What happened in Texas this past Tuesday is going to happen across the entire United States on November 06, 2018

Although my fellow Democrats remain silent, what happened in Texas on Tuesday says there will be no blue wave but a massive red one.

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“What happened in Texas this past Tuesday is going to happen across the entire United States on November 06, 2018” by Chef Hector “El Chilote” Santanamos De Soto


“Lo que sucedió en Texas el martes pasado va a suceder en todo Estados Unidos el 6 de noviembre de 2018” por el chef Héctor “El Chilote” Santanamos De Soto










On Tuesday, Democrats lost a state Senate seat in Texas, one they held for 139 years- blue wave in November?  Nope.

Shafter, CA, 09-21-2018 Friday: You know, mis amigos, we have been listening to the leadership of our party telling us this ‘humongous blue wave is rolling our way and that when it hits the docks, it is going to swamp everyone 100 miles inland or so.’  While I view this as wishful thinking and self-hypnosis, we are beginning to see evidence occurring of just the opposite and there are important reasons as to WHY this is so.

On Tuesday, down in Texas, a Republican by the name of Pete Flores, a retired game warden, ran against an entrenched Democrat, former state U.S. Congressman Pete Gallego for a state senate seat in Senate District 19.  What makes this win by Mr. Flores so remarkable and a glimpse of the future is that the Democrats have held this seat for 139 years by a comfortable win of 53-47-percent of the ballots cast: 44,487.

What is even more astounding is that Hillary Clinton carried this minority-majority district by 12 points back in 2016 so all the King Kong-like chest-thumping and bellowing by the Democratic faithful is merely a smoke screen as the leadership knows deep down in its collective hearts that trouble is indeed on the way in November.

I must say, this is a dire sign for the Democratic Party’s leaders.  I am talking about people like Tom Perez, Hillary Clinton- a failed two-time candidate who NEVER seems to go away, Barack Obama, now out there thumping his chest like the aforementioned King Kong, Keith “Beats his Women” Ellison (how come the Dems do not care about Karen Monahan?), Chuck Schumer, the decrepit and old Nancy Pelosi, and others of their ilk.

Under the leadership of these people, our party has fallen on hard times.  We must resort to a yellowing playbook of defamation, insults, innuendo, and lies to stop judicial nominees or to fight against popularly-elected presidents.  To say this is to invite cries of being a ‘Russian bot’ or an “Internet troll,” or any of a varying selection of foul language and death threats.

Let me say this to the little storm troopers out there online and in the streets: YOU are the ones out of touch and YOU are the ones doing Vladimir Putin’s business, not those of us who have sincere concerns and grave fears over the direction usurpers such as Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and Mazie Hirono seek to take it.

Let me also add that there are others out there like that national embarrassment, uh, – vergüenza nacional– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  That girl is such a pathetic loser that for fear of her becoming the next poster child alongside Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, DNC leadership have slipped a dog muzzle over her bow-wow-wow face, una pequeña perra.

When I have had the misfortune of seeing her speak on TV, I am always shocked at the level (or the depth) of her intelligence as someone with a college degree in economics sounds more like Napoleon and Snowball from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”  Stupid is as stupid does, right?

Someone else I mentioned whom I find to be an embarrassment is Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

I get it, the ultra-far-left wing of our party is in a full-court press, they are reaching out to the younger generations, the ones indoctrinated by our failed system of education so they can launch a mass uprising and establish an authoritarian, Marxist-style government that has ‘worked so well’ around the world, every place leftists have tried it.

The only thing that ever works in leftist coups and takeovers is that ‘enemies of the people’ find themselves proscribed, beaten, murdered, robbed, raped, and/or sent to reeducation camps so they can become ‘productive members of society’ once again.

We saw this in France during the French Revolution and again in 1917 in the Bolshevik Revolution.  We have seen it occur throughout many parts of Africa and Asia following the end of colonialism just as we have witnessed it in Latin America, most notably in Cuba and Venezuela.  We also saw it in Cambodia in the Killing Fields.

Socialism never works.  Communism never works.  Fascism never works.  The only thing that does work is the number of deaths from either executions, slave labor, or through want and neglect goes up- dramatically up to the point that it beggars the mind such as what we witnessed in Stalin’s Russia and in Mao’s China.

I am a business owner, an employer, a tireless worker, and a dedicated family man.  Through self-enlightenment and education, through observation and through a long life, I recognize that socialism and communism never works that capitalism is the only way forward and that the job of government is to merely level the playing field so more can participate and move up the economic ladder of success.

In closing, whether or not one likes Donald Trump, one must love his successes, which is why I am predicting NOW that the blue wave is not going to materialize in November but a crushing, pounding red one is.  People are tired of the same old crap, we want our country back the way it was, the one that gave us the greatest wealth ever seen before on this planet.

What occurred in Texas was not a fluke.  What occurred in Texas is going to occur across the nation on November 06, 2018, which is why the media has remained extremely silent on the results of this unheralded special election in DEEP RED Texas.  ¡Escuchame pindejos!

Muchas gracias, buen amigos!

El Chilote

  1. Santanamos “El Chilote” De Soto

CWC, ACF, Maui Chefs’ Society, Washington State Chefs’ Association, Golden Chefs Association.


El Chilote #19 06-21-2018 (400)

As have the rest of my colleagues, local Bakersfield street artist, Simone, created these portraits of me that you will see over successive days here at the blog.  I guess Simone did ‘okay’ in capturing my likeness; I guess it could have been worse.  I was a young cook back in the early 1960’s when I commenced my culinary career.  I served underneath a Master Chef for many years before striking out on my own.  I went up the coast of the Western United States and Canada, working all the way, until I made it to Alaska.  From there, I moved to Hawaii for a couple of years (1994-1997) before I returned to Washington State and it was there that I met Stinkbug.

El Chilote writes from Shafter, California.

El Chilote is a moderate Democrat.

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09-21-2018 Friday–Political Topics and Essays, Part MDLXIX: “What happened in Texas this past Tuesday is going to happen across the entire United States on November 06, 2018” by Chef Hector “El Chilote” Santanamos De Soto. 

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