Choo,” which had sold more than 1 million copies.
  24. 1943: During World War II, the British 8th Army sweeps through North Africa all the way to Tunisia, pursuing the remaining Axis troops before them.
  25. 1947: The treaties ending World War II are signed on this date. Meanwhile, future famed bassist who worked for numerous bands as well as helped found the Flying Burrito Brothers—Chris Ethridge—is born on this date.
  26. 1949: Arthur Miller’s play “Death of a Salesman” opened at Broadway’s Morosco Theater with Lee J. Cobb as Willy Loman. Nigel Olsson, future drummer with the Spencer Davis Group in 1969 and then with Elton John to the present was born in England on this date.
  27. 1961: The American Football League’s Los Angeles Chargers move to San Diego.
  28. 1962: The Soviet Union exchanged captured American U-2 pilot, Francis Gary Powers for Rudolf Abel, a Soviet spy held by the United States. Republican George W. Romney announced his ultimately successful candidacy for governor of Michigan.
  29. 1967: The 25th Amendment to the Constitution, dealing with presidential disability and succession, underwent ratification as Minnesota and Nevada adopted it. The amendment required the appointment of a vice president when that office became vacant and instituted new measures in the event of presidential disability.
  30. 1968: U.S. figure skater Peggy Fleming won America’s only gold medal of the Winter Games in Grenoble, France.
  31. 1971: The Royal Albert Hall in London cancels a concert by Frank Zappa and the Mothers.
  32. 1974: Silver hits a record $4.71 an ounce in London.
  33. 1975: The U.S. Post Office issued a commemorative stamp featuring NASA’s Pioneer 10 spacecraft.
  34. 1989: Ron Brown became the first African-American to head a major U.S. political party when Democrats elected him chairman of the Democratic National Committee, aka the DNC.
  35. 1990: Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson in 10 rounds to win the heavyweight title on this date. Meanwhile, South African President F.W. de Klerk announced that black activist Nelson Mandela would be released the next day after 27 years in captivity. 
  36. 1991: Lithuania votes for independence from the USSR on this date.
  37. 1997: The O.J. Simpson jury reaches a decision on the $25 million in punitive damaged in the civil trial over the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. Elsewhere, the U.S. Army suspended its top-ranking enlisted soldier, Army Sgt. Major Gene McKinney following allegations of sexual misconduct.  A court convicted him obstruction of justice and acquitted him of 18 other counts alleging sexual harassment of six military women.
  38. 1998: The U.S. Senate confirmed Dr. David Satcher as the surgeon general of the United States on this date. Elsewhere, a college dropout became the first person convicted of hate crimes in cyberspace after he emailed threats to Asian students.  
  39. 2003: A Chinese court convicted U.S.-based dissident Wang Bingzhang on spying and terrorism charges and sentenced him to life in prison. President Richard Nixon’s press secretary, Ron Ziegler, died in Coronado, California, at age 63.
  40. 2005: North Korea announces it has nuclear weapons. The hermit kingdom also rejected attempts to restart disarmament talks soon claiming that it needed the weapons as protection against an increasingly hostile United States. 
  41. 2009: When Russian and American satellites collide over Siberia, a great amount of space debris occurs.
  42. 2011: When the United States denied Cuba’s request for a fiber-optic cable to help speed up the island nation’s Internet, Venezuela stepped in and the cable arrived on this date from the South American socialist country.
  43. 2012: Called an outrage by critics, a children’s story by famed author, James Joyce, “The Cats of Copenhagen,” undergoes publication in Dublin, Ireland.
  44. 2014: For the first time in U.S. history, millionaires make up most of Congress in 2012. The Center for Responsive Politics study that reveals of the 534 members, 268 of them had incomes of $1 million or more.
  45. 2015: U.S. President Barack Obama seeks Congressional approval for additional force in the fight against ISIS. The fight launched by Obama commenced without Congressional authority leading many critics to claim that Obama is exceeding the limits of his authority.














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  48. 02-07-2015 S: “Political Topics and Essays, Part Three-Hundred-and-Thirty: Bea defends Chris Kyle, the U.S. Military, and condemns Idiots such as Michael Moore, Howard Dean, and Jesse Ventura, three BIG Frigging Losers—stand up for the American Fighting Man-and-Woman—that includes the Democrats, too!” by Bea O’Malley.
  49. 02-08-2015 Su: “Political Topics and Essays, Part Three-Hundred-and-Thirty-One: Bea asks the Question Many Democrats are asking: WHY do we have to align ourselves with either the Illegal Aliens or the Gays—can we not find other ways to raise the Money we need to win Political Races without mortgaging our Children’s Souls to do it?” by Bea O’Malley.
  50. 09-21-2015 M: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DXXXIX: Bea says that ‘if Donald Trump continues to say that he is going to deport the Illegal Aliens and that Mexico will build the Wall, he is going to get this Loyal Democrat’s Vote” by Chef Bea O’Malley.
  51. 09-22-2015 T: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DXL: Bea questions WHY the Democrat Party’s Leaders have abandoned the Black Voting Bloc in favor of Latinos and Gays—what’s wrong, we do not bring enough to the Table anymore? She might vote for Donald Trump!” by Chef Bea O’Malley.
  52. 09-23-2015 W: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DXLI: Bea discusses the Circus and the Kern County Fair and HOW Animal Rights Activists ruin not only the lives of those they oppose but also the Animals they claim to HELP” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Fall Session 2015
  53. 09-24-2015 Th: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DXLII: Bea discusses the America in which, she grew up, one in which Planned Parenthood Butcher Shops did not dwell in Lower Income and Minority Neighborhoods—so why now?” by Chef Bea O’Malley.
  54. 09-25-2015 F: “Political Topics and Essays, Part DXLIII: Bea expresses Concern over the Growing ‘Muslim Refugee’ Crisis and WHY Western Europe and the United States are not STOPPING it from getting a Toehold on our Parts of the World” by Chef Bea O’Malley.
  55. 09-26-2015 S: “Weekend Session, Part XIII: Bea shares some Political Cartoons with the Readership today seeing as how this is her Second Session of the Year but also mentions the War by Unknown Forces seeking to destroy our Blog—who are they?” by Chef Bea O’Malley.
  56. 09-27-2015 Su: “Weekend Session, Part XIV: Today, we share the Photos from the Eagles Concert that took place earlier in the Year at the Rabobank Arena in Downtown Bakersfield, California, on Tuesday, May 26, 2015” by Chef Bea O’Malley.
  57. 02-22-2016 M: “Last August at the Start of ALL the Politicking, I thought we might have a Different Outcome than the One we presently do—Trump seems unstoppable with Jebra dropping out and Bernie has a BIG Chance in South Carolina” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCLXXIII
  58. 02-23-2016 T: “The GOP caucuses in Nevada today and I think we will see whether the Latinos will support Donald Trump or will demand that we Dump Trump—if he goes down, Democrats will win!” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCLXXIV
  59. 02-24-2016 W: “One would think the Republicans would NOT continue fighting President Obama in the Final Year of his Time in Office but look at them go on GITMO and the Supreme Court—we NEVER treated Bush #43 this way!” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCLXXV
  60. 02-25-2016 Th: “Like it or Not, I think we now see the Next Adolf Hitler in the Form of Donald Trump and that he made the Devil’s Deal with Marco Rubio to take out Ted Cruz and will then double cross the Pretty Boy from Florida” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCLXXVI
  61. 02-26-2016 F: “The GOP Debate Last Night on CNN drove me to drink much more than I normally would—ALL of them are disgusting Candidates and I hope they cancel out One Another and that Bernie wins tomorrow and on Tuesday” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCLXXVII
  62. 02-27-2016 S: “The GOP Battle resembles a Tar Pit where a Saber-Toothed Tiger named Rubio has its Fangs sunk Deep into the Neck of the Trump Mastodon, locked in a Death Embrace as even as they sink deeper into the Pit” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCLXXVIII
  63. 02-28-2016 Su: “Unless Democrats and Independents vote for Bernie on Super Tuesday, YOU will vote for Oligarchists of One Stripe or Another: Hillary Clinton of the Inevitable GOP Nominee, Donald Trump!” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCLXXIX
  64. 08-22-2016 M: “A Bernie Supporter through and through, Chef Bea shares her Personal Prayer with which, to keep Donald Trump out of the White House while begging the Lord to enter Hillary’s Heart and turn her from her lying ways” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXXXIII
  65. 08-23-2016 T: “Thank God the Justice Department is going to sever Ties with Privatized Prisons, which are EVIL in and of themselves because since their Advent, the Numbers of Prison Inmates have gone Sky-High” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXXXIV
  66. 08-24-2016 W: “Our Olympians, except for the Lochte Crew, did amazingly well in the Rio Summer Olympics, which is WHY we should celebrate their Accomplishments” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXXXV
  67. 08-25-2016 Th: “Today, we talk ‘Hillary,’ we talk ‘Trump,’ we talk about ‘Muslim Refugees,’ we talk about ‘Lettuce and Grape Pickers,’ and ask the Question as to whether ‘Bill Clinton has HIV-AIDS’” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXXXVI
  68. 08-26-2016 F: “Bea expresses some Doubts today as she says that after hearing Donald Trump’s Plea to the Black Community ‘why not take a chance on him,’ he has Good Reason to reach out to us—what has the Democratic Party done for us?” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXXXVII
  69. 08-27-2016 S: “The Spread of Islam is akin to allowing Weeds to grow in one’s Garden, if allowed to do so they will drive out all of the Beneficial Plants one wants to grow, which is WHY we cannot allow Muslims to continue entering the Country” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXXXVIII
  70. 08-28-2016 Su: “If you have ever watched ‘Prison Break,’ then you are aware of the Evil ‘Company,’ something I believe exists in Real Life and rules over us sight unseen; Problem is, BOTH Major Candidates could have Ties to such an Entity” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part DCCCXXXIX
  71. 02-20-2017 M: “Shocked by the Events of November 8, 2016, Bea says her purpose in life is to go after the first Cheeto Dust President in the History of the Nation” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part M
  72. 02-21-2017 T: “Reasonable Democrats do not dispute EVERYTHING on the Trump Agenda such as securing the Borders or halting the ingress of Illegal Aliens and Muslim Refugees—those are GOOD things” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MI
  73. 02-22-2017 W: “Norma McCorvey, rest in peace, as even though you were the ‘Roe’ in ‘Roe v. Wade,’ you found the Joy of Life and now reside with the Lord—we must sever our ties with Planned Parenthood” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MII
  74. 02-23-2017 Th: “Some of what Cheeto Dust seeks to do such as deporting illegal aliens will benefit all of us; however, on everything else (well, not LGBT rights), we must stand strong” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MIII
  75. 02-24-2017 F: “Local Black Author Danny Morrison speaks his Mind and suffers the Consequences for doing so as the White Bigots permeating the Community turn out in Massive Numbers to blast him” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MIV
  76. 02-25-2017 S: “About Time we seal the Borders and begin Drug-and-Alcohol Testing of all Persons receiving Government Assistance of One Form or another” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MV
  77. 02-26-2017 Su: “Like the Last Days of Hitler in the Bunker, so, too, have Democrat Leaders placed our Party—will it take Complete Destruction before we can rescue it from the Nuts—YOU tell me” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MVI
  78. 08-07-2017 M: “If President Trump will save California from the illegal alien infestation, I will place him in the same category as Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCLXVII
  79. 08-08-2017 T: “Sacramento must return to defending the rights of native-born and naturalized citizens instead of sweeping us under the rug and allowing illegal aliens to run roughshod over us” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCLXVIII
  80. 08-09-2017 W: “Old-time Democrats such as me and millennial cracker jack punks differ on so many things but especially on the idea of deporting ALL illegal aliens who continue trashing our state” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCLXIX
  81. 08-10-2017 Th: “Maxine Waters enough with calling everyone with whom you disagree a ‘racist’ as like the N-Word, it strips it of the power the charge once had when we come across TRUE racists” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCLXX
  82. 08-11-2017 F: “If we Democrats want to WIN again, we must come to grips with the things keeping us down; first we must return to some sense of sanity and second, we must educate the ignorant millennials and gen-X’er’s who continue embarrassing us” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCLXXI
  83. 08-12-2017 S: “Like it or not, I see President Trump more as a Closet Democrat than I do as a Republican and I think the collapse of the Obamacare ‘repeal and replace’ bill proves it” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCLXXII
  84. 08-13-2017 Su: “Colin Kaepernick is an embarrassment to black folks across the nation, which is WHY no NFL team has bothered to sign the washed-up, out-of-touch, self-promoting failed quarterback” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCLXXIII
  85. 02-12-2018 M: “To save our beloved Democratic Party, our state, and our nation, we must do the unimaginable in November- we must vote Republican” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCCCXLIX
  86. 02-13-2018 T: “By elevating gays and illegal aliens above the rest of us, the Democratic Party continues pouring more and more gasoline atop its very own funeral pyre” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCCCL
  87. 02-14-2018 W: “Whereas Christians seek to practice their faith, the LGBT community seeks to punish them unless they bow down and accept every gut-turning aspect of their un-Godly lives; WHY?” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCCCLI
  88. 02-15-2018 Th: “Four years ago, Vladimir Putin drew the ire of the ‘civilized world’ when he began restricting LGBTQ rights; we should copy what he did there here in the USA” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCCCLII
  89. 02-16-2018 F: “I opened my eyes and my mind when I began watching news on other channels such as Fox after having watched NBC and MSNBC most of my life—what a difference” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCCCLIII
  90. 02-17-2018 S: “The St. Valentines’ Day ‘Massacre’ this past Wednesday makes the infamous one that happened in Chicago in 1929 pale by comparison—when will it stop?” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCCCLIV
  91. 02-18-2018 Su: “The Democratic Party lost its way when it put the needs of noncitizens over those of the working poor, blue-collar workers, legitimate minorities, and the down and out” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MCCCLV
  92. 08-06-2018 M: “Unless we Democrats fight to save our party from the radicals seeking to overthrow the old order, we are going to witness disaster on a heretofore unimagined scale so what to do?” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDXXIII
  93. 08-07-2018 T: “Older Democratic politicians face an uphill battle when their younger, far left Democratic-Socialist opponents promise FREE everything” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDXXIV
  94. 08-08-2018 W: “If I as a Democrat say we should deport ALL illegal aliens instead of raising the minimum wage, younger members of my party will call me a traitor and will call for my untimely demise” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDXXV
  95. 08-09-2018 Th: “I fear for the future of the Democrat Party when we have racist dupes such as Phalinex and others of his-her-or its ilk who think they know everything when they know absolutely nothing” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDXXVI
  96. 08-10-2018 F: “Lest we lance the boil that is Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others of their ilk, the Democratic Party as we know it, will not survive much longer” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDXXVII
  97. 08-11-2018 S: “Until I see Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid, and other black NFL players lead a march through the South Side of Chicago demanding an end to black-on-black violence, I will view their protests with suspicion” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDXXVIII
  98. 08-12-2018 Su: “Unlike Phalinex and other phony Russian bots such as him, I will fight for the soul of my political party but if I have to kill it to save it so I can help revive it later, then so be it, millions of Blue Dog Democrats will” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDXXIX
  99. 02-04-2019 M: “Abortion is EVIL and now that the Democratic Party promotes lat-term and after-birth abortions, how soon will it be before they round up old folks like my hubby and me and send us to the glue factory?” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCV
  100. 02-05-2019 T: “Do YOU not find it a ‘coincidence’ that Google is going to erase its social media presence, aka Google Plus, ahead of the 2020 Presidential Elections? Will Blogger vanish the same way?” by Chef Bea O’Malley.  Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCVI
  101. 02-06-2019 W: “Right before our very eyes, the Democratic Party rapidly is becoming a fringe party thanks to AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ralph Northam, and many, many others” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCVII
  102. 02-07-2019 Th: “We fought a Civil War to free the slaves and preserve the Union yet modern-day elected Democrats want to maintain their rebuilt ‘slave state’ using perpetual minimum wage chattel from Latin America” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCVIII
  103. 02-08-2019 F: “Planned Parenthood exist for one purpose and one purpose only: the eradication of minorities in general and the black race in particular; why then do WHITE liberals support and promote it?” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCIX
  104. 02-09-2019 S: “Upon observing the messes in Virginia and New York state, it appears that MY party is the home of racism, sexism, sexual assault, infanticide, and climate stupidity- what has happened to us?” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCX
  105. 02-10-2019 Su: “IF the Baby Evita- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez- ever gets her hands on REAL POWER, the nation will cease to exist as we know it” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Political Topics and Essays, Part MDCCXI  




  1. 09-23-2015 W: “Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part Fifty-Six: Bea knows that Beverly would want someone to intern the Muslim Threat here in the USA in Camps until we won the War on Terror and not bring in more of them!” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part LXIV
  2. 02-24-2016 W: “Last Time I was here, we talked about Jihadists and this Time, we will do it again—President Obama, send all of the GITMO Detainees here to Kern County because we have plenty of Prison Space and Convicts who will turn them into Punks” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part LXXXVI
  3. 08-24-2016 W: “In Order for Beverly Carrick to become the Artist that she was, she First had to undergo some of the Most Difficult of all Life Problems, dealing with Bone Cancer that cost her, her Leg—at the Age of 12” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CXI
  4. 02-22-2017 W: “BB follows in the Footsteps of Friend and Colleague Chef B.H. Cznystekinki and that is a blow-by-blow description of each original Beverly Carrick artwork—join her!” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CXXXVII
  5. 08-09-2017 W: “For one to profit from the artworks of a deceased artist such as Beverly Carrick, one must plan to play the LONG game instead of seeking to ‘flip’ a painting one bought at an estate sale—it does not work that way” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CLXI
  6. 02-14-2018 W: “The Golden Rule says, ‘we must do unto others as we would have them do unto you;’ why cannot the LGBTQ community adhere to the same rules?” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CLXXXVIII
  7. 08-08-018 W: “Today would have been the 91st birthday of the famed American artist, Beverly Carrick- join us for the celebration!” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CCXIII
  8. 02-06-2019 W: “Chef Z is correct when he says that AOC- Baby Evita- is going to make a mess of things all because she believes she is smarter than she really is and believes this socialist garbage” by Chef Bea O’Malley. Beverly Carrick Paintings Start-to-Finish, Part CCXXXIX    














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Author: Chef Craig Carrici, ACF-CWC

I began my cooking career in the 1960's when I apprenticed underneath a great chef, Master Chef Ulysses S. Paz. I have lived and worked in Hawaii, Washington State, Arizona, and California. Even though I am in my late 60’s, I am still actively involved at a hotel here in Bakersfield, CA. I make my home in Pumpkin Center, CA.

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